Rakesh Shah 19803 Views 8 December, 2017 3 years ago

Essential strategies brands must pursue to engage with customers

Customers are the drivers for any business. And hence it is important to understand what are they looking for, in order to, gratify their needs. Now rather than just knocking sales pitches to your target group, it is advisable that you take some time to have a dialogue and engage with them. This will help you comprehend their needs and successfully provide, improvised services each day.

Engagement is vital. But which is the platform that will help you get thorough insights about your customers perception?

The world has evolved and use of internet has surged with this evolution. People are constantly online, looking for solutions, on social media and several other websites. The internet is now your platform to draw customers closer to your brand. So amongst your list of creative services, make sure you inculcate these strategies, to stay relevant and serviceable.

Social Listening To Act Right: Now before you move out and launch a brand or work on your existing brand. It is necessary to know, what users already think about a particular product or service. Social Listening is the process of examining digital conversations, to apprehend what customers are talking about a particular industry or product category. Several creative digital agencies, begin their marketing plan with social listening. This helps them know what is happening and what do customers expect. You can then act rightly, and mould your brand in compliance with customer demands.

Keep The Conversation Going: This means you should be in constant dialogue with your customers. The task certainly, ain't easy! Customers these days have high demands and all the difficulties they face with your brand, calls for thorough care and attention. It involves being innovative and addressing their grievances. Talk to them, let them know you are there. Also build a community, it is essential to communicate with them, but they also need to talk amongst themselves. This leads to increased online conversations. And what's your goal? Keep the conversation going.

Let Your Nuances Depict Your Personality: Focusing on your online copy is inevitable. Afterall, thats how you persuade users to convert. Now while you be all creative through your advertisements, try your best to extend your creative services to your website. When a brand is creative at unexpected places, it helps enhance a memorable and amiable image. One brand that does this is, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, which typically utilizes a user friendly approach throughout its website.

The entire site is a creative composition, from the navigation bar at the top to the chatbot at the end of every page So keep it appealing, because this is how customers will recall your brand, and look forward to revisiting it over and over again.

Hold A Contest: This is certainly something you are aware about but might have not indulged in. Contests call for participation. People share your posts, comment on them and like them. It aids brand recognition and recall. Craft an interesting competition. Create the hype, and you receive an audience who are keen to win prizes. Also make sure your rewards are captivating to keep them drooling!

Ultra Personalized Content: Todays technology has allowed brands to provide customers their favourite stuff at every nook and corner. Viewing something generic won't excite anyone. Certainly, that's something we all see everywhere. But customizing your creative services to the next level is something any customer would cherish. Brands need to put in effort to know their customers, their likes, dislikes, choices etc. Maintain a relationship with your customers and offer them things they adore.

A well-known example for this is, Nike. It traditionally relied on media advertising to promote its concept of “bringing out the athlete in you.” Lately we've seen a change in its communication strategy. Keeping aside the single ad campaign for sneakers, Nike now advertises by giving customers workout advice and helping them build online communities around the theme of fitness. Nike +, a website meant to make it easy to track one’s fitness progress, is part of this new effort. This is a major it shift from general advertising to personalized customer services, brands need to learn from.

Engaging customers with your brand is a challenge. The competition has begun and several brands are already getting out of their comfort zones to prove themselves. With these tips in hand, we hope you work wisely for the well being of your brand. Get started, you own the power to change the face of your brand.