Ashish Gandhi 23623 Views 17 December, 2016 4 years ago

10 Website Mistakes That Can Affect Your SEO

A good SEO can change your website’ image and a bad SEO can also do the same but in some other way. There are many SEO mistakes which, if not avoided, can ban your website. Following are few SEO mistakes which should be avoided, if you don’t want to disappear from search engine listing.

Having site entirely made of graphics

Don’t be over creative while making your links. Your links should not be made in Java Script or graphics. Search engines don’t recognize links which are made in graphics. Your links should be in a text format. If you have a certain word for the link then you should have it in a plain text format. Making graphic links can be unfruitful for you.

Having text in Flash

Don’t use flash just because you know about this tool. Flash should be used in a creative manner as many visitors still don’t like moving flash images. Search engines can’t recognize text written on Flash. If you’ll have your text written in Flash, then it won’t be noticed by search engines. Have all your text in a plain text format.

Having Invisible Text

For many years people used invisible text to ensure high ranking in search engines. But now search engines are more cleaver than before, and these tactics can help search engines to ban your site. Don’t use invisible texts in your website. This can put you in the bad books of search engines.

Using doorway or gateway pages

Doorway or gateway pages are those web pages which are specially designed for search engines. These pages don’t target the user and are full of keywords. The content of these pages are not relevant are meant to attract search engine crawlers. This is another mistake which many SEOs follow. This is a bad and unethical approach to acquire high ranking. So, make website for your users not for search engines. Have relevant content in your site and then you’ll automatically attain a high rank.

Having No Keyword In Title Tag

If there’s any factor which can help you get high ranking then it must be your title tag. Title tag is the sentence or words that your user sees on top bar of the Web browser. It is very important to use title tag intelligently. You can have your keywords in the title tag which can help search engines to know about your keywords. Hence, using no keywords in title tag is a big mistake. It’s like killing an opportunity to get into the top list of search engines. Strictly, avoid doing this.

Being Too Inconsistent And Ambiguous

Be focused on choosing your keywords and target audience. Don’t make an irrelevant site which doesn’t talk about your business. Irrelevant sites usually don’t attract traffic and end up in dark cells. Be focused on your business. Use every word, of your website, as a marketing tool for your business. And above all be a relevant site which is good for both the customer and the search engine.

Not Using Word Tracker

Word tracker is your guide to choose right keyword for your website. If you ignore right keywords then you can’t reach your potential visitors. Keyword search should be the first step while designing the content of the website. If your site will have wrong keywords then you might busy answering about those businesses and products which you might not even heard of.

Bad Link Exchange

Be particular while exchanging links. Don’t swap links with banned websites. Though it’s difficult to control other websites to link your site but you can certainly restrict yourself to link with banned and absurd sites. Don’t add your site just for the heck of getting reciprocal links. Be specific about your link partner. After all, who enjoys a ‘bad neighborhood’?

Having Numerous Frames In Website

Making site with frames has been outdated now. But, if you wish to make a site using frames then give it a second thought. If you haven’t started your website designing then make sure you don’t use frames in your website. Search engines find it difficult to index framed websites. Design HTML websites, these are the most widely used coding, easily understood by all search engines.

Ignoring SEO Algorithm

The biggest mistake you can commit in website is ignoring the SEO algorithm. Today every site wants to be featured in the top ten list of the search engine. To reach such cliff you need to understand the algorithm of the search engines. You can’t survive being adamant to your own rules. Your site needs constant updating and you should implement changes according to the search engines.