Rakesh Shah

1 year ago

In this race of drawing customers closer to your brand it's nothing but “The survival of the fittest”.

Your capability to adapt to digital innovations and watch for what entices your consumer are the key factors that will determine your brand destiny.

Companies will undergo extreme pressure to deliver commendable digital experience because of the rising demands of customers online. 2017 has already been an eventful year for digital transformations with the usage of big data, mobile advertising, social customer care and change itself. The 2018 digital marketers now need to pull up their socks, to do the unordinary. You need to break the rules and step out of your organizations comfort zone.

So which online trends does the future await?

Chatbots and Online Assistance: It is quick and customized response that promises a good digital experience every time. Consumers tend to be more loyal to brands that engage with them via messaging applications. The ones that provide clarity through personal touch, transparency and one-on-one communication. In 2016, popular brands like NBC and Uber have already set up their chatbots on Facebook Messenger and Slack. These chatbots now only need to get more efficient with personalized interactions. After all they are a win-win for both brands and customers. So providing the right assistance today, is an assurance of customer loyalty.

Micro Moments: Customer today looks for answers online. Whenever they require anything they resort to their smartphone to find reliable solutions. Google says that, brands today should identify the touchpoints that are available. It is those micro moments where they can deliver valuable information to the user. From long term goals such as purchasing a home, to short terms needs such as the grocery bought daily, everything is sought for on the smartphones. So brands get millions of micro moments to provide an exquisite digital experience and simultaneously enhance brand building.

Increased Social Ad Spend: Advertising on social media lets brands personalize their ads to a great extent. As a result , off lately, the digital ad spend overtook the TV ad spend. Ads online can be targeted to people who belong to particular demographic segment and those who have specific choices. Facebook today owns 2 billion monthly active users. People here don't only click on ads but they also make purchases. As long the number of people using social media platforms increases, there will certainly be a rise in the investment made by brands in advertising online.

Hands free Technology: The use of voice search has escalated overtime because of the convenience it offers. After all people should not stop what they are doing to make a search online. Digital technology gives them the power to complete their work on the go, while driving, socializing, traveling etc. The near future sees the emergence of two major digital giants, Amazon Echo and Google Home on a large. They are an epitome of innovation. 20% of smartphone interactions are likely to be completed with the help of these virtual assistants.

Personalized Content: The one thing that draws customers closer to a brand is the value it adds to a customers life. Content is the best medium to keep an user hooked onto a page and give them a reason to come back to your site over and over again. Now the only way content can be beneficial to each person is when it personalized. The message you want to communicate can be written in different styles for a new visitor, for an existing visitor or for a recent visitor. Receiving unique content can help consumers feel valued. This is certainly a well thought out strategy to entice any customer.

The dawn of 2018 is certainly going to see a whole new series of digital innovation and you already have a heads up about, what your brand has to be equipped with. So invest in the right trends and make your brand future ready.


Rakesh Shah

1 year ago

Chatbots are now becoming more common that ever before. They are popping up everywhere. Banking, Insurance are early adopters of the technology in India. More and more brands in India are trying to figure out a way to implement one.

In a survey done last year people said they would prefer to chat or text with companies instead of talking on the phone – a perfect fit for the chatbot. Business are loving them, the response times are quicker, queries get resolved automatically without the need of paid human intervention.

  • What about other stats ? 
  • Are people comfortable using them ? 
  • Do they still need to speak to a human ? 

You need to ask these question before you look to implement one for your business.

Ok, let’s start with the basics – do people like chatbots? Well, yes and no. In a survey done, they asked 5,000 people how they felt about them. 39% of people surveyed felt positive about their experiences, while only 11% felt negatively. The rest simply hadn’t had enough interactions with them to make a choice, but you expect that number to continue to drop as conversations with chatbots continue to become a more normal part of our customer service experience and people form their opinions.

Next, let’s look at what people are using chatbots for. According to the same survey, an overwhelming 67% of those surveyed used a chatbot for customer support in the last year, but only 14% have used one to help with productivity. As the technology advances, these numbers will most likely change a bit, but chances are that your normal, typical interactions with chatbots will stay in the customer service sphere. It should also be noted that of those surveyed, 47% said to skip on the conversational UIs and focus on delivering a chatbot that’s straight to the point.

