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3 years ago

Pick a blank piece of paper and start writing. Hold on! That is definitely not how you write a brand concept. Before you begin, the necessary homework is vital to build a strong and compelling story.

So lets first understand,

What is a brand concept?
The abstract behind a brand, its meaning, the thought that should occur to peoples mind when they think about your brand, can all be precisely defined as a brand concept.

All the homework that needs to be done and the steps that need to be taken to develop a strong brand concept are laid right here:

Understand your Positioning Statement
What makes a strong brand? “brand positioning” and most of the inputs while writing a good concept, comes from a positioning statement. So you need to understand whom are you talking to and what are you selling. Brand positioning statements act as a great tool for you to firstly know everything about your brand and then pick the exact target group you have to serve and the brand promise you need to vouch for.

Touch the real consumer insight
A concept may not always directly connect with the target group. But it can definitely touch a major part of their life i.e some problem that needs to be addressed. This can be derived from nothing but a consumer insight. See below the surface! Insights are not the data but a truth about a customer. Once you get that right a brand concept can certainly lead off with a customers enemy.

Benefit to the insight
What is the promise you want to make to the customer? Once you've touched the customer insights, you need to lay down the benefits that your brand will successfully provide. The benefit statement needs to be in tangent with each other. Does the benefit answer the insight? Is it the best form of articulation? If no, then you need to change the former or latter. The link between the two needs to be completely logical.

Reasons to believe
Yes you've promised a lot of things but why should a customer believe you? State the Reasons to Believe (RTBs). RTBs are the proof to the customers that they will actually receive what you've assured.

They can be put down in the following way:

  • Features of the product, that could include any new technology.
  • Facts about the product.
  • The manufacturing process.
  • Its history or any credible story about it.
  • The reputation already created in the market.
  • Testimonials from endorsers etc.
  • Just make sure your RTB is strong, in line and impactful.

Make it brief
Too many brand leaders write large concepts that include everything. There’s no value in getting a concept to pass a test and then being unable to execute it because of its size. Narrow down your content, just touch one benefit and 2 RTBs. Cut the words used, ask people around you to read the concept and see if they comprehend the main aspect. Continue editing till the main point is loud and clear.

The perfect brand concept can act as the right brand building strategy and an efficient branding agency can help you get through it. It can help you simplify the toughest parts and take you to greater heights. Do consider visiting PostBox Communications, a leading branding agency in Mumbai!


Rakesh Shah

3 years ago

The major shift from print media to the digital media is already visible. Today when a customer needs a business or a brand, he always looks for them on the internet and lands onto the website. Undoubtedly a website is your virtual home, the first point of contact for anyone who wants to get in touch with you. So knowing this, the effort here is to make the best first impression. This comes with adopting the predicted web development trends for 2018, in order to break the clutter and stay ahead. Also, the need to have an exceptional and congenial site is what keeps customers on your page.

A quality website can be designed in two ways

  • Do it Yourself
  • Hire a website design company

The first option is only recommendable if you are an expert in the field of UI and UX. Otherwise, you must opt for a proficient website design company.

Here are a list of reasons why you should do so?

Visual elements:
A customers experience when he visits your site, the colours, graphics, load time etc, acts as a deciding factor whether it will be accessed again. Visitors do not wish to spend long hours searching something on your website. Nor do they want to be flooded with long monotonous texts. A professional developer will ensure all the elements are arranged rightly, the color scheme, text and navigation etc are designed to make a site user-friendly.

Appropriate indexing settings:
Whenever you begin creating a website for your business, the first thing you probably want is to have people find it. And, of course, one of the ways you hope they will find it is through search. A web development company works to optimize your site in compliance with a search engines algorithms. If your site is found by them, only then will it be visible to other users.

Digital marketing services:
Websites must have continual maintenance to keep them updated and relevant to their niche. Technology is continually changing, and for websites to remain popular and successful, they must remain up-to-date with these trends. Digital marketing services which consists of content, graphics, blogs etc will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your website. When using a professional web design service, you benefit from their services to keep your site updated and fresh.

Customized solutions:
A website designer and developer will personalize his services as per your demand. He will evaluate your business and products, and work with you towards your goal for the website. Do you want to increase online sales? Or you need Walk-in sales? Is your site for informational purposes only? Once these and other questions are answered, your site will be designed to meet those specific needs successfully.

