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2 years ago

Why to trouble website users by making them type and search for the products and services? As a website owner it is lovely if you can provide features that will make the search easy and quick. Voice search can definitely be one of the best choices. If you want to stay ahead of the competition then this powerpack technology would help you. It can be possible by few additions and modifications for a successful Voice Search Optimization. Let's see how.

  • Using Proper Keywords – In voice search mode of operation choice of keywords differ from normal SEO. In Google search we might type "pest control services". While in voice search we say "Do you know any good pest control services in Andheri?". Though the user might speak to a tool but the experience remains as if two people are speaking among themselves. Hence making it very engaging and interesting to use. Voice search SEO prefers keywords that have conversational tone. In short, it has brought rapid digital transformation in not only providing the search list but also directing your audience to a product's action.

  • Creating FAQ Page – Incorporating FAQs into your site will give a boost for sourcing long tail conversational keywords. Frame the question in 1st person as if you are asking your users. Add short and informative answers to them. Now, question phrasing need to be voice SEO optimized. Instead of short and crisp keywords like "closest pest control service providers to Bandra" you may write "Which are the closest pest control service providers to Bandra?". A mere addition of words like "which, are" can create differences between a general keyword and a conversational one.

  • Structured Data Optimization – It is always recommendable that your content must be highly Google relevant. It is then the voice search can be optimized for a specific query. For the purpose, the pages need to be ensured of easy crawling. A proper sitemap and structured data or schema markup will be of additional help for the Google bots to understand your web content. Metadata of the schema markup aware Google about the content type without affecting its appearance for users.

  • Finding Out The Voice Query Source – You can use elements from Google's answer box or featured snippet for a proper voice search optimization. A smart speaker or device then can figure out the queries by relating the search result answers. Thus, to make it work perfectly content optimization is the only solution. Rank it well organically to make it visible in the answer box. The paragraphs must be easy and short. Also, long tailed and optimized keywords need to be present.

  • Local Search Optimization – The widely used local search option ends with "near me". Your business need to get into the Google listing and develop Google My Business. This will then make the Google track user's location instantly and suggest nearby places. For an optimized voice search you must remember it as it is a universally used keyword. Thus, while setting up your business profile, insert its name, email, postal address and phone number. Thus, enabling the voice search algorithms go to Google business listing and find your business as a suggestion.

  • Optimizing Mobile Voice Search – Interestingly, voice search queries are done maximum from mobile phones. This tendency is likely to grow. Thus, making mobile optimization an important strategy. Make you site easily crawlable, optimize local search optimization. With a mobile friendly design, the mobile SEO need to have meta title and description.

Being one of the best SEO company in India, we understand the future importance of this voice search feature. Optimizing it to the next level will definitely generate your site's revenue. This will further engage audience like never before.


Rakesh Shah

2 years ago

The cyberspace is getting competitive like never before. As the internet and technology is constantly penetrate into more parts around the globe, there has been an unstoppable increase in websites. All of them are meant to entice customers and close sales.

This means that website owners and e-commerce site owners must distinguish themselves in order to beat the competition. You must be wondering about what you can do to improve your website design and ensure that your sales will go up? No worries, here there are some tips.

  • Easy Maneuverability – Website visitors would definitely not like a website that cannot easily locate pages or find products of interest with ease. So, ensure that your website pages are easy to maneuver and products are displayed enticingly. Marketing experts believe that the information on your website must also be relevant. E-commerce sites have overtime leveraged on this aspect. The information must be easily accessible to the customers for quick decision making and give you an opportunity to make sales. At the end of the end, you want your customers to click more and more and make them spend time as much as possible on your website.

  • Quick Upload And Download Speeds – If there is anything of website design services that can result to a big letdown then it is a slow upload speed. As per the studies, the first five to ten seconds are crucial for a visitor to decide whether to stay or leave the website. You are likely to lose 25% of your potential visitors within four seconds. Thus, this must bring to your attention how important load speeds are. Therefore, while website developing factors such as videos, photos and other info-graphic representations must be put under consideration that might slow down your website. Ensure to host your site by a provider of necessary supports for such demands.

