Ashish Gandhi 14218 Views 8 December, 2016 4 years ago

Content Building for your Website

Why Content?

Content is an imperative part of your website. All the search engine players love to experiment with their content as it can attract the search engines faster than any other element of the website. Your website is searched by the keywords and your content can accommodate your keywords. Fresh content attracts search engines and visitors. Content provides the right food for your visitors and search engines.

Where can I get good content?

Almost all of us enjoy writing. Writing is not something which requires some additional skill. If you have knowledge about a particular field then you can start writing your own content. But, if you don’t feel the same then Internet provides you numerous options to get good content. You can try to find content from the following to fill your website.

Fresh Content

If your website is of gadgets and you talk about groceries then it makes your website irrelevant. Only information is not essential but pertinent information is more sought-after by the users. Write all the relevant content in your website. Include articles, news stories, services, products and every testimonial in your website. It should look authentic and relevant to the users and search engines.


You can also opt for freelancers for your content. Contact some professional writers who can do justice to your website. Here the buzz word is ‘professional’. Don’t make your website a research project or an essay page. Make sure your freelancer provides you brief and lucid content.

Generate FAQ

It’s an interesting form of generating content. Prepare some general FAQs (Frequently Asked Question) with there answers and put them in your website asking your visitors to write comment. You can also ask your visitors to write information regarding the FAQs. By this you can get some informative yet free content.

Online Forum

There are umpteen forums, based on different subjects, in Internet. Try to create your own forum so that you can get content from your participants. This is the smartest way to generate traffic also. Forums provide your visitors a virtual platform to interact.


Blogs are the best way to generate content for your website. Generate a business blog for your website and place some content in your business blog. More visitors you record more content you get. Blogs help you generate fresh ideas for your enterprise.

Message Boards

Major search engines also provide message boards. If you have good traffic then message board can be a prolific idea for you. Your visitors can comment, question on your website which can be viewed publicly.

Chat Rooms

Though chat rooms are a rich source of content but it requires a lot of traffic. You need to have numerous visitors to have a chat room that works. But, if you record a good traffic then opt for a chat room as it can definitely get you good content.

How much content do I need?

You certainly don’t need hundreds of pages of content. Have brief content about your products or services. As content is your prime source to lure visitors, so have informative content in your website. Here nothing but quality matters. Your four informative lines can entice more visitors than a dull paragraph. In content writing, everything depends on your visitors and how well you know them. Hence, decide the weight of your content according to the taste of your visitors.