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5 months ago

Why to bother your audience by making them type and look for the products and services? As a website owner won’t you love to provide features that will make the search easy and quick for them? If you are thinking so then voice search is definitely one of those. This powerpack technology would help you to stay ahead of the competition. But how? Your site might require few additions and modifications for a successful voice search optimization. Let’s look how.

  • Using Proper Keywords

During voice search choice of keywords differ from normal SEO. We might type “pest control services" in Google Search. But, for voice search we say, “Do you know any good pest control services in Juhu?”. Although we are speaking to a tool, the experience remains as if two people are speaking with each other. This makes it very engaging and interesting to use. Voice search SEO prefers keywords with conversational tone. In short, it has brought rapid digital transformation in providing not only the search list but also direct your audience to a product's action.

  • Creating FAQ Page

Creating FAQs will give your site a boost for sourcing long-tail conversational keywords. The questions need to be phrased in 1st person as if someone is asking them. Along with them add short and informative answers. Now, the phrasing of the questions need to be voice SEO optimized. Instead of writing "hotels closest to Marina Drive" you might write "Which hotels are closest to Marina Drive?". An addition of words like "which, are" create a difference between a general keyword and a genuinely conversational one.

  • Structured Data Optimization

Being one of the best SEO consulting services, we always recommend your content to be highly Google relevant. Then only can the voice search be optimized for the specific query. For this, you need to ensure that your pages can be easily crawled. A proper sitemap and structured data or schema markup can help the Google bots to understand your web content. Metadata of the schema markup tells Google what the content is all about without affecting the content appearance for users.

  • Finding Out The Voice Query Source

For a proper voice search optimization, you can use elements from Google's answer box or featured snippet . A smart speaker or device can figure out possible queries by relating those search result answers. To make it work perfectly content optimization is the only solution. To make it visible in the answer box it need to be organically well ranked. The paragraphs need to be easy and short. Also, optimized and long-tailed questioning keywords need to be present.

  • Local Search Optimization

The common local voice search option ends with "near me". For that your business need to get listed locally and develop Google My Business. This will enable Google to track instantly user's location and suggest nearby places. It is a universally used keyword and for an optimized voice search you must remember it. While setting up your profile, you must insert your name, email, address and phone number. This will enable the voice search algorithms go to Google business listing and find your business as suggestion.

  • Optimizing Mobile Voice Search

Interestingly, more than half of the voice search queries are done from mobile phones. And it is likely to grow. This definitely includes mobile optimization as an important strategy. For this your site need to be easily crawlable, optimized local search optimization. The mobile SEO need to have meta title and description. Also, the site need to have mobile friendly design.

Being one of the best SEO company in India, we can anticipate the future importance of the voice search feature. Optimizing it to the next level will generate revenue for your site. Also, engaging audience like never before.


Rakesh Shah

5 months ago

We late 90’s is a highly privileged generation to exist in a phase where everything you see and touch is digitally transformed or has definite technological in-built advancements. There were days back then, where everything was done with the help of manual power or through resources of man power. Unlike those times, now everything has developed and evolved digitally and easily taken over by machines, robotic processes and high end softwares. In regards with the space of digital development, artificial intelligence a.k.a AI has taken over drastically since it has been the backbone to most of the progress the market place and industries have made today. AI is nothing but the science of computers and developing of machines that have intelligence just like humans. In fact, on the other hand AI have transformed to be the advanced version of the use of technology. Since artificial intelligence is made the most use of on daily basis, humans have got dependant and rely on its quick intelligence.  

Due to quick and convenient response, the AI systems have made it easier for humans and reduced their efforts in so many sectors and areas of the upcoming industry. The high rise and its usefulness have cause the AI systems to be in demand in order to perform and illustrate various activities in the respective industries on a daily basis. This helps the work to get done speedy and with accurate results. In the recent years, many industries have started using the AI technology, in order to reduce human efforts and also to attain efficient and faster digital solutions.
The banking and the financial sectors make the utmost use of the AI systems. These sectors are widely know to have plenty of activity for the day, which is why they don’t want any human error during the work process. Most of the major work consists of handling institutions that invest money in stocks, managing various properties, financial operations, etc. With the use of AI it's convenient for them to achieve efficient results within a couple of minutes. The basic organizational strategy of implementing artificial intelligence in the bank helps them give attention and set a healthy relation with each and every customer to provide them quick digital solutions. Usage of artificial intelligence will help your business evolve especially if it is a provider that is into digital marketing services. The past years, marketers were very reluctant to incorporate artificial intelligence, but with time they have got confidence. The intelligent tools have kept evolving and transforming more and more with time.

