Rakesh Shah 17405 Views 13 February, 2019 1 year ago

3 Key Marketing Automation Innovations You Must Know In 2019

What is business without a decent marketing ? Well, its nothing! Marketing has a way of escalating the business procedure and its approach. From traditional marketing to digital marketing huge organizations have always chosen the right mediums with its evolving time. In the the recent times, the way marketing automation works is splendid. It has rapidly evolved during time and now its has eventually given rise to more ways than ever for marketers to personalize their message and try to reach as many as buyers as they can amongst the cycle of customers.

With it, marketing automation has brought about and driven a lot of hype in the marketing arena and all are on positive notes. Due to this marketers have a true shift to analyse on campaign automation as well. In the previous medium renowned organizations designed campaigns that are aimed to only guide the prospects via the sales funnel. The plot twist to the present times is that now companies look to designing the actual holistic marketing campaigns that not only  converts the prospects but also include perception of walking leads throughout the entire lifecycle of the customer. To improve the business many organizations marketers of the respective company have always come up with latest and most updated digital marketing solutions for a better user experience and comfortable conversations. While any upcoming startup on the hand try to seek digital advancements by digital consultants to make it easier to market their respective ideas and creative solutions.

Keeping that information apart, following are the marketing automation innovations key trends to address in 2019:

The acknowledgement of AI( Artificial Intelligence)

If the future is about to make changes, then it's definitely due to the power and innovations in AI. Well, 2019 is going to be a transformational inculcating AI and making the most advantage of AI. This key marketing trend increases the rise in marketers and also is of digital assistance when applied correctly. These assistance have turned like a solution that can deliver, send reminders and even respond to colleagues and other officials easily. Plenty of vendors in the market are taking high advantage of AI which is influential to great success.

Chatbots to super-charge business lead generation

Internet is a big world and the only way to communicate easier and more convenient is via the use of messengers or the platforms that do the needful. There are so many channels that are fastest growing web or mobile applications that have at least around a million members alone. This is more likely to uphold a huge opportunity for the marketers to engage with prospects and its customers more meaningfully. While its a proven fact that messaging apps have an added bonus and they also boast higher engagement rates other than other online platforms. In many organizations and other companies having a chatbot as a medium to reach out to its audience and users to be more efficient than email marketing since convenient and quicker.

Personalising your content

In order to gain the trust of your client of your respective user its important to gain the trust and for that it's essential to market your database and set up to track prospect’s behaviour via patterns online. Its highly important to deliver the actionable insights and customize the marketing content for each buyer’s and their persona.