Chatbots are here to stay. There’s no question there. The only questions remaining are how to implement, where to implement, how to set conversational tones, and other questions about the operations of your chatbot.

Why “now” for the Chatbot?

First, people already text a lot. There are billions of messages sent every hour. Humans have substituted verbal communication (human to human) with written communication (human to machine to human). From the very beginning of computers, humans have communicated in our language – If X, then Y – which is then interpreted into machine language of Ones and Zeros. Humans are already chatting with computers and Chatbots make it possible for the machine to chat back!

Next reason, we are in App overload. Think about your own smart phone. Research shows that we only use about about 5 regularly, and half of these are social media apps. Most of us are at our limit for apps and dont need another one. Chatbots don’t need an app to engage with customers.

We already use them. The original Instant Messaging platforms used very basic Chatbots to respond to text. So the chances are that we’ve all used them sometime along our digital journey and just not know about it.

Finally, evidence suggests email has run its course. It’s great for sharing information but horrid at conveying understanding. Which is why alternatives to email, such as SLACK, allow humans to communicate in a more responsive way than email. People are more engaged with a digital chat experience than they are with an analogue email exchange.


Ashish Gandhi

1 year ago

Internet marketing is any sort of promotion done online with the help of digital strategies, content and creative development. The era we live in moves at a lightning speed, evolving technologies, social media platforms, viral videos, memes, increased usage of mobile phones etc everything progresses in the blink of an eye.

If you aspire to uplift your brand’s boundaries, make sure you employ the principles of today’s fast digital marketing environment.

Imagine, there is a new plumbing services opened in your neighbourhood. This plumber is now one amongst the several others around you and you are unaware about his inauguration. So how will you find him when you are in need? Searching for him online will help you contact him immediately! Marketing and advertising through the internet will definitely help him get his brand registered in the minds of the target audience.

Digital advertising plays a vital role in developing a brand’s image.

How does it make a difference?

Online Reach: Technological innovations have opened new doors to internet platforms this offers businesses the opportunity to connect to a whole new audience. The internet also acts like a medium to communicate meticulously to the same target group, as social media gives the customer the power to influence a brand’s image widely.

Boost Sales: Your customers are engaged with your products online through various social media platforms.This is your key to indirect selling. Having an online store for your products makes your reach feasible in the market. This tactic precisely helps you increase direct sales.

Build Trust: A positive review left by a gratified customer can encourage the new ones to convert easily. These days customers turn to social media pages to resolve grievances. Crafting an appropriate digital strategy along with diligent reputation management helps you build an image of a trustworthy brand.

Cost Effective: Advertising online helps you execute successful tactics within your budget. Traditional modes of marketing offer solutions that make you shell a large amount of money. Digital marketing on the other hand is an inexpensive mode to surge a brand’s story.

Improved ROI: Even a small investment done in a method like Search Engine Marketing can increase your brand’s visibility. The internet has the necessary analytical tools to calculate your Return On Investments. With access to these techniques, you can alter your digital strategies in compliance with your budget and your customers demand.

Customer Engagement: Digital marketing owns the ability to contact the customer in real time. How your brand handles this interaction is what defines your online presence. Let your audience have a good experience, as they engage with your brand. Make the right move and develop healthy relationships.

Pursuing the following methods is your aid to build an impactful brand narrative. The internet is undoubtedly, an imperative source that will help you adopt creative techniques for the development of your brand. The best solution here is to get in touch with a digital agency that understands your brand’s culture and assists it throughout.