Following is a list of how applying the use of artificial intelligence is going to help digital marketing to revolutionize the respective business.

Digital advertising is the major area of digital marketing that has gradually adopted artificial intelligence with digital technological change and time. Huge advertising platforms already opt and make the most advantage of artificial intelligence in order to attract their consumers to their upcoming website or online business. In order to achieve this, they analyse the user experience minutely. They collect information like the user interests, demographics and other various aspects to detect the best audience that engage with the respective brand. For e.g- Google Adwords already has an auction-based system that is automatic and lets advertisers purchase the lowest possible cost per conversion.

Even ChatBots are making it easier to connect to the targeted audience via the process of automated response to buyers by asking the frequently asked question and also assuring to provide them a medium to search for the product or service with convenience. AI in chatbot has the ability to answer the questions of the user with ease.

The intelligent algorithms, have made it possible to personalise a better experience on a website. With the help of AI the user attains a personalised web experience that has given rise to conversation rates.


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5 months ago

In the recent days, FinTech has opted towards developed at a faster pace. It has eventually begun by marketing in the sectors of startups and other new probationer, such as ecommerce and IT firms that have fragmented the markets in the financial service market. This new age of digital technology development has given rise to new challenges and is an evident highlight of the evolution in the necessity of FinTech as a parallel development of RegTech. In simple words, regulators must develop a robust new framework that highly innovators in market confidence. As per industry requirements, it is highly noticed that RegTech is being used by both institutions as well as regulators to address the increase in cumbersome compliance processes. There are also certain RegTech developments that have highlighted the path towards paradigm shift, which will be typified by a re-conceptualization of the financial regulation. There are various digital solutions, that are trending and making a huge difference in the financial industry. The application of such digital enterprise solutions will eventually bring about a major transformation.  Regulatory and technological developments are being a major impact on the nature of financial markets, institutes and service providers in ways completely unexpected before the Global Financial Crisis. Investment in FinTech has become a boom.

Following are the FinTech trends that are digital transformation strategy that have transformed financial services on a large scale.

Artificial Intelligence

AI will always continue to have a great influential impact in new ways. In the recent year before last the use of AI technology developed interfaces for new commerce, with the number of companies that were interested into voice set. With the rise in consumers switching towards digital assistance, voice assistance are also being developed to handle online banking functions. This has helped so many consumers to stay updated and do things mostly by themselves because of this technology.


With the updated hyped technology, built and other cryptocurrencies also built that lead to blockchain. This is an open ledger that is distributed to record payments and other transactions between two respective parties very quickly in a convenient and permanent way. This technology is widely potential creating a massive transformation, therefore the interest as well investment via blockchain are likely to alter. This kind of technology has been opted by industries like health care, financial services and even widely global shopping. Just like the changing times, the complexity for financial regulation has been increasing ever since 2008.


With the new technologies, the pace of admisnistory change will accelerate with even more with RegTech. This new advanced technology solution is empowered to increase the effectiveness and the efficiency of compliance. RegTech solutions can also be introduced at different points of compliances that can surely be used to anticipate potential issues, e.g real-time tracking to detect the increase in risk issues. This can be majorly applied across different areas of respective business. Here it goes this modern technology and finance are the only two mediums that will continually evolve and grow. Paper work is reversed to digital  and eventually given rise to FinTech’s evolution along with the timelines of RegTech’s With time, FinTech has promised to exhibit emerging economies with several factors like rise in financial systems, developed economies, etc. When it comes to delivering service in the banking sector RegTech Solutions slashes processing time which could create a possibility to boost customer retention during this process. This eventually saves a lot of cost but also a increase in revenue is witnessed.

Technology has taken a couple of digital transformation with time. Industries has grown and evolved only due to the constant use of digital solution in their respective fields. In regards with the same, it's fair to say that machine learning and artificial intelligence has got nothing to do with the near the future. In Fact, it is the present of various industries and business. It is no longer a part of science fiction books or a part of a near technology based movie to enlighten us, what our future will look like.

