Rakesh Shah 20417 Views 19 January, 2018 3 years ago

Marketing blunders you need to avoid in 2018

Marketing mistakes are reckless, they cost us a lot. As we begin afresh for 2018, lets make sure our brands are not hampered by any marketing blunders that we must have repeated time and again in 2017.

  1. Test your advertisement on multiple devices: It has been found that 51.3% of all the website visits came from mobile devices. In 2017, about 54% of e-mails were accessed on the phone. Today's customer receives information from several sources, mobiles, laptops, tablets, computers etc. So when you test your creative, check its potential on each device. Do not assume that you will gain the same results from all of them. It may turn out to be that big blunder, you need to avoid.
  2. Spending just a little time to craft your marketing message: This is the single-biggest mistake marketers make and yet continue to make. Simply not paying enough attention to writing the message before you push it out to an audience, can benefit you in no way. If you've not thought through your communication, it won't do the intended work. Whether you're writing a blog post, composing an email, posting a Facebook update or creating a pop up, every word you write should convey your message clearly and convincingly. The marketing platform does matter but the message too plays a crucial role.
  3. Hiring the right digital consultant: The effectiveness of your marketing efforts is totally dependent on the talent and potential of your digital consultant i.e the marketing team you hire. We live in a fast-changing and uncertain environment. Your marketing team needs to cope up to these demands. It should consists of smart, witty, analytical and creative minds. They need to make only those moves that work in favour of your brand. 2018 is the year to trade up. Hire superstars. That's what it takes to win.
  4. Creating content that enhances SEO: This begins with not just pushing your content but creating quality content that is SEO friendly and increases the visibility of your site. It has always been, search engine now then and forever, follow this rule and pick search engine marketing services, that work well for your brand. Let your customers find meaning in your content. Also, spread your content across several platforms, LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc get your content in front of customers, wherever they are. Using social media as a publishing outlet is the ideal way to do so.
  5. Not moving from personalization to individualization: Everyone is talking about personalization and everyone is doing it. But are you just inserting your customers name at the start of your message? Well, if that's the case you have to dig deeper! Learn insights about your audience and strategize as per each ones needs. It shouldn't be mass marketing but thorough, one-on-one marketing.

Avoid any faults in your marketing strategies to give rise to the best leads. You have studied the tips make sure you execute them.

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