Ashish Gandhi 14436 Views 8 December, 2016 4 years ago

Crafting Content for Website

Content is the soul of the website. If you want to establish an e-commerce then you need to have visitors in your website. Users will read your website when they find it informative and important. There are many strategies which you should follow before writing your content. Following are few tips which can make your website readable and more desirable.

Be informative and fresh

Today is the age of information. If you have more information then you are more desirable. Even success is now directly proportional to information. If your content is informative then you are likely to get more hits. Visitors look for informative content and search engines follow the visitors. Hence your content should provide information to your users. But, no one likes stale information. Even if your website is informative but if it’s not updated then it’s of no use. Keep updating fresh content in your website. Both users and search engines love fresh content. This makes your website more readable and desirable by the users.

Have relevant content

If your website is of gadgets and you talk about groceries then it makes your website irrelevant. Only information is not essential but pertinent information is more sought-after by the users. Write all the relevant content in your website. Include articles, news stories, services, products and every testimonial in your website. It should look authentic and relevant to the users and search engines.

Be concise

Don’t write a whole thesis in your website, unless you are a research based educational website. Be concise while writing the content. Web users won’t hang up to read your content. You need to cut them short for your users. Remember your user might be working and can’t spend much time reading your saga.

Place conclusions first

There is an inverted pyramid rule for writing. Where you place your main points first and later on elaborate those points. It’s same with website content also. Place your conclusions first in your content then gradually expand it.

Show urgency in your words

Your content should speak action words. If you have a shopping site then your content should compel your visitors to buy your product. Hence make your writing action oriented. It is better if you can allure your visitors and entice them to buy your product or services.

Have a flow in writing

Don’t write because you need to fill the space. Let your writing be expressive and spontaneous. Write the content in a flow, so that your readers won’t find it difficult to decipher.

Use Tabs

Tabs are easy to understand. When you make a point wise list of the products or services, your visitors fell easy to grasp the points. Tabs are better than lengthy content. Your users can recall your service easily with tabbed text.

Avoid gorging

Don’t gorge your content with keywords. It’s important to accommodate few important keywords in your content but don’t make it look like a over stuffed sentences

KISS – Keep It Short and Simple

Make it a thumb rule or better a kiss rule (if you feel it easy to remember) to make your content short and simple. Be natural while writing your content. Your content should be like a conversation between you and your user.

Include Sub-headings

Have sub headings in your content. Sub- headings make your content easy to scan and understand. Even if your users can’t spend time to read your content, they can at least scan your sub headings and read the desired page.

Include Links

Add links in your website. You can have hyper links which will link your users to other related terms or articles. Links play a vital role in search engine optimization. And if your website content has links then it makes users and search engines easy to follow your website.

Proofread your content

Always check your content as many times as you can. There shouldn’t be a single typographic error in your website. Errors make your website less readable and depreciate the credibility of your website.