Artificial intelligence is seen mostly everywhere, even in the mist of an upcoming digital agency that are building themselves in the industry. Application of AI is dominating in the industrial sectors, as most customers seem to hover around the usage of automation. There are so many industries that begin with machine learning in the initial stage and eventually are flourished with the knowledge of artificial intelligence. To understand how it all works and know more about artificial intelligence, following are the industries that have prospered and evolved due to the application of the same.

Here is a list of various industries that have opted for machine learning and artificial intelligence to attain the success they need

In the areas of manufacturing

In this sector, the application of robots has played a very vital role by taking over the hazardous jobs away from the human workers, making it easier for them to perform better. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the advent tools that have gradually given boost to employee performance and productivity.

Domains like banking and finance

This sector has felt the greatest impact of AI with technologies like data analytics and machine learning. It has eventually grown to be a integral component by making it convenient to capitalize markets trading, analysing the portfolio and managing them accordingly. Due to AI, these sectors are capable of undertaking high storage of transaction in a seamless manner. It has been an important segment of the fintech sector as well.

Supporting medical diagnoses

AI has major power and has time and again proved data-driven insights of patients care. Healthcare having major areas, AI has played a critical role. Due to this digital transformation, doctors are known to be superhumans providing online consultations, specific medical records, designing of treatment plans, etc.

The quest for driverless

Automobiles need a ton of development and digital solutions to quench for transforming automobile driverless. With time and high processing power, Artificial intelligence, GPS everything turned into reality with no time. Even with digital solution, it will still take a another series of evolution to turn automobile fully autonomous and testing it and launching it, will take a couple of years.

What is a Brand ? And how does it connect with people ? Why do people choose brands ? What is the significance ? In the blog below all your doubts will be cleared and you will learn, how building a brand can generate more business. With the right methods, customers turn into consumers influencing other to opt for the similar brand too. Your product a service is brand, it represents what you do and what is the motto of your business when consumed by a customers. Therefore quality check and a multiple technical checks are undertaken in order to reach a status to catch the eye of the viewer or consumer.

In order for a product or service to eventually turn into a brand it's important for a company or organization to consider on brand building strategies. It becomes essential to have a layout and a concrete plan in order to execute the business. Taking advantage of social platforms in order to build your brand is one way to stream it into the industry. At PostBox Communications we have a team of experts known for their knowledge and experience to help your website have the most equipped branding building strategies in order to escalate your business in the respective industry.

Brand plays an important role in the life of so many customers, therefore projecting a brand has a lot of work from the backend. One needs to understand the process of a successful brand. It is important to know the certain aspects of branding and factors of failure.

Following is a mentioned list on how one can build their brand through these mediums

Connecting and communicating with the viewer

– Everytime you project or proclaim about your brand it's essential to understand your crowd. Know the need of the consumer and accordingly talk about it giving it a human feel. Afterall your consumer is a human and will only purchase your brand if they feel good about it. It is highly essential to use the right words and tone of language every time you reach out to your customer.

Approach your customers for reviews after every deal

– It's the second most important thing to do as it highlights your brand management services. Know whats right and wrong and how you can enhance to do better in order to sustain the status of the brand.

Keep a tab on how your consumers want to interact with you

– In order to always stay a brand interact with your customer at every step. Know what are the digital solutions they opt for to reach out to you and also make sure be interactive making them feel good and safe. Your customer reaction and review keeps the brand in the market. One bad review and it a downfall for the brand.

New ideas to promote to viewers who aren’t aware of your brand

– Coming up with new campaigns is a brilliant idea to reach out to consumers who aren't aware of your brand. Come up with deals as per trends to keep a twist and engage with consumers on a larger scale. Executing them professional also helps in building respective individual brands.

The magic of social media

– Here it is, the best way to build your brand since it connects you to the appropriate user who will look for your brand. With this comes reputation and how you present your brand before a million of viewers. Using the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc will help you engage with not only viewers but also potential consumers.


Rakesh Shah

6 months ago

Technology playing an important role has never changed since the few decades. It has turned the way we look a marketing scenarios due to its availability and convenient usage towards digital solutions. With every coming year, it's only getting better- Well that’s how it is supposed to be.

