Rakesh Shah 16605 Views 26 March, 2019 2 years ago

How To Optimize The Voice Search Option?

Why to trouble website users by making them type and search for the products and services? As a website owner it is lovely if you can provide features that will make the search easy and quick. Voice search can definitely be one of the best choices. If you want to stay ahead of the competition then this powerpack technology would help you. It can be possible by few additions and modifications for a successful Voice Search Optimization. Let's see how.

  • Using Proper Keywords – In voice search mode of operation choice of keywords differ from normal SEO. In Google search we might type "pest control services". While in voice search we say "Do you know any good pest control services in Andheri?". Though the user might speak to a tool but the experience remains as if two people are speaking among themselves. Hence making it very engaging and interesting to use. Voice search SEO prefers keywords that have conversational tone. In short, it has brought rapid digital transformation in not only providing the search list but also directing your audience to a product's action.

  • Creating FAQ Page – Incorporating FAQs into your site will give a boost for sourcing long tail conversational keywords. Frame the question in 1st person as if you are asking your users. Add short and informative answers to them. Now, question phrasing need to be voice SEO optimized. Instead of short and crisp keywords like "closest pest control service providers to Bandra" you may write "Which are the closest pest control service providers to Bandra?". A mere addition of words like "which, are" can create differences between a general keyword and a conversational one.

  • Structured Data Optimization – It is always recommendable that your content must be highly Google relevant. It is then the voice search can be optimized for a specific query. For the purpose, the pages need to be ensured of easy crawling. A proper sitemap and structured data or schema markup will be of additional help for the Google bots to understand your web content. Metadata of the schema markup aware Google about the content type without affecting its appearance for users.

  • Finding Out The Voice Query Source – You can use elements from Google's answer box or featured snippet for a proper voice search optimization. A smart speaker or device then can figure out the queries by relating the search result answers. Thus, to make it work perfectly content optimization is the only solution. Rank it well organically to make it visible in the answer box. The paragraphs must be easy and short. Also, long tailed and optimized keywords need to be present.

  • Local Search Optimization – The widely used local search option ends with "near me". Your business need to get into the Google listing and develop Google My Business. This will then make the Google track user's location instantly and suggest nearby places. For an optimized voice search you must remember it as it is a universally used keyword. Thus, while setting up your business profile, insert its name, email, postal address and phone number. Thus, enabling the voice search algorithms go to Google business listing and find your business as a suggestion.

  • Optimizing Mobile Voice Search – Interestingly, voice search queries are done maximum from mobile phones. This tendency is likely to grow. Thus, making mobile optimization an important strategy. Make you site easily crawlable, optimize local search optimization. With a mobile friendly design, the mobile SEO need to have meta title and description.

Being one of the best SEO company in India, we understand the future importance of this voice search feature. Optimizing it to the next level will definitely generate your site's revenue. This will further engage audience like never before.