It can be difficult to understand what exactly businesses should pay heed to, the content or the design? There are endless website design options that may leave you paralyzed, but after making your share of mistakes, you will realize what plays a crucial role in creating an ideal website. A writer perceives that content plays a vital role. It lies at the heart of a website. While a creative executive takes pride in the imperative role design plays. Content is the reason your user will keep coming back to your site and share your offerings on social media. Whereas design is the foremost aspect that catches the user’s eye. To have a successful website you need to acquaint yourself with the necessary tactics to offer the best digital marketing solutions. An excess of any element can hamper the final output. So, how will the right mix help you stand out? An accurate blend of value and beauty. The right amount of knowledge, logic and creative thought can build a website that provides effective solutions and is visually appealing. While design will be the reason for a user to get drawn to your website, content will make the user stay. A balance between the two is crucial to create a successful and engaging website. Your digital consultant. As you begin to construct an ideal website you have to be mindful about the two giants which are a fundamental part of the making, the design and the content. They are your guide to success. Valuable content may not be easy but it is an essential tool. Understand the needs of your client base and provide them beneficial insights. While you do this, do not neglect the design, you need not pay exorbitant chunks of money to top-tier designers. Instead, find a style of web design that acts as the best digital solution for your business. Demonstrate your expertise. The rightful design helps branding. It acts as a reason for an user to click on your ad and pursue the content therein. Let not a shoddy design or content put them off. When your user visits your website let him perceive you as an expert at what you do. Grab the opportunity at hand to provide your users with useful content and create a design that helps them navigate easily to reach the desired page. Content and Design hold equal prominence in creating a user-friendly website. The best digital marketing solution for your brand cannot just focus on one and neglect the other. It has to average out the two by maintaining a perfect balance. While you are on a hunt for a digital consultant make sure you scrutinize the services they supply. From originality to sales #PostBox Communications honours your brand’s needs by providing the accurate mix of services. It makes use of the right proportion of each ingredient. Creativity, content, strategy, communication, positioning etc, a range of attributes to uplift your brand. A perfect fusion of services for any brand.


Ashish Gandhi

2 years ago

Search engine is the medium between you and your potential visitor. Special consideration should be given to search engine optimization (SEO). If your website is optimized then it must be reachable to your visitors. Search engine optimization involves numerous tricks and tactics, but there are few mandatory factors which should be considered for establishing a successful SEO.


Before jumping into the vast world of SEO, take enough time to research. A well researched site can have the best optimization. Once you research your keywords and phrases, then you can have a very interesting and relevant content. From designing, content writing to link building, research can make you utilize every tool adeptly. You need to conduct specific research for every single SEO tool. You can’t optimize your site without knowing your target audience and your keywords.

Right Use Of Keywords

Once you have well researched keywords then start writing the content of your website. Your website content should accommodate your most important keywords. Your business could have numerous content then you don’t need to put all keywords in your text. Use your keywords in your title tag and other pages. Make sure your ‘about us’ or ‘company profile’ pages contain your most important keywords, a these are the pages which are most searched by the search engine crawlers.

Link Exchange

Link exchange plays a vital role in optimizing your website. Link exchange is a process where you exchange links with similar websites. Link exchange increases your link popularity. When more and more website links are added to your site, it increases the chance of getting more traffic. Many search engines judge link popularity a tool to decide the desirability of the website. If your website has many useful links and your link is there in various websites, then search engines might place you in the top of search pages for your popularity.

Have A Sitemap

Make sure you have a complete site map of your website. A well prepared site map helps your visitor as well as search engines to know about your website. Site map gives ease of use to the visitors and for search engines it provides information about every page. With a site map you ensure that every page of your website has been indexed in search engines.


Ashish Gandhi

2 years ago

All of us, who have an Internet based business, call search engines the big daddy of Internet marketing. Almost everyday we use search engines for one or the other reason. It won’t be wrong if I’ll say these are the integral part of our business. But, did u ever try to find out about this search engine evolution. How these search engines have connected the globe in a single thread. I was excited to the core to know about these engines which are the bread and butter to a large chunk of professionals. So, now you can sit back and relax as this article will take you to down memory lane to the first search engines to today’s major engines. Take this ‘odyssey of search’ and know the ancestors of your big daddy.


It was early 1990 when the first searching tool came to exist, it was called Archie. It is derived from archive but with a missing ‘v’. This infant search tool allowed directory listing of files located on FTP sites. It created a searchable database of filenames. Archie was followed by Gopher, a specialized text file search tool. It incorporated different search programs like Veronica and Jughead. But, these all were just search tools not proper search engines. In 1993, came the first web search engine named Wandex. In the same year came Aliweb, this is still there today. But, what about the search crawler based search engine? Here came WebCrawler, the first full text crawler based search engine, which started searching through words in webpages. After this started the era of mushrooming of search engines, which included Excite, Inktomi, Infoseek, Northern Light, and AltaVista. Many of these search engines compete with then popular directory like Yahoo!