As the year 2018, is almost about to end and the coming year 2019 is approaching its important to know more about the digital marketing trends  that will take over in the upcoming year. This will not only help us understand how business work but one will also know what trend to use when the emergency or the need rises. Before you jump to wanting to make a big business, understand how you can transform any business with the help of digital marketing strategies in the online world. Efficient usage of such upcoming trends will assist us in acknowledging more about the importance of search engine optimization services and how useful they can be in this competitive online market of varied industries.

Following are a list of digital trends that will be a boost to every business if opted to attain right business solutions


In the recent years chatbot have been an important digital marketing trend in business that has been an AI technology based used for communication. This instant medium of messaging helps the customers or clients have a conversation in real time and helps in user friendly experience. With the help of this feature, a company can understand what exactly the consumer need and accordingly act as per the growing demands . This has been a quick and faster mean of communication that has eventually turned out to be responsive and easily accessible to the consumer. It has been a virtual assistant to customer which is why most organisations have a chatbot feature for the website for a better business interaction.

Voice Search

With the advanced technology today, it is possible for a gadget to answer all our doubts and queries through search engines. Voice acknowledgement has been playing a major role in providing data that is relevant via the audio content. Due to busy schedule of people and the urgency of various kinds, to make it more convenient people choose to give information via voice assistant that works  on artificial intelligence. Most organizations now have opted for voice search to deliver voice-based content effectively to their consumers.

Visual Search

This is a brand new type search engine that ensures the user a experience like never before. Having this feature for your website can be the best way to get maximum interaction amongst customer and you. With this feature one has to upload a picture in order to do a search and attain desired results.

Rise in AR and VR

It’s important to understand that today user’s demand to stay engaged and attain an active participation in brand messaging. Augmented and virtual reality fulfil both these needs, by delivering a company their user a great customer experience. Embracing this new technology will not make work easier but also help in sustaining a better experience for for all.


Rakesh Shah

7 months ago

Having a website plays a vital role for the company and it brings a stable status for the organization or company. In recent times, web development have take over in order to have a website that is out of the box.

No matter what, anyone is impressed with a great website, which is why it is important for a organization or company to always keep a website that has web development from time to time and is user friendly too. To build a great website there is a team of coders, programmers, website designers, web developers, user designers, etc who put in a lot of effort and time, using great technologies and updated softwares.

Web developers use various website development tools to provide the client a medium to attain web presence and allows them to stay connected and communicate with million of customers all over the world. This not only makes the clients companies accessible but also there is an increase in interactions. Due to this the client’s businesses the opportunity to portray themselves the from an angle they want to see themselves in the evolving industry. A website can appear more reliable if they are built and presented in a certain way.

To begin with – in order to develop a website it should always be in accordance with specific criteria. A basic website development for a website can include anything from network security, programming the data of a website to adding client liaison, web configuration, e-commerce development and so much more. It has a variation ranging from creating the simplest plain text to the most difficult web-based applications. One can easily find the best of the expert website developers in Mumbai for a well-designed, professional looking website in this competitive online industry.

But website development is mostly the second phase for a great important. The primary most important function is to design the website. Website designers play a crucial role while building a website. It summarizes your company’s brand in the most simplest way and communicates your brand motto to the consumers of your product or service.

Web designing has become one of the most valuable mediator to strengthen the brand and grow the business. Ultimately opting for a good web designing services will help build your target market and assure to meet your business goals. Therefore it is important to build websites that are user friendly for your website.

What sets a website is how to sustain the web traffic by increasing the sales and growth of the business. This is when UX/UI design plays a very important role in achieving this goal. It improvises the user experience as well as customer satisfaction which eventually helps to increase the number of users.

Its very important to make sure the consumers or the audience who view your website have a friendly user experience and its not complicated for them the agenda of your website. Approaching a good UI UX design agency for the purpose fills the gap of achieving a great website with a user friendly experience.

The increase of consumers on a website eventually measures the success of the great UI and UX.

As we have seen many changes this year in the social media marketing (SMM) we will see many coming the year approaching next. As we are on race with time an technology there will be a whole new chapter waiting for us. The transformation which is expected by 2019 will change the social media game. Let's have a look at some of the top digital transformations which will change the game for CMO in 2019.

