Rakesh Shah 26482 Views 18 April, 2019 1 year ago

Marketing Attribution Trend To Keep An Eye On

Digital marketers are recognizing the need to invest in marketing attribution. The reason being, it can help them be more efficient with their budget in creating more successful campaigns. As more channels are showing up, challenges of attributing their success to the most appropriate channels. Thus, it is important to understand the benefits of attribution to ensure that more future campaigns get relevant for the target audience.

Marketing automation, as we currently know, has been around two decades at this point. Recently, there has been countless innovations in this field that provided digital marketing solutions like AIs, reporting analytics, mail automation, etc. to be taken as for granted. Considering the vast uptick in technology we faced in a relatively short period of time it won't be a surprise to estimate where automation will be in the upcoming years.

2018 had already brought a more sophisticated perspective to attribution, helping marketers to explore its potential in the best possible way. If you’re ready to leave aside the traditional attribution methods and test new upcoming trends, then here are few key trends to focus on. Let's look into some marketing automation trends of 2019.


AI Is On The Upswing

The future lies in the hands of AI – Artificial Intelligence. There is a constant rise of using AI by the marketers across the globe. The usage number is not going down. As it is very evident that a competent AI provides all the features likeable for digital marketing automation, which if applied correctly can be acted as a digital assistant. The assistance provided are very mundane. It generally replaces a team member who provide updates, reports and reminders for official works. There are lot of vendors taking advantages of AI for earning success. Undoubtedly, the technology is at an impressive position today. It is very likely that over time the technology will get improved exponentially. Thus, we can very well expect for bigger and better AI developments in the near future.


Content Is The Master

To create an outstanding AI, greater focus must be on creating an appealing content. In the near future, AI is the effective way for generating leads and engage people in investing with your brand. Content is always the first point of contact for a brand to get leads. That is the reason behind prioritising creation for your automation strategies. Quality of the content thus bears a connection with a brand. This unfolds the recent marketing automation strategies that places a high focus on creating contents and leading them too. Start and engage your relationship with the potential leads by sending them podcasts that serves their interests. Also, ping them on an article that might be useful to them. In recent times, content will remain to be the best way to break through the initial barrier between your campaign and lead. It is a proven fact that an interested lead is a lead lucrative for sale. Thus, lending up to the next point.


Perfect Personalization

We are in the personalized age. We customize our phones with the apps that we like. Our social media feeds are curated as per our wishes. Scented candles can even be made with custom labels. People love things that are custom made. Thus, exceptional marketing is the only way out. Customers are more comfortable with companies that have their personal data and can use it to customise their experiences. It is really great that automation has been excelled to create personal experience for leads. The features offered by almost every solution helps your team to design unique messages based on the lead's profession, age, location or on other metrics as decided. These messages can get progressively more targeted until you get to know so much about a given lead that you can market directly to them.


Multiple Options

If there’s one thing to definitely expected in recent time is, a growth in market size. This means there are more options for buyers to search and find new solutions. Projections states that the market value by the end of 2019 the automation space will rise to USD 5.5 billion. That can simply mean more vendors with more competition and innovation in the space.