Yahoo was first started as a directory for students to categorize there favorite websites. Yahoo came to existence in 1994 and after that it became a major search engine. As per the survival of the fittest law, in 2002 Yahoo! acquired Inktomi followed by AlltheWeb and AltaVista in 2003. Though Yahoo had its own search engine but initially it used Google to provide results. In 2004, Yahoo became a full fledge search engine with its own database and transformed from a directory to a search engine.


Google, now called the daddy of search engines doesn’t have even a decade long history. It started in 2001, which changed the whole process and concept of search engines. Google brought the concept of link popularity and page rank. Google provided a simple concept of word search through its crawlers or spiders. Now it enjoys the unbeatable database of search terms. Today, half the world relies on Google for their search. From cradle to grave, Google search can now provide you every single detail.


The latest addition to this race is MSN search powered by Microsoft. Microsoft started MSN beta search in 2004 power driven by its own crawlers called msnbot. Recently Microsoft started a new search platform – Windows Live Search, which is fully specialized for word searches.


The latest trend in search engines is the convergence of these engines. Yahoo and Google has launched there new search page called GahooYoogle (it’s easy to remember toggle the Y and G of Yahoo and Google and you can get the new search engine. This joint venture separates your search page into two screens where one part shows the Google search result and the other shows Yahoo search results. It’s quite interesting to see two giants together sharing one screen. But, indubitably Google still rules the whole search engine market and it’s really difficult for other search engines to spread their wings as major parts are covered by Google.


Ashish Gandhi

2 years ago

2 years ago

Pay Per Click or PPC is a contemporary method of paid advertising where websites can directly place them in the top search pages. Here the businesses bid to be placed in or after the first page (only when the first page is already full). In PPC a company has to pay a certain amount to the search engine, for each click by the visitor. You can easily identify the PPCs in your search engines. Many popular search engines have PPCs as ‘Sponsored Links’ or ‘Featured Links’ listed on the right side of the search pages. Google has named these PPCs as Adwords which were previously recognized as Overture results.

Why PPC?

PPC is the most hassle free way of advertising. It’s the most noticeable way of advertising. PPC campaigns can help your website featuring in the top page of search engines. PPC can be called the paid version of standard SEO campaigns. PPC gives instant results like gathering traffic while it takes months to standard SEO campaigns to get listed in the first page. PPC is very easy and you don’t require any special knowledge as compared to SEO campaigns. All you need is proper keywords for your PPC for magical results.

Limitations of PPC

PPC like any other form of advertisement has some limitations. The following are the few limitations of PPC,

  • Everything depends on bidding in PPC. If you can raise your bid you can attain the top position in search pages
  • It’s sometimes very expensive. The cost depends on the competitiveness of your keyword and phrases
  • You can’t monitor your position in PPC. If any firm bids more than your bid then it might obtain your position.

How it works?

PPC has now become an easiest way to advertise in search engines. It’s an effective way to list your website in major search engines. If you are planning to conduct a PPC then here are golden rules to be followed. Make sure you know every tit-bit of your PPC campaign; after all it’s about your hard earned money honey.

  • Worth-while

Determine the worth of your visitors. In PPC you spend every buck to generate traffic. If your PPC costs more than your business gained then it’s certainly a big failure. You should decide your bidding according to the desired profit. Bidding expense depends on the popularity of your key phrase. Hence it’s wise to pay less if you have a less competitive key phrase.

  • Key Phrases

Like typical SEO campaigns, PPC also needs an in depth keywords research. Keyword research is an imperative part of a successful PPC campaign. There aren’t any particular set of keywords but it’s wise to have a collection of most relevant keywords for your PPC.

  • Descriptions

Your description can entice your visitors to hit your website. in PPC you don’t require only visitors but you need businesses and customers to hit you as you can’t pay for mere wanderers. Try to incorporate marketing copy writing in your description. This can enhance your description and attract more customers. Be lucid and tell what you want to say about you. Your description should be word description of your business.

