Rakesh Shah 14353 Views 14 December, 2018 1 year ago

FinTech Development In The Financial Industry

In the recent days, FinTech has opted towards developed at a faster pace. It has eventually begun by marketing in the sectors of startups and other new probationer, such as ecommerce and IT firms that have fragmented the markets in the financial service market. This new age of digital technology development has given rise to new challenges and is an evident highlight of the evolution in the necessity of FinTech as a parallel development of RegTech. In simple words, regulators must develop a robust new framework that highly innovators in market confidence. As per industry requirements, it is highly noticed that RegTech is being used by both institutions as well as regulators to address the increase in cumbersome compliance processes. There are also certain RegTech developments that have highlighted the path towards paradigm shift, which will be typified by a re-conceptualization of the financial regulation. There are various digital solutions, that are trending and making a huge difference in the financial industry. The application of such digital enterprise solutions will eventually bring about a major transformation.  Regulatory and technological developments are being a major impact on the nature of financial markets, institutes and service providers in ways completely unexpected before the Global Financial Crisis. Investment in FinTech has become a boom.

Following are the FinTech trends that are digital transformation strategy that have transformed financial services on a large scale.

Artificial Intelligence

AI will always continue to have a great influential impact in new ways. In the recent year before last the use of AI technology developed interfaces for new commerce, with the number of companies that were interested into voice set. With the rise in consumers switching towards digital assistance, voice assistance are also being developed to handle online banking functions. This has helped so many consumers to stay updated and do things mostly by themselves because of this technology.


With the updated hyped technology, built and other cryptocurrencies also built that lead to blockchain. This is an open ledger that is distributed to record payments and other transactions between two respective parties very quickly in a convenient and permanent way. This technology is widely potential creating a massive transformation, therefore the interest as well investment via blockchain are likely to alter. This kind of technology has been opted by industries like health care, financial services and even widely global shopping. Just like the changing times, the complexity for financial regulation has been increasing ever since 2008.


With the new technologies, the pace of admisnistory change will accelerate with even more with RegTech. This new advanced technology solution is empowered to increase the effectiveness and the efficiency of compliance. RegTech solutions can also be introduced at different points of compliances that can surely be used to anticipate potential issues, e.g real-time tracking to detect the increase in risk issues. This can be majorly applied across different areas of respective business. Here it goes this modern technology and finance are the only two mediums that will continually evolve and grow. Paper work is reversed to digital  and eventually given rise to FinTech’s evolution along with the timelines of RegTech’s With time, FinTech has promised to exhibit emerging economies with several factors like rise in financial systems, developed economies, etc. When it comes to delivering service in the banking sector RegTech Solutions slashes processing time which could create a possibility to boost customer retention during this process. This eventually saves a lot of cost but also a increase in revenue is witnessed.