After reading about the importance of being a website designer, if you are on a hunt for one, PostBox Communications is here! We are home to a bunch of talented employees PHP website developers, UI & UX developrs etc. Our services are a promise of satisfaction. Visit us to know more!


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3 years ago

Marketing mistakes are reckless, they cost us a lot. As we begin afresh for 2018, lets make sure our brands are not hampered by any marketing blunders that we must have repeated time and again in 2017.

  1. Test your advertisement on multiple devices: It has been found that 51.3% of all the website visits came from mobile devices. In 2017, about 54% of e-mails were accessed on the phone. Today's customer receives information from several sources, mobiles, laptops, tablets, computers etc. So when you test your creative, check its potential on each device. Do not assume that you will gain the same results from all of them. It may turn out to be that big blunder, you need to avoid.
  2. Spending just a little time to craft your marketing message: This is the single-biggest mistake marketers make and yet continue to make. Simply not paying enough attention to writing the message before you push it out to an audience, can benefit you in no way. If you've not thought through your communication, it won't do the intended work. Whether you're writing a blog post, composing an email, posting a Facebook update or creating a pop up, every word you write should convey your message clearly and convincingly. The marketing platform does matter but the message too plays a crucial role.
  3. Hiring the right digital consultant: The effectiveness of your marketing efforts is totally dependent on the talent and potential of your digital consultant i.e the marketing team you hire. We live in a fast-changing and uncertain environment. Your marketing team needs to cope up to these demands. It should consists of smart, witty, analytical and creative minds. They need to make only those moves that work in favour of your brand. 2018 is the year to trade up. Hire superstars. That's what it takes to win.
  4. Creating content that enhances SEO: This begins with not just pushing your content but creating quality content that is SEO friendly and increases the visibility of your site. It has always been, search engine now then and forever, follow this rule and pick search engine marketing services, that work well for your brand. Let your customers find meaning in your content. Also, spread your content across several platforms, LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc get your content in front of customers, wherever they are. Using social media as a publishing outlet is the ideal way to do so.
  5. Not moving from personalization to individualization: Everyone is talking about personalization and everyone is doing it. But are you just inserting your customers name at the start of your message? Well, if that's the case you have to dig deeper! Learn insights about your audience and strategize as per each ones needs. It shouldn't be mass marketing but thorough, one-on-one marketing.

Avoid any faults in your marketing strategies to give rise to the best leads. You have studied the tips make sure you execute them.

PostBox Communications, is a smart PPC company in Mumbai, providing range of services from PPC advertising services to e-mail marketing and everything else. We are here to help you avoid all the marketing mistakes.


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3 years ago

Back in late 2015, Google announced an interesting approach to app development, that they speculated, would lead to a major shift in the usage from the limited functionality and platform-based design that was prevalent in the industry. This new method was fittingly referred to as a “progressive web app“, or PWA.

The concept was a combined effect of the very best qualities of the web with native apps.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are capable of accelerating transaction processing for mobile shoppers, site searches, and service delivery to levels that consistently outperform even the most responsive legacy sites. They have already shown progress for several brands that have their PWAs live.

So lets have a look at a few reasons why, you should consider progressive web application development:

App cum website: The foremost benefit of a PWA is the basic that makes it. Application+Website. They are designed like mobile applications and yet have the full functionality of websites with dynamic data and database access. What sets them apart from native apps is that you can get an access to them via portals and which are indexed by search engines and can be found right there. The entire mode of access changes and this brings about a major change in the user experience.

Direct download: No developer is bound to follow the Android and iOS rules when it comes to Progressive Web Apps. This is because users are not routed to any playstore, since these apps are simply hosted on a web server. The app directly needs to be downloaded onto the device. They have their own icon on the screen once the download is complete. A shorter process for these apps enhances it download, as users have less chances to leave.

Offline option available: Mobile applications are self-contained and can be browsed through when there is no internet connection. Websites on the other hand, are absolutely limited to be displayed properly. They do not have the offline mode available. With the offline option handy for PWAs the frequency of users coming online increases. So you have a higher engagement rate.

Gadget friendly: Progressive web apps work across all devices. They also offer the same user experience regardless of the device they are being used on. You could use a PWA on your mobile, then switch to your tablet and there won't be any difference between each experience. Not only does this make a PWA simpler and user-friendly, but it also improves the brand image and identity on a whole. The success of brands that have already embraced PWAs is blooming by the day!