  • Analysis

As I have mentioned earlier, you can’t monitor your campaign success regularly. Because of bidding your position might change everyday. Try to track the effectiveness of your keyword phrases intermittently. View click-through rates and study the visitor trends for a successful PPC campaign.


Ashish Gandhi

2 years ago

Search engine positioning is a vital term. For a well optimized page, you need to position it in search engines. It’s easy to find numerous guidelines for search engines but very few of them are fruitful. Hence, before you plan to position your website in search engines make sure you understand the following key terms.

Keyword Research

Before start your search engine optimization journeys make sure you put enough research for the keywords. These keywords are like the bones of the SEO structure, more strong keywords mean stronger search results. Make a rough chart of all the possible keywords of your business. Whether you provide services or products, collect all the relevant words related to your business. Then, visit other related sites which provide the same service or product and observe what al keywords they are using. Once you have your list of keywords then judge which keywords are most searched and explain your business, then include those words in your website content. If your content is keywords rich then it increases your chance to fetch the top position in search engines.

Relevant Content

Content makes your website communicative, because it’s only text which explains information about your product or services. You can’t compromise with your content. It should be lucid and very brief. Netizens won’t spend too much time reading your website but they will at least try to read few paragraphs. These are the text which can hold or deter your visitors. Content involves every single alphabet featured in your website. It depends on how well you have mentioned the points, how you have synchronized the gist of the information to aptly suit your visitors need. You can constantly update your content. Regular updating makes your site look fresh and attractive. Unlike earlier when content was just to fill the website, now content can decide the rank of your website on major search engines. You can easily update your content, if you know about HTML otherwise you can leave this to your webmaster. You can give your content to the webmaster and they can place it in your site.

Link Popularity

Link popularity is basically the link exchange and the number of related links a website has. Link exchange works as a catalyst in search engine optimization. When a website has numerous links, then it shows the popularity of your site hence gives you more visibility in search pages. Link popularity is not the page rank but it’s the basic link exchange program. Link exchange plays a vital role in getting a good PR in major search engines. Link exchange is the cheapest marketing tool which attracts both, the search engines and the visitors. Hence one should be very specific while exchanging links because it creates a good or bad neighborhood. And to survive in this web fraternity one need to build good neighborhood so that search engines and other websites can easily rely on that website.


Ashish Gandhi

2 years ago

A good SEO can change your website’ image and a bad SEO can also do the same but in some other way. There are many SEO mistakes which, if not avoided, can ban your website. Following are few SEO mistakes which should be avoided, if you don’t want to disappear from search engine listing.

Having site entirely made of graphics

Don’t be over creative while making your links. Your links should not be made in Java Script or graphics. Search engines don’t recognize links which are made in graphics. Your links should be in a text format. If you have a certain word for the link then you should have it in a plain text format. Making graphic links can be unfruitful for you.

Having text in Flash

Don’t use flash just because you know about this tool. Flash should be used in a creative manner as many visitors still don’t like moving flash images. Search engines can’t recognize text written on Flash. If you’ll have your text written in Flash, then it won’t be noticed by search engines. Have all your text in a plain text format.

Having Invisible Text

For many years people used invisible text to ensure high ranking in search engines. But now search engines are more cleaver than before, and these tactics can help search engines to ban your site. Don’t use invisible texts in your website. This can put you in the bad books of search engines.

Using doorway or gateway pages

Doorway or gateway pages are those web pages which are specially designed for search engines. These pages don’t target the user and are full of keywords. The content of these pages are not relevant are meant to attract search engine crawlers. This is another mistake which many SEOs follow. This is a bad and unethical approach to acquire high ranking. So, make website for your users not for search engines. Have relevant content in your site and then you’ll automatically attain a high rank.

Having No Keyword In Title Tag

If there’s any factor which can help you get high ranking then it must be your title tag. Title tag is the sentence or words that your user sees on top bar of the Web browser. It is very important to use title tag intelligently. You can have your keywords in the title tag which can help search engines to know about your keywords. Hence, using no keywords in title tag is a big mistake. It’s like killing an opportunity to get into the top list of search engines. Strictly, avoid doing this.

