Ashish Gandhi 14741 Views 8 December, 2016 4 years ago

10 tips For better Search Engine Optimization

Getting into the listing of any search engine is not a difficult task but what matters is how have you been listed in that particular site. In this article you can find tips which can help you get into good search engines along with increasing traffic.

Be frugal while spending on new domain

Buying new domain means starting everything from scratch. It might take a long time to start everything all over again. Hence don’t spend too much on buying new domain rather work and revamp your existing site for better results.

Be focused on targeting visitors

Don’t craft website for search engines make it for your visitors. All the search engines are there to help your visitors to find you and if your information is not appealing to your visitors then no search engine can help you succeed. First of all recognize your target audience then find what appeals them and design your website accordingly.

Research your keywords

Search engines work as per your keywords hence be careful while selecting right keywords. Your target audience will get your website only through keywords which they type in search engines. Don’t be too simple while choosing keywords; be specific as per your business and expertise.

Design according to your keywords

Search engines play with keywords even a single alphabet can change the whole searching process. You might add several innovative ideas to your site which might not be that useful for your target audience. So design your website according to the keywords and other information which can appeal to your visitor and help them acquire the required information.

Be crawler-friendly

Every search engine reads the website through its crawlers. Crawlers go through the site and later categorize them as per the need of the searchers. But these crawlers can’t read Java Script links and menus and can’t interpret Flash and graphics. Hence make sure you have HTML links in the main navigation of every page.

Be Lucid And Descriptive

Be creative but not ambiguous. Your anchor text and content should be clear and descriptive. Your visitors and search engines look for the clickable links of your website. Hence make your links clear so that the visitor and the crawler can easily understand your links. Try to use your keywords in the link description.

Spend On Content

Content is definitely the king. This is the only factor which helps search engines to understand your website and classify it accordingly. Search engines love content reach rich websites because it gives them enough text to categorize the website. It is crucial to have a website without content. Your content should focus on the keywords and should be relevant and informative. Don’t bury the content in graphics or flash. Have HTML formal format so that crawlers can easily read them. Don’t be a spendthrift for graphics and flash rather invest on good content. Only content can pay you great ROI.

Emphasize on title tag

Title tags are very important for your search engine visibility. Whatever keywords you have you should have those in your title tag. Title tags are what your visitors see in search pages. So remember these lines are what make you desirable or unwanted. So make sure that your title tag reflects the exact content and description of your website.

Be link worthy

Search engine optimization involves good link exchange. This makes your website featured in other similar websites, so if someone comes to their site will might visit your website also. You can add numerous links but if your website won’t be authentic then none will accept your request. And if you’ll have a good related website then many website will automatically link with you. Make sure your website features only related links.

Don’t worry about ranking

Search engine ranking is a very ambiguous term. There is no hard and fast rule to attain rank in search engines. But at the end what matter is what your objective is. Undoubtedly that is to have customers to sell products or services. So, rather than thinking about your search engine ranking focus on your visitors and how can your site help them. Once you attain good customers it will gradually increase because sometimes mouth publicity is more reliable than search ranking.