Flipkart: India's biggest eCommerce site moved to Progressive Web App technology as a way of enhancing the mobile SEO and visitor engagement, and it worked well. The story is such, compared to the previous mobile experience, the time spent on the site has tripled. It has generated a 40% higher re-engagement rate among the first-time visitors. The "Add to Homescreen" icon has generated a 70% higher conversion rate.

Ola: This cab service provider, offers a PWA which is as much as 300 times smaller than the Android application and 500 times smaller than the iOS application. Several visits to the site consume just about 10KB. All these features have increased the usage of the site. Interesting developments that promise benefits are here! Lets take that leap of faith.

Intelligent, isn't it? How AI is seeping virtually into every technology out there. 

From the sarcasm that Siri brings to self driven Tesla cars, AI is revolutionizing industries each day. And now it begins to embrace digital marketing, the one field that is dynamic within itself. 

The success of the AI in several sectors has made marketers believe that it will work for them as well. At the moment, AI is just a seed sown in the ground and the coming year is going to witness its growth. So lets see the specific growth areas of this technology in the the digital realm.

Enhanced User Experience: This can be divided into 3 parts, 
1. Personalized content
2. Augmented reality
3. Chatbots

With the help of AI, insights about customer preferences can be obtained, this in turn helps marketers know their audience and craft content as per their demand. What stands out is that it can be done for every single person! Yes, you read that right.

Augmented reality another technology of AI can be leveraged to provide consumers the facility to touch, see and feel the product before the actual purchase. This simplifies the decision making process for customers as they are able to perceive the product before they buy it. Well, it proves to be successful enough to stimulate a quicker response from the customer and in turn increase the revenue.

Chatbot is another digital innovation of AI to enhance digital transformation. They are programmed to interact with customers on the basis of data received. These traditional chatboxes in time, will soon turn into a multi-facet communication system that sustains sensory abilities such as voice and touch. Users then receive the impression as if they are talking to a real person with consciousness. 

Predicted Marketing:
Browsing the internet, users give away a lot of information. This entire process is analyzed to generate useful data. From a users needs, wants, likes, dislikes, everything is revealed. Based on this information, marketing can be optimized to provide relevant advertisements. It also lets out personal details about the prospect which gives marketers a direction to produce “Predictive Campaigns” that fulfill the intended objectives. 
This further reduces the sales-cycle as well as the advertising process as relevant information is handed over to customers on a silver plate. 

Image Recognition: 
With the latest digital innovations, it is possible to get a detailed description of any image. Previously, image recognition was restricted to inanimate objects, but today this technology can comprehend every emotion on the picture. 

It also provides comfort in various sectors. For the BFSI sector, AI-enabled image recognition can be utilized for faster payment processes and to guarantee customer security. 

There is another method that enriches this technology. Social media is a huge source of images. This sizeable amount of images can be analyzed and compared to a large image library to draw conclusions. For example, an accessories manufacturer can map their brand against the huge collection of photos on social media and understand the buyer demographics such as the age, gender etc, and also geographical factors such as where do people wear it and so on. 

The emergence of AI and its associated technologies, is a win-win for customers as well as marketers. Customers get a better understanding of a product and marketers receive a better understanding of the consumers, which lets brands alter their offerings as per demand. 

A strong and trustworthy relationship between brands and customers, better sales and ‘predictive’ buying and selling are definite outcomes of this dynamism. With all of this, it will be interesting to see which digital marketing strategies are in place for 2018.


Rakesh Shah

3 years ago

While the digital revolution has an ever increasing impact on all industries, the BFSI sector is in transition to witness some major changes in its entire system. New digital habits, behaviours and customer expectations have made it mandatory for financial institutions to adapt to digital transformation.

These digitized transformations are now expected to grow more than double in size over the next five years. Investment may climb to over 31 billion as more businesses bring digital technology into their workplace and customer experiences.

The mega trends and shifts in this industry are here!

Blockchain Method of Transactions:
The current systems that facilitate the total volume of global transactions and payments are inefficient, outdated, and incapable of gratifying worldwide demand. With major competition coming in, the efforts will be to address these needs with greater efficiencies and provide improved consumer experience. The future prospects are that traditional firms may lose control as the impact of digital technology keeps escalating.