Being Too Inconsistent And Ambiguous

Be focused on choosing your keywords and target audience. Don’t make an irrelevant site which doesn’t talk about your business. Irrelevant sites usually don’t attract traffic and end up in dark cells. Be focused on your business. Use every word, of your website, as a marketing tool for your business. And above all be a relevant site which is good for both the customer and the search engine.

Not Using Word Tracker

Word tracker is your guide to choose right keyword for your website. If you ignore right keywords then you can’t reach your potential visitors. Keyword search should be the first step while designing the content of the website. If your site will have wrong keywords then you might busy answering about those businesses and products which you might not even heard of.

Bad Link Exchange

Be particular while exchanging links. Don’t swap links with banned websites. Though it’s difficult to control other websites to link your site but you can certainly restrict yourself to link with banned and absurd sites. Don’t add your site just for the heck of getting reciprocal links. Be specific about your link partner. After all, who enjoys a ‘bad neighborhood’?

Having Numerous Frames In Website

Making site with frames has been outdated now. But, if you wish to make a site using frames then give it a second thought. If you haven’t started your website designing then make sure you don’t use frames in your website. Search engines find it difficult to index framed websites. Design HTML websites, these are the most widely used coding, easily understood by all search engines.

Ignoring SEO Algorithm

The biggest mistake you can commit in website is ignoring the SEO algorithm. Today every site wants to be featured in the top ten list of the search engine. To reach such cliff you need to understand the algorithm of the search engines. You can’t survive being adamant to your own rules. Your site needs constant updating and you should implement changes according to the search engines.


Ashish Gandhi

2 years ago

Change is constant, an appropriate adage for today’s scenario. There is a vast competitive market where you want to establish your enterprise. You should be more forward thinking if you wish to stand out in your business. Being in the market is just not enough, people should mark your presence then only your business will be successful.
One of the easiest ways of reaching masses is through Internet. For this your business needs a website, which can represent you on web giving you a web presence.
This isn’t that expensive, if done properly can give you better ROI (Return on Investment) than any advertisement or promotion. If these reasons are not enough for you then let’s discuss 10 more reasons why your business needs a website.

Professional Image

A website helps you to create a professional image. A professionally designed website can attract visitors which can convert into new customers. This gives an impression that the company is credible and trustworthy. Your well made website gives you a professional touch.

Business Information

Your website makes you easily accessible and reachable. You can provide your business information in your website like phone number, fax number, clients and special offerings. People can get a brief about you just by visiting your company website

Promotional Tool

Website is the most convenient and professional promotional tool. It ensures a less expensive and continuous promotion to your business. It is easy to update than yellow pages or brochures. It can save your printing expenditure.

Establishes E – Commerce

Millions of customers log on to the Internet everyday to expand web business or E- Commerce. Once you are in the web the transactions the business you generate becomes a part of the E-Commerce, where you deal in a virtual market. Your single website becomes your active tool in generating business by E-Commerce businesses.

Research Information

Your website provides the required research information to your visitors. Many people spend hour in Internet searching articles, information for educational purpose. You can be referred by many visitors if your website has information about any product or service.

Demographic Market

The World Wide Web or WWW is the highest virtual market having the highest percentage of demographic market available. This mostly consists of educated mass that can spend more on the web. You can target a large mass of affluent customers through Internet.

Global Market

Internet is a global medium. If you have a website it can be visited from any part of the globe. People can visit your website for information and offerings. This gives your business a global presence.

Round the Clock Availability

Your business hour can have a proper timing but your website is not bound of timings. People can visit your website anytime any day. Your web page can serve your client round the clock without charging any overtime

Feedback – Room for improvement

Website can give you instant feedback which is not possible for print. Visitors can give you proper feedback by e mail. You can even generate an instant feedback form in your website, where visitors can express their views about your website.


People believe in what they see. When you will have a visible web presence you can allure visitors and show confidence on your expertise and work. By providing service and product information you can get instant orders from your visitors. This can effortlessly attract new business for you.