Rakesh Shah 26487 Views 26 April, 2019 1 year ago

Bulletproof Your Website & Social-Media Presence Against Algorithm Changes

You must have heard about the drop of organic reach on social media posts. Also, almost every year there is an algorithm change made by Google which results into a decline in web traffic. The reasons behind these changes or updates are very simple. In case of social media platforms this boosts revenue as it forces the concept of "pay-to-play" if users want to get business results from the platform.

The good news lies in the fact that every entrepreneur whether small business owners or startup founders can find ways to easily combat this decline. Let's discuss from where to start.

Web Traffic

  • Create pillar content – Nowadays, people are preferring thorough content that has all the information instead of toggling different articles to seek answers. That is the reason behind why pillar contents have grown so much. Such contents provide a long-form and in-depth knowledge which could technically be divided into a group of stand alone contents.

  • Optimize your site for mobile – Smartphones are the source for 52% of web traffic. Google has been clear about making the mobile based websites optimised. If yours is not then start browsing your website on phone to analyse and see where all you need to make changes. This will enhance the user experience of your website on mobile.

  • Always keep user experience at the forefront – User experience must be kept at the top of your mind in everything you do. Having a great content is not enough anymore since nowadays there are lot of competition online. The content prepared and published by you need to look good as well as load fast. That is the reason behind the need of stunning graphic design and eye-catching photography in your blogs and sites and the time it consumes.

  • Have a specific focus for your website – Keyword stuffing and trolling for traffic are now history. Google now wants its users to get directed to the most relevant websites in any niche that he is searching for. So, if you are into bike repair, make sure your entire website and blog is filled with content relatable to bike and not any unrelated topics.

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Social Media

  • Know that you're going to have to spend money – Nowadays, to succeed on social media, you have to invest money into it. Free social media is now a forgone concept. And, with the importance of Facebook setting pay-to-play business, it is unlikely to slash the trend of organic reach to slow down.

  • Hop on new features early – In order to combat lower organic reach you can hop on to new features released early on social-media platforms. Despite having less competition for attention seeking, these new content forms gives priority to organic reach so that users can get more familiar with them.

  • Social media is no longer a volume game – There is an algorithm based engagement pattern for social-media platforms. This pattern selects the content to display based on the engagement capacity as against strictly following the chronology. This thus made social-media sharing a quality game rather than a volume game. More the quality more are the chances to rise at the top of the news feed.