It is predicted that blockchain innovations will be the most transformative change in the payments system for the next ten years. All payment volumes will grow drastically by 2025, stirred by Internet of Things (IoT), digital payments and direct corporate payments. These changes to payment infrastructure can facilitate increased volume, while decreasing the fee margins and the reduced need for intermediaries, can reduce costs, while increasing access around the world.

Cloud Trend:
Cloud technologies will be a leader in the market trends. They will prosper and continue to grow each year to 2022. As companies adopt technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, they're realising the need to resort to constantly online data centres. Transformation strategies serve to be enterprise solutions at several industries, with the healthcare, telecoms, automotive and retail sectors already set to rapidly grow into the next decade.

The BFSI sector is more likely to use digital tech because it is already a close fit for new trends. BFSI companies also have flexibility when selecting new technologies, with several forms of emerging trends suitable for usage. AI and big data both have direct applications to the financial services, whereas other industries yet have to develop tailored solutions.

Digital Services:
Over the last few years, banks have experienced the least growth in brand value. As digitization continues to empower other industries, consumers will expect banking experiences to replicate it. With significantly fewer visits to a local branch office or even lesser conversations over the phone to a customer service representative, conveying a consistent brand experience will be more challenging. Developing personalized services over the internet and providing real time solutions will work well. With custom enterprise app development, net banking solutions and prompt online services everything can be fixed rightly. One application that is doing quite well online is Activ health, this application being developed by PostBox Communications, has a friendly approach towards its users. It offers a digitized ecosystem to track health and fitness activities.



















Security Threats:
Though the demand interest for digital is on a rise, the transition from traditional to digital, won't go smoothly for all firms. Cybersecurity poses to be as one of the biggest growth inhibitors for digital transformation. Rolling out new technologies while ensuring they're responsibly managed will present new challenges to firms using digital tech for the first time. As more complex networks are introduced, the importance of robust protection will rise.

With the growing number of IoT enabled systems, the number of security and privacy problems will also increase, and every endpoint, gateway, sensor, desktop and smartphone will become a potential target for hackers.

Keeping the pros and cons in mind, financial companies should now take the necessary measures to digitize their presence, solutions and services. A competent digital transformation consultant will do it for you, you have to find the right one.


Rakesh Shah

3 years ago

What is your way to a successful brand? Its the idea behind it.

A brand needs to stand for something fundamental, say a principle or a moral, that completely defines its essence. This foundational character that describes you, is called brand positioning, and without it a brand can have no traction. Distinct brand positioning is the hallmark of every prosperous marketing strategy. It is the act of creating a space for yourself in the market and the minds of your customers.

A positioning strategy can be used as a medium, to tell your customers what your brand wants to achieve for them and what they mean to you. The market is cluttered. So making space for yourself does not come easy!

Here are three things, you must keep in mind before you begin executing your brand building strategies.

Be Unique: Being different is often seen as a beautiful trait. There are several brands out there, that await your failure. On the race to be the best, one chance given to them can knock you down. Ask yourself this question.

How long would it take my competitors to duplicate my offering? Umm maybe long, maybe not, it all depends upon your USP. So in your product composition and in your communication, make sure there are elements that stand out. What is that? Traits that make people recognize you and recall your brand.

Be Relevant: Well your brand maybe interesting enough, but does it attract customers? Do people really need your product? Are they willing to buy your services? Before you jump into the pool, take some while and find out whether your target group would genuinely invest in your product. If they find you relevant enough, Whoopie! Go ahead and narrate your story.

Be Trustworthy: Let your brand preach quality and practice it each day, because that is how you will win hearts of your customers. Providing value at every point will be the reason any one will come to you and choose you over another. The idea is that if you've made a promise you have to fulfill it and not just that, you have to move beyond your customers expectations.

These were the key factors that will uphold your brand. Keep them in mind and create a Brand Positioning Statement for yourself. Everything that you believe you are, should be succinctly conveyed through the positioning statement. Whatever you do, all that you provide and the values that drive you, they need to be clear, crisp and precise. Learn the art of crafting your essence in words and you will soon find out that people do recognize your potential. A disciplined and creative branding agency will help you through this strenuous process. Find the one that suits your needs right.

With the ever changing scenario for SEO, it gets difficult for any website to stand firm abiding by all the rules and trends the industry has set.

We've already updated you with the steps for successful SEO for the present year, so now let's take a look into the crystal ball and find out what should your tactics include, in order to stay ahead of the curve for the coming year.