  • Attractive Landing Page – In this new modern tech arrangement, your website is the first point of contact between you and your potential customer. Thus, the landing page is its receptionist. The first impression that a potential customer gets by staying on the landing page determines whether their willingness to do business with you. Optimize your landing page and entice your clients to explore through visual appeal, relevant information and brevity. It must be done right in terms of colour, design and ease of response. Or else, there are always chances for someone else to do better and attract your potential customers towards them.

  • Mobile Friendly Website – Smartphone uptake is hitting unprecedented global levels. Mobile phone is growing to be the primary gadget through which consumers will access information. Website owners must take this growing advantage very seriously. Ensuring the access of your website on the mobile just as on a PC will make a great difference. Make sure your website designers work on the necessary visuals, videos and even texts that can be adjusted in offering the best mobile experience.

  • Optimize The Power Of Inbound Backlinks – It is quite simple to dictate what viewers see or consume on your website by leading them to explore more information that enables you to make a scale. Take the utmost advantage of inbound backlinks that will entice your visitors to dig deep into your website. This is a powerful way to hold your potential customers on your site for a longer period of time. Thus, this will give them the chance to engage more.


Rakesh Shah

2 years ago

New technological innovation has come to existence that aims to compete with traditional financial methods to deliver varied financial services. FinTech is an emerging technology friendly industry that uses it to improve activities in finance. Smartphones are used widely in making financial services more accessible to the general public for mobile banking, investing services and cryptocurrency. There are startups, established financial institutions and technology companies who are trying to replace or enhance the usage of financial services provided by existing financial companies. To improve and develop services, many existing financial institutions are implementing FinTech solutions and technologies. Thus, developing their services as well as gaining an improved competitive stance.

Comprehensively we can say that the term fintech defines a new financial industry that applies technology to improve financial activities. It is the new application, process, product or business model in the financial services industry. It is composed of one or more complementary financial services that provide an end-to-end process via the Internet.

Ever since the globalisation took place, we have seen a constant change in how businesses happen. This has been fueled by innovative technologies and rapidly evolving customer expectations. To stay ahead in disruptive situations even the highly regulated banking and financial sectors in recent times have witnessed constant metamorphosis of its business models.

Trends To Be Followed

Ever since the globalisation took place, we have seen a constant change in how businesses happen. This has been fueled by innovative technologies and rapidly evolving customer expectations. To stay ahead in disruptive situations even the highly regulated banking and financial sectors in recent times have witnessed constant metamorphosis of its business models.

When it comes to the financial services ecosystem, the FinTech industry plays a significant role in determining how the financial sector moves forward. Today, FinTech is changing how everything works; starting from lending, payments, insurance to credit settlements, and more. Banks and traditional financial institutions are either partnering with FinTech companies or are involved in developing and deploying their own solutions. A PwC report backed it up that titled ‘Financial services technology 2020 and beyond: Embracing disruption’ and stated that global investments in FinTech have more than tripled since 2014 and has crossed $12 billion. In the financial services value chain FinTech solutions play an important role. It is truly a wonder what are in store for 2019:

  • Intelligent Banking Channels – By understanding the behavioural aspects of the customers, financial service providers are tailoring each channel to adapt intelligently the personalisation of the user-interface. This will translate traditional banks to gain a competitive edge because of the personalisation and end-user satisfaction offered.

  • Voice Assisted Banking – Voice banking has started to acquire popularity. Soon, we will see it offering regional and vernacular language support. With the risen popularity of voice assistants and smart speakers, NLP (Natural Language Processing) is also becoming mainstream. It is not very far when virtual assistants and smart speakers will enable a user to perform banking transactions and would be the most preferred option.

  • Narrow AI In Banking – Artificial Intelligence has helped businesses to find new heights. In the banking and financial sectors, operational efficiency and accuracy have found a new pathway using AI. This has opened a wide gateway to focus on activities that are more value generating by automating tasks that are repetitive and manpower intensive in nature.

  • Connected Cloud Services – Cloud-based banking is now turning to be common. There are different cloud formats depending on which the banks can choose without sharing its sensitive data. Many bank and financial sectors are using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for business processes – CRM, HR, financial accounting and more. Recently, few core services are getting moved to the cloud that includes – payments, remittances, credit scoring, account billing and more.

  • Data Privacy Framework – Security and privacy are the primary concern for every bank activity. The more banks handle sensitive data, the more the industry is setting to get advanced. It is really tricky the way banks collect, use and preserve Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The RBI is trying hard on norms and technical advancements that will dictate this space both inside and outside India.