1) Enriching Content
As we have not even thought about 'The content is king,' when we go down the lane decades ago. But, now it is all new game. As companies ought to have a specific team just for their digital marketing. They just try to create something new every day as people tend to stay online more than offline. Before, CMO use to negotiate about billboards but now the internet is their canvas and creative content is the color and brush. As CMO's tries out giving out the content which is more relatable and responsive so they can engage the audience. As greater the engagement, greater the chance of getting consumers/customers for the client.

2) Explore New Medium
As we are urging our every step towards betterment and we have many tools we can operate, yet it is less everytime. With the best content, people tend to fail with their campaign. As they don't know which content has to go where(i.e. wrong choice of marketing mix). This will not be a chance in 2019. As there will be plenty of platforms to chose from and every content will get their home. As the marketing mix is the tool we ordinarily use to create our marketing strategy, social media made itself a crucial part of the game. From Facebook to Pinterest we have different means of social platforms where we can engage our targeted audience. As it is overwhelming for the CMO to choose from a vast range. Yet, choices are better than no choice, right?

3) Website Organization
With the evergoing industry, the standards are too going up too. We the curators have to be sharp and precise about what we are putting out for the audience as the audience have a vast range of choices to pick from. In this era of internet, your ranking matters a lot. So, if you want your client to stay on top website organization is a key to success. As of basics like meta, keyword is still crucial there are other aspects we (as in curator, SMM, CMO) should have a look on is domain authority, external and internal ranking etc. Today not only keyword matters but every word does.

4) Being Transparent
As we live in the world of internet and people will get to know the whole truth anyway. So why not be open with them from the start. As customers/consumers demand transparency and if they don't get it they tend to move to a different product/service. So why not give them what they demand. With transparency, we are not implying on giving secret data of the company but be true to your company's name and the ethics it complies off. As customers are accustomed to having an instant access to information, one will be agitated if they don't find it. Here, we are talking about information like pricing, reviews, photos etc. Being transparent on the web is a hard job but it is still manageable as we all are vulnerable on the web every day.

5) Customer Service (Chatbots)
Chatbots are future of Customer related issues. Before chatbots, there is a column on every website designated for FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) which is mostly replaced by chatbots now. As brands want their customers to be happy and make their lives easy. So, digital CMO will be an apparent digital transformation we will be looking out in the future. As it will provide an accurate response for the different range of customers from its vast range on data.

6) Cloud Game
As CMO's are not directly connected to the cloud but they work on data available. As in 2019, there will be a concept of connected cloud that will change the game for CMO's as it will enable them to access data effectively and with more security.

7) Launch Of 5G
We are on the urge of huge digital transformation as Jio enabled many consumers to 4g internet. If one will have a look at the statistics it showcased the number of people using the internet increased by 3 times in last one year and with optic-fiber coming up next in the market it will enable the consumers with high-speed internet. This means there will be no buffer and no loading time. This will unable marketing on a real-time basis. This also means people will have access to the content way faster. So now the marketing team can provide premium and sturdy content. This will change the digital game forever.

8) AR: Game Changer
As AR i.e. Augmented Reality has a long way to go it will be a game changer for CMO in 2019. As it provides different opportunities to enrich the customer's experience. Whether it is Snapchat or other social media application AR is everywhere. With the use of AR social media team helps customers to envision their new sofa set or the pair of glasses. It just shows the customer how the product looks or suits their style. 

9) Data Breaching
As data is the pivotal source for marketing and has to be given a number one priority. By 2019 the data breaching will go down subsequently as there are many IT specialist working on the software which can save the customer's data. This will be a relief for many as they are depended on the data of the consumers. Data plays an important role in planning any marketing strategy.

10) TV is the Old News
As we know the content on television is going for a toss and people are moving online for their entertainment. This advancement opened loads of gates for advertising. CMO's can make advertise or market their client's service or product in regards to entertainment. People love to watch relatable content and when someone feeds you what you want to eat your greed for it rises.

So, these are some predictions for 2019 in the game of digital marketing. With all the advancement one can play a strong hand in the digital marketing game. As advancement can only give you options choosing one is all your choice.


Rakesh Shah

11 months ago

The year 2018 began with a great start in heavy discussions among on-line business owners about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). On 25th of May, the European Union started to implement over the GDPR, which is a set of rules and regulations that focuses and aims on the protection of individual’s data privacy & began few new guidelines that had to be followed while collecting consumer data.