Direct access to your website: Unusual right? Well, yes, but direct traffic will now be a fundamental factor that will define your websites organic rankings. When a user directly opens your site without any intermediary, for example, any external article or through the SERPs, it shows that they recognize you and think about you. This in turn, helps the search engine understand how popular and relevant you are. If a user is close to your brand, there is nothing that can stop them from typing your link directly. So focus on brand building and digital marketing strategies, to let people build a strong connection with your brand.

Ever increasing voice queries: The way SEO is done needs to be changed, because of the way users interact with their voice assistants. Today, it is quite popular to have a casual conversation with it. Now when people communicate with their voice assistants, they do not utilize keywords, but instead ask general questions anyone would. Predictions are that 55% of all searches will be by voice search in 2020. So brace yourself for the future, your brand needs to be voice ready.


















The mobile-first approach: Nowadays, the usage of mobile has become an integral part of people's lives. It's certain that 2018, will make brands consider their mobile first approach as a part of their digital marketing strategies, rather than just putting it as an afterthought, especially after google has announced its mobile-first index.

Load time is also a prominent factor that affects a websites user experience, it also plays a vital role in affecting a page's position on the SERP's. BrightEdge research, lately helped us with some significant statistics. They found that there is a huge difference between the way keywords are ranked on mobile SERPs and desktop SERPs. With a total of 47 percent of keywords in position 1-20 and 79 percent of keywords overall, all deploying major discrepancies. This data certainly, has a significant impact on your SEO conversion goals.
















Keywords play a secondary role: Website optimization now goes beyond the use of keywords. Google is constantly evolving, and is trying its best to focus on certain factors to return the results a user seeks. It says, you've focused enough on keyword strategies for ages, its time you analyze a user’s intention behind each query and create content that would satisfy their wants comprehensively.

Link building gets challenging: Several SEOs claim that link building is old and a non prevalent tactic, but that's not the truth. Link building is alive, but it keeps getting challenging as the days pass by. There is no room for grey-hat or spammy tactics. You got to grow your links naturally, by providing healthy and beneficial content to your target group.

With these tips at hand, you have to mould, as well as adapt to new techniques, in compliance with the demands of search engines. Do so, with the SEO agency, that utilizes the needed digital marketing strategies to make you gain visibility.

Customers are the drivers for any business. And hence it is important to understand what are they looking for, in order to, gratify their needs. Now rather than just knocking sales pitches to your target group, it is advisable that you take some time to have a dialogue and engage with them. This will help you comprehend their needs and successfully provide, improvised services each day.

Engagement is vital. But which is the platform that will help you get thorough insights about your customers perception?

The world has evolved and use of internet has surged with this evolution. People are constantly online, looking for solutions, on social media and several other websites. The internet is now your platform to draw customers closer to your brand. So amongst your list of creative services, make sure you inculcate these strategies, to stay relevant and serviceable.

Social Listening To Act Right: Now before you move out and launch a brand or work on your existing brand. It is necessary to know, what users already think about a particular product or service. Social Listening is the process of examining digital conversations, to apprehend what customers are talking about a particular industry or product category. Several creative digital agencies, begin their marketing plan with social listening. This helps them know what is happening and what do customers expect. You can then act rightly, and mould your brand in compliance with customer demands.

Keep The Conversation Going: This means you should be in constant dialogue with your customers. The task certainly, ain't easy! Customers these days have high demands and all the difficulties they face with your brand, calls for thorough care and attention. It involves being innovative and addressing their grievances. Talk to them, let them know you are there. Also build a community, it is essential to communicate with them, but they also need to talk amongst themselves. This leads to increased online conversations. And what's your goal? Keep the conversation going.

Let Your Nuances Depict Your Personality: Focusing on your online copy is inevitable. Afterall, thats how you persuade users to convert. Now while you be all creative through your advertisements, try your best to extend your creative services to your website. When a brand is creative at unexpected places, it helps enhance a memorable and amiable image. One brand that does this is, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, which typically utilizes a user friendly approach throughout its website.

The entire site is a creative composition, from the navigation bar at the top to the chatbot at the end of every page So keep it appealing, because this is how customers will recall your brand, and look forward to revisiting it over and over again.

Hold A Contest: This is certainly something you are aware about but might have not indulged in. Contests call for participation. People share your posts, comment on them and like them. It aids brand recognition and recall. Craft an interesting competition. Create the hype, and you receive an audience who are keen to win prizes. Also make sure your rewards are captivating to keep them drooling!