Rakesh Shah

2 years ago

What is business without a decent marketing ? Well, its nothing! Marketing has a way of escalating the business procedure and its approach. From traditional marketing to digital marketing huge organizations have always chosen the right mediums with its evolving time. In the the recent times, the way marketing automation works is splendid. It has rapidly evolved during time and now its has eventually given rise to more ways than ever for marketers to personalize their message and try to reach as many as buyers as they can amongst the cycle of customers.

With it, marketing automation has brought about and driven a lot of hype in the marketing arena and all are on positive notes. Due to this marketers have a true shift to analyse on campaign automation as well. In the previous medium renowned organizations designed campaigns that are aimed to only guide the prospects via the sales funnel. The plot twist to the present times is that now companies look to designing the actual holistic marketing campaigns that not only  converts the prospects but also include perception of walking leads throughout the entire lifecycle of the customer. To improve the business many organizations marketers of the respective company have always come up with latest and most updated digital marketing solutions for a better user experience and comfortable conversations. While any upcoming startup on the hand try to seek digital advancements by digital consultants to make it easier to market their respective ideas and creative solutions.

Keeping that information apart, following are the marketing automation innovations key trends to address in 2019:

The acknowledgement of AI( Artificial Intelligence)

If the future is about to make changes, then it's definitely due to the power and innovations in AI. Well, 2019 is going to be a transformational inculcating AI and making the most advantage of AI. This key marketing trend increases the rise in marketers and also is of digital assistance when applied correctly. These assistance have turned like a solution that can deliver, send reminders and even respond to colleagues and other officials easily. Plenty of vendors in the market are taking high advantage of AI which is influential to great success.

Chatbots to super-charge business lead generation

Internet is a big world and the only way to communicate easier and more convenient is via the use of messengers or the platforms that do the needful. There are so many channels that are fastest growing web or mobile applications that have at least around a million members alone. This is more likely to uphold a huge opportunity for the marketers to engage with prospects and its customers more meaningfully. While its a proven fact that messaging apps have an added bonus and they also boast higher engagement rates other than other online platforms. In many organizations and other companies having a chatbot as a medium to reach out to its audience and users to be more efficient than email marketing since convenient and quicker.

Personalising your content

In order to gain the trust of your client of your respective user its important to gain the trust and for that it's essential to market your database and set up to track prospect’s behaviour via patterns online. Its highly important to deliver the actionable insights and customize the marketing content for each buyer’s and their persona.


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2 years ago

With time technology takes over with its advancements, making it easier for us to generate and create business quickly. The new changes in the digital world have always helped both professionally and personally in so many people's life . It has taken a  toll over us that we can’t live without it. 

Most of it has a positive impact and affirmative progressive digital innovations. In time, technology got about influencing people and its audience to seek for more and bringing out the digital innovation at its utter best. In the process of doing so, it eventually heated the desire of getting uniqueness and major creativity. The pool of digital consultants gave rise to expectations and always give birth to keep up with digital innovation for a wider audience. The more user friendly technology got the greater is the amount of people who wanted to be a part technology trends and its massive innovations and ingenuity. There are also various technology  trends that have been used by so many but only a few make it to the top list that will dominate in this year 2019. These trends will have been opted by so major users or are just a set of trends that will revolutionize the daily living of us human beings.


Following are the technology trends to take over and dominate 2019:


Seamless Conversations: Back in the days,  voice search was pretty decent enough but wasn’t very reliable since it mostly was never able to detect the voice or even recognize it for a matter of fact. The same goes with the messaging and how we communicated via telephones and other mediums of communications. With the help of technology advanced voice search has enhanced to an extreme level of expertise. Similarly chatbots evolved making it convenient to communicate and engage in the respective source without any disturbance or hesitation.

Augmented Reality: This is one of the most popular trends that most people engage in without even know that it is called augmented reality. If you have used apps  that detect your face and have a user friendly interface, you have successfully interacted with augmented reality. It is basically a computer generation of virtual characters in the present time usually via a camera lens. This technology trend is taking mostly in retail stores or real estate to show the real time experience of the respective development of the product or good that is in the process of development.

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence has made machines that actually mimic the intelligence of humans to a great extend. The initial intention behind the creation was to improvise the development of the daily machine intelligence and the way we interact with it. With time it proved to create a difference in our homes as customers and even as service providers. The improvement of this technology grew wilder than our imagination.