This is a recent European privacy regulation that came to affect this year across the entire EU and also outside EU. It has applied in various sectors like software development companies, tech companies, IT departments, pharmaceutical, financial services and other various organizations that are into on-line selling, digital marketing that accumulate private and personal information as well as data in companies from all over the world. This has in turn, offered a great control over personal information and has also guaranteed the customers that their respective data is secured and protected. Any personal information related to a real human like photos, email address, bank details, etc will be included as well.

The GDPR adheres to the general EU data of rules and regulations which creates new rights for a person who processes personal data. Organizations on a higher platform as well as with a greater presence have met and created privacy centers to ensure a customer or a consumers more control over the information they can provide to maintain its privacy and hassle free experience.

There are numerous organizations that have different mediums to generate a user friendly experience with their consumers, which is why adopting to new systems and technologies is a compulsion. Whether it is the organization’s digital strategies or the digital marketing arena, it has to find a way to reach to a larger number of audiences in order to engage and interact. After GDPR the services in major companies have become more convenient to sustain user friendly service as well consumer friendly experience. Following are the impacts of GDPR in organizations off lately:

Upfront digital transparency in terms of using a website or a application of the respective company or organization. The consumer is more in control and gets information about the organization on the go. This makes it easier for communication and easy exchange of information and data.

With the help of consent for data collection the consumer is guaranteed about the information that exchanged is safe and won’t be used for any other external activity or fraud purposes. This in a way build trust and a bond bond between the consumer and the organization. In the later future, it is helpful for the organization to gain more audience through digital marketing.

With the help of GDPR in various organizations the personal and private data which is exchanged is in the ownership of the consumer itself, making it easier to provide & distribute only specific data that is required. The perk of it all is that, under the GDPR personal and private information like email address, social media handles and phone numbers are personally identifiable information. All of it is protected by the upcoming regulation. It keeps a track of email subscription and also ensures cyber-crime protocol. It also only offers great clarity for consumers through stated expectation.

Every second business is opting for digital mediums as a platform of growth in their organizations. This helps is leading to reach the mode of communications faster and better than before. Which why is engages with a vast number of audience and consumers. Keeping the consumers is the main motto since they play a vital role. A consumers reviews and experience is what has a major impact in the digital transformation in a business. Customer experience or CX is the most critical and effective experience a business should be striving to improve in regards with digital innovation at all given times. It is one of the main forces driving the transformation towards completion. A consumer or a customer are always in control and they have more power in hand. It is essential to fulfill their needs, requirement and desired specification. Organizations mainly aims to take up digital innovations so they can deliver better performance to the consumers. As customers or customers the expectation is always high form their end, and in order to give them loyalty towards brands its always ensure to facilitate them with better experiences every time. The behavior and the consumption patterns of the consumers are always dynamic.

Following are the four factors that drive a digital transformation in any organization

  • It is essential to design and maintain a user friendly  medium for a customers journey.
  • The speed of sight generation should be increased.
  • Ensuring that customers adopt a journey of digital customer service
  • Developing the speed of delivering the specific requirement.   

This Digital technology is changing the way customers interact and communicate with brands and businesses are compelled to reassess the way they engage with customers by incorporating digital channels into their overall customer strategies via engagement. A customers personalized experience always has an access on demand from anywhere, at any time. Giving a customer a good experience likely ranges to increase the possibilities to business success.

Following are the key points a organizations should keep in mind and opt for in order to have digital innovations and digital transformation while serving its purpose in business  and to excel in the industry.

Through the accessibility of AI (Artificial Intelligence)
AI has become a digital assistant in organizations off lately and its smart feature of speech and voice recognition has to convenient conversations between people. It has eventually turned into as an interface for devices and applications which is is becoming a must-have in companies that should be a part of their digital transformation. It is completely new level of automation advancing communication and interactions as a smoother way to engage with a number of people at the same time.

Highly driven by IoT (Internet of Things)
Customers today indeed expect simplicity in the procedure and demand for 24/7 accessibility. IoT-enabled big data analysis can help any business build a better platform for engaging that will improve services leading to better consumer experiences. It also helps in increasing productivity and reduces costs through the process of integration and automation.