Ultra Personalized Content: Todays technology has allowed brands to provide customers their favourite stuff at every nook and corner. Viewing something generic won't excite anyone. Certainly, that's something we all see everywhere. But customizing your creative services to the next level is something any customer would cherish. Brands need to put in effort to know their customers, their likes, dislikes, choices etc. Maintain a relationship with your customers and offer them things they adore.

A well-known example for this is, Nike. It traditionally relied on media advertising to promote its concept of “bringing out the athlete in you.” Lately we've seen a change in its communication strategy. Keeping aside the single ad campaign for sneakers, Nike now advertises by giving customers workout advice and helping them build online communities around the theme of fitness. Nike +, a website meant to make it easy to track one’s fitness progress, is part of this new effort. This is a major it shift from general advertising to personalized customer services, brands need to learn from.

Engaging customers with your brand is a challenge. The competition has begun and several brands are already getting out of their comfort zones to prove themselves. With these tips in hand, we hope you work wisely for the well being of your brand. Get started, you own the power to change the face of your brand.

Talking about the pace at which the internet is evolving is redundant and repetitive. Brands are already mindful, that trends today change faster than they can be implemented.

A similar scenario is applicable to all the web transformations as well.

The year 2017, is coming to an end, and as we walk into a brand new year, brands need to make note of, what web development trends does 2018 call for? A checklist for all brands. This will help them stay neat, updated and live upto, increasing customer expectations.

So here is the progress web developers need to prepare themselves for :

One Page Websites: Long monotonous texts, complex navigation and too many options on a website are certain aspects that put any customer off. Single page websites help you align your text and images on one page, so your users have to just scroll through it. Though this type of website won't fit the needs of ecommerce sites and blogs, business pages can definitely benefit from it. One page sites have proved to be user-friendly and preferable for mobile usage. They also cut down the cost with affordable design, development and hosting.

One pagers are exceptional within themselves! Hence, one page apps too will gain recognition in 2018. So all the app UI designers and web UI developers, need to pull up their socks and work on some innovative ideas, for the coming year.

Progressive Web Applications: 2015 saw the birth of progressive web applications, and in 2018 these apps will be a major competition to all native mobile apps.

So what are progressive web apps?

“Progressive Web Applications are websites that provide app-like user experience.”

They can be saved offline and are known for delivering remarkable experience. If used frequently the shortcut to the website can also be saved on the homescreen. Their ability to work without internet connection is one of their unique features. Flipkart, the ecommerce giant, has received a 70% hike in their conversions and have found users spending triple the time they usually spent on their site, after the launch of the PWA version of the site. So the results are already visible. PWA's are the next big thing! and all the app UI designers and web UI developers need to work hard to deliver the best.

Flash HTML: It was the time when YouTube defaulted to HTML5, that the death of Flash became quite evident. The world is turning mobile, and Flash is totally incompatible for mobile usage. This is where the problem lies. If you yet utilize Flash on your website, 2017 is the final call for you to change this. The best alternative is the well-known HTML5.

Angular 2 & 4: JavaScript is a leading programming language for applications. Availability of a number of JS based technologies and the development of few, will strengthen its position in the near future. Now there was Angular 2, which released in 2016, and Angular 4, which released in 2017. Angular 2 has totally revamped the face of Angular JS Framework. It is faster, handy and pursues, the mobile first approach. Angular 4 on the other hand is not a complete rewrite of the second version but is quicker and consumes less space. With the coming of these two versions, its time for web developers to update their skills and let their apps and websites offer quality and value.

Motion UI: Crazy GIFs and flashing ads, that’s what several websites are made up of these days. This is why moderate or simplistic designs are now being, highly appreciated by customers. Now amidst this evolution, sophisticated motion UI is gaining popularity. With Motion UI, you can add life to your minimalistic website. Animations enable you to distinguish your website from thousands of others with static UI. Utilizing page header transitions, nice hovers, animated charts, background animations and modular scrolling are some of the ways to do so. So the app, web and mobile UI designers need to equip themselves with some latest motion UI.

Your website is your virtual home, and it is visited, by a large number of people every day. Hence it is vital, that it is presentable, personalized and attracts users.

The updates are already here!

What are waiting for? Get started, let your website be a pretty one!

Are you looking for designers to revamp your site or create a new one ? Contact us, we are known for custom web application development & customized website development. We will help you, get through it.