Smart Devices: Having a smart device at your home or work place makes it easier for you to get the job done without any manual source required. With the digital advancement smart devices interact with its users and other devices via different wireless connections, AI or even sensors. They highly pick up on the environment that they are in and quickly respond to changes based on their programmings and digital functions.

Digital transformation has taken over on such a large scale. It has made commuting so much easier with a pace that is convenient and user friendly. The same applies with purchasing or attaining a service online. With the speed in the digital era, it has got accessible to obtain the same with a website or a application. Referring to that, a user is always pleased with a website that is easier to see and feel rather than a website or application that has many tools or too many bugs. Traffic on websites have increased in the coming years via mobile devices since it is user friendly and gives the user maximum freedom towards advancements which has brought about a large group of people with the same likes together. There is another factor that implements for the websites are the way it's designed and developed. It is very essential for a brand or an organization to keep in mind for their websites to be user friendly and interactive at the same time.

No user, would like to go through a website that has many complications or technical obstacles. With the change in digital time, the use of websites via mobile phones have comparatively increased. This is why smartphones have played a vital role to increase the number of internet users.

How is a business/brand reaching out to their user conveniently?

Technical advancements have taken over, making it a compulsion for every business or brand to reach out to their user or customers on a larger space. This has eventually evolved the rise of individual business websites. Such businesses and brands always ensure that their website is mobile friendly and mobile responsive as well. Renowned companies ensure they have mobile enterprise apps in order to run the organization with ease and also to handle user on a broader perspective. Which is why most organizations opt to have mobile app as well, that helps connect directly with the customers to provide them with offline information or help via chatbots services.

What are the essential key pointers a user has in mind before visiting a website or downloading an app?

If a user has heard about a website or an app through a another user for its design is what gets more user to the website or app. It is essential for any business to have a website design that is not like others but most importantly it must be designed for user experience as well. User experience design is a medium for the user to interact with the product or service that brings in the over all experience to the user, while user interface design on the other hand visual draft that helps the user feel the website more adequately.

What are the advantages of having a good UI design and UX design?

There are so many apps and websites online that are easily accessible online or via various mediums. Some of them have turned out to be successful and running while other still have to reach an audience in the market to be known. It is always the look and feel or a website or an app that feels the user come back for more. This is why UX design and UI design have merits for the same.

Following are the key pointers about having good UI/UX design in your website or application:

  1. An amazing design will definitely pitch in more user which will eventually cause website value.
  2. It builds customer satisfaction leading to return of investment to certain extend.
  3. This help you know your audience and understand their needs even better, digitally.
  4. In the long run, the better the user experience the more customers are increased with time, that will bring the build the brand on a great scale.

Why to bother your audience by making them type and look for the products and services? As a website owner won’t you love to provide features that will make the search easy and quick for them? If you are thinking so then voice search is definitely one of those. This powerpack technology would help you to stay ahead of the competition. But how? Your site might require few additions and modifications for a successful voice search optimization. Let’s look how.

  • Using Proper Keywords

During voice search choice of keywords differ from normal SEO. We might type “pest control services" in Google Search. But, for voice search we say, “Do you know any good pest control services in Juhu?”. Although we are speaking to a tool, the experience remains as if two people are speaking with each other. This makes it very engaging and interesting to use. Voice search SEO prefers keywords with conversational tone. In short, it has brought rapid digital transformation in providing not only the search list but also direct your audience to a product's action.

  • Creating FAQ Page

Creating FAQs will give your site a boost for sourcing long-tail conversational keywords. The questions need to be phrased in 1st person as if someone is asking them. Along with them add short and informative answers. Now, the phrasing of the questions need to be voice SEO optimized. Instead of writing "hotels closest to Marina Drive" you might write "Which hotels are closest to Marina Drive?". An addition of words like "which, are" create a difference between a general keyword and a genuinely conversational one.

  • Structured Data Optimization

Being one of the best SEO consulting services, we always recommend your content to be highly Google relevant. Then only can the voice search be optimized for the specific query. For this, you need to ensure that your pages can be easily crawled. A proper sitemap and structured data or schema markup can help the Google bots to understand your web content. Metadata of the schema markup tells Google what the content is all about without affecting the content appearance for users.

  • Finding Out The Voice Query Source

For a proper voice search optimization, you can use elements from Google's answer box or featured snippet . A smart speaker or device can figure out possible queries by relating those search result answers. To make it work perfectly content optimization is the only solution. To make it visible in the answer box it need to be organically well ranked. The paragraphs need to be easy and short. Also, optimized and long-tailed questioning keywords need to be present.

  • Local Search Optimization

The common local voice search option ends with "near me". For that your business need to get listed locally and develop Google My Business. This will enable Google to track instantly user's location and suggest nearby places. It is a universally used keyword and for an optimized voice search you must remember it. While setting up your profile, you must insert your name, email, address and phone number. This will enable the voice search algorithms go to Google business listing and find your business as suggestion.

  • Optimizing Mobile Voice Search

Interestingly, more than half of the voice search queries are done from mobile phones. And it is likely to grow. This definitely includes mobile optimization as an important strategy. For this your site need to be easily crawlable, optimized local search optimization. The mobile SEO need to have meta title and description. Also, the site need to have mobile friendly design.

Being one of the best SEO company in India, we can anticipate the future importance of the voice search feature. Optimizing it to the next level will generate revenue for your site. Also, engaging audience like never before.

We late 90’s is a highly privileged generation to exist in a phase where everything you see and touch is digitally transformed or has definite technological in-built advancements. There were days back then, where everything was done with the help of manual power or through resources of man power. Unlike those times, now everything has developed and evolved digitally and easily taken over by machines, robotic processes and high end softwares. In regards with the space of digital development, artificial intelligence a.k.a AI has taken over drastically since it has been the backbone to most of the progress the market place and industries have made today. AI is nothing but the science of computers and developing of machines that have intelligence just like humans. In fact, on the other hand AI have transformed to be the advanced version of the use of technology. Since artificial intelligence is made the most use of on daily basis, humans have got dependant and rely on its quick intelligence.  

Due to quick and convenient response, the AI systems have made it easier for humans and reduced their efforts in so many sectors and areas of the upcoming industry. The high rise and its usefulness have cause the AI systems to be in demand in order to perform and illustrate various activities in the respective industries on a daily basis. This helps the work to get done speedy and with accurate results. In the recent years, many industries have started using the AI technology, in order to reduce human efforts and also to attain efficient and faster digital solutions.
The banking and the financial sectors make the utmost use of the AI systems. These sectors are widely know to have plenty of activity for the day, which is why they don’t want any human error during the work process. Most of the major work consists of handling institutions that invest money in stocks, managing various properties, financial operations, etc. With the use of AI it's convenient for them to achieve efficient results within a couple of minutes. The basic organizational strategy of implementing artificial intelligence in the bank helps them give attention and set a healthy relation with each and every customer to provide them quick digital solutions. Usage of artificial intelligence will help your business evolve especially if it is a provider that is into digital marketing services. The past years, marketers were very reluctant to incorporate artificial intelligence, but with time they have got confidence. The intelligent tools have kept evolving and transforming more and more with time.

Following is a list of how applying the use of artificial intelligence is going to help digital marketing to revolutionize the respective business.

Digital advertising is the major area of digital marketing that has gradually adopted artificial intelligence with digital technological change and time. Huge advertising platforms already opt and make the most advantage of artificial intelligence in order to attract their consumers to their upcoming website or online business. In order to achieve this, they analyse the user experience minutely. They collect information like the user interests, demographics and other various aspects to detect the best audience that engage with the respective brand. For e.g- Google Adwords already has an auction-based system that is automatic and lets advertisers purchase the lowest possible cost per conversion.

Even ChatBots are making it easier to connect to the targeted audience via the process of automated response to buyers by asking the frequently asked question and also assuring to provide them a medium to search for the product or service with convenience. AI in chatbot has the ability to answer the questions of the user with ease.

The intelligent algorithms, have made it possible to personalise a better experience on a website. With the help of AI the user attains a personalised web experience that has given rise to conversation rates.


Rakesh Shah

2 years ago

In the recent days, FinTech has opted towards developed at a faster pace. It has eventually begun by marketing in the sectors of startups and other new probationer, such as ecommerce and IT firms that have fragmented the markets in the financial service market. This new age of digital technology development has given rise to new challenges and is an evident highlight of the evolution in the necessity of FinTech as a parallel development of RegTech. In simple words, regulators must develop a robust new framework that highly innovators in market confidence. As per industry requirements, it is highly noticed that RegTech is being used by both institutions as well as regulators to address the increase in cumbersome compliance processes. There are also certain RegTech developments that have highlighted the path towards paradigm shift, which will be typified by a re-conceptualization of the financial regulation. There are various digital solutions, that are trending and making a huge difference in the financial industry. The application of such digital enterprise solutions will eventually bring about a major transformation.  Regulatory and technological developments are being a major impact on the nature of financial markets, institutes and service providers in ways completely unexpected before the Global Financial Crisis. Investment in FinTech has become a boom.

Following are the FinTech trends that are digital transformation strategy that have transformed financial services on a large scale.

Artificial Intelligence

AI will always continue to have a great influential impact in new ways. In the recent year before last the use of AI technology developed interfaces for new commerce, with the number of companies that were interested into voice set. With the rise in consumers switching towards digital assistance, voice assistance are also being developed to handle online banking functions. This has helped so many consumers to stay updated and do things mostly by themselves because of this technology.


With the updated hyped technology, built and other cryptocurrencies also built that lead to blockchain. This is an open ledger that is distributed to record payments and other transactions between two respective parties very quickly in a convenient and permanent way. This technology is widely potential creating a massive transformation, therefore the interest as well investment via blockchain are likely to alter. This kind of technology has been opted by industries like health care, financial services and even widely global shopping. Just like the changing times, the complexity for financial regulation has been increasing ever since 2008.


With the new technologies, the pace of admisnistory change will accelerate with even more with RegTech. This new advanced technology solution is empowered to increase the effectiveness and the efficiency of compliance. RegTech solutions can also be introduced at different points of compliances that can surely be used to anticipate potential issues, e.g real-time tracking to detect the increase in risk issues. This can be majorly applied across different areas of respective business. Here it goes this modern technology and finance are the only two mediums that will continually evolve and grow. Paper work is reversed to digital  and eventually given rise to FinTech’s evolution along with the timelines of RegTech’s With time, FinTech has promised to exhibit emerging economies with several factors like rise in financial systems, developed economies, etc. When it comes to delivering service in the banking sector RegTech Solutions slashes processing time which could create a possibility to boost customer retention during this process. This eventually saves a lot of cost but also a increase in revenue is witnessed.

Technology has taken a couple of digital transformation with time. Industries has grown and evolved only due to the constant use of digital solution in their respective fields. In regards with the same, it's fair to say that machine learning and artificial intelligence has got nothing to do with the near the future. In Fact, it is the present of various industries and business. It is no longer a part of science fiction books or a part of a near technology based movie to enlighten us, what our future will look like.

Artificial intelligence is seen mostly everywhere, even in the mist of an upcoming digital agency that are building themselves in the industry. Application of AI is dominating in the industrial sectors, as most customers seem to hover around the usage of automation. There are so many industries that begin with machine learning in the initial stage and eventually are flourished with the knowledge of artificial intelligence. To understand how it all works and know more about artificial intelligence, following are the industries that have prospered and evolved due to the application of the same.

Here is a list of various industries that have opted for machine learning and artificial intelligence to attain the success they need

In the areas of manufacturing

In this sector, the application of robots has played a very vital role by taking over the hazardous jobs away from the human workers, making it easier for them to perform better. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the advent tools that have gradually given boost to employee performance and productivity.

Domains like banking and finance

This sector has felt the greatest impact of AI with technologies like data analytics and machine learning. It has eventually grown to be a integral component by making it convenient to capitalize markets trading, analysing the portfolio and managing them accordingly. Due to AI, these sectors are capable of undertaking high storage of transaction in a seamless manner. It has been an important segment of the fintech sector as well.

Supporting medical diagnoses

AI has major power and has time and again proved data-driven insights of patients care. Healthcare having major areas, AI has played a critical role. Due to this digital transformation, doctors are known to be superhumans providing online consultations, specific medical records, designing of treatment plans, etc.

The quest for driverless

Automobiles need a ton of development and digital solutions to quench for transforming automobile driverless. With time and high processing power, Artificial intelligence, GPS everything turned into reality with no time. Even with digital solution, it will still take a another series of evolution to turn automobile fully autonomous and testing it and launching it, will take a couple of years.