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2 years ago

Website signifies the online presence of your business. Hence your company website should look credible to your potential visitors. Here are 10 guidelines for building the credibility of a Website.

Ensure Accuracy

Accuracy makes your website more desired by the visitors. You can ensure the accuracy by providing the links of references and comments on your site. This shows your confidence on your website content. You can give the link of the source material, even if people wont follow the link, you have shown accuracy of your content.

Be Authentic

Nothing annoys more a visitor than a false organization. Showing a legitimate organization makes the website look more credible. You can list the address and images of your company so that your visitor can ensure the authenticity of your enterprise.

Show Expertise

Always highlight the expertise in your organization. Emphasize your proficiency in your content and services. Be sure to give details about your team and services. Don’t link to sites which aren’t credible, this diminishes your website credibility.

Build Trust

First you show your corporation authenticity then show your visitors that you have a back up of many trusting clients. People believe what they see, make sure you include every comment of your trust worthy clients in you website content.

Easy Accessibility

Make sure your visitors can easily contact you. Provide enough information like address, phone number, mailing address etc in your website. This makes your website look easily approachable. This is a simple way to boost your website credibility

Be Professional

Often people evaluate a site by its visual design alone. So make sure your website looks professional. While designing pay attention to layout, images, accuracy of content etc.

Be User friendly and Useful

Your website should provide enough information about your product and services. It should be useful for your visitor. But, it should also be easy to use for your visitor. Some sites make it difficult for the visitors to understand the technology of the website. Make sure you provide information with ease of use.

Update your Site

Keep updating your content. This shows that your site has been updated regularly. Visitors find it credible when they find the website been reviewed recently.

Avoid Advertising Content

Try to avoid too many advertisements or promotional content in your website. Flash ads might annoy your visitor. If your content has many sponsored text then make sure your content is clearly distinguishable.

Be Infallible

Avoid every trifle error in your website. Typographic errors and broken links irritate your visitors hurting the credibility of your website.


Ashish Gandhi

2 years ago

Website gives you a world wide presence. Web Surfers all around the globe can visit your website. If you have a website written in UK or International English, you might have different English than that of USA. There are certain words in English which are spelt or spelled differently in US, UK, Australia and various other countries in the world. Words like humor, license and generalize can be right in UK form of English but will be wrong for US. Hence English spellings differ from country to country. You might receive emails from visitors about spelling errors, which they found incorrect in your website. Again this depends on the spoken English of your visitor.
Website, where surfers search your site through the content, should have least spelling errors, if it wants to be listed in top search engines. Again this search depends on the knowledge and language skill of the searcher. People search for particular words in search engines; if you use a single variety of word then you might miss that visitor. Even single meaning words if misspelled can’t give the desired search engine results. For example if you search for a word “generalized humor”, would you search for both “generalized humor” and “generalized humor”? Most people use simple search terms, when they know there are variant spellings.
But there are few terms which people spell wrongly, and search engines then give them result according to the search word. Though search engine like Google suggest the correct word at the top of the page but some pages are still displayed as per the wrong word. Hence, if there are sites which have those misspelled words then they will be listed and you might lose your potential visitor. This article will give you an idea of using words in your content so that there will be least chance of missing visitors.

Keyword Tag

Earlier, most of the HTML sites used to have all the possible spellings of their keywords in their Meta tag. In HTML coding they put all words so that the search engine will show them for every search word. This can be a fruitful technique, where you can include all search terms without hurting your content. But, few search engines like Google and Alta Vista no longer bother to index the Meta tags any more, so this technique might be useless for big search engines

Embedded Text

Now that the keyword tags are no more in use, you can use embedded text in your content. Sounds confusing? It’s too simple. All you need to be a little creative and intelligent to use all the possible keywords in your text. You can use the misspellings cunningly in your content. People might use different words in their search and you need to include these words in your content. For maximum advantage, be aware of the keywords and those crucial words which you feel can drive traffic to your website.

Image ALT Tag

Another simple way of using all the possible spellings of a single word is to use them in image ALT tags. Experienced webmasters put a tag of the keywords on images. This is quite cunning approach in listing your website in search engines, but many search engines do show sites as per the image ALT Tags.


Ashish Gandhi

2 years ago

I still wonder why it’s said that ‘content is the king’. How a single parameter can decide whole website. If I am planning a website, how can only content be the deciding factor? Though I agree content plays a vital role but presentation is equally essential for a successful website. If content is the soul of the website then unquestionably presentation is the body.

Single Parameter

It is difficult to decide which parameter is most important in website designing. This as any other designing format demands creativity, innovation and diligence. Both content and presentation are like diameters of a circle, where you can’t say which one is larger. If you prepare a good content without an appealing presentation and vice versa then both are useless.

What appeals, sells

When did u last visit a website which was appealing? Can you recall the elements which according to you caught your attention? May be you liked a site with many applets and Java scripts installed in it or may be you have read a good content, so you felt good about the site. It is very simple, through a general mind analysis; you can easily judge the taste of your target audience. Gone are the days when visitors used to search websites through newspapers or advertisements. Now the audience is so techno savvy that you need to tell them about your presence. For this you need to be competent, attractive and lucidly interactive. You can have regular visitors if you update your site regularly as per their needs.

The Content Saga

Content makes your website communicative, because it’s only text which explains information about your product or services. You can’t compromise with your content. It should be lucid and very brief. Netizens won’t spend too much time reading your website but they will at least try to read few paragraphs. These are the text which can hold or deter your visitors. Content involves every single alphabet featured in your website. It depends on how well you have mentioned the points, how you have synchronized the gist of the information to aptly suit your visitors need.
You can constantly update your content. Regular updating makes your site look fresh and attractive. Unlike earlier when content was just to fill the website, now content can decide the rank of your website on major search engines. You can easily update your content, if you know about HTML otherwise you can leave this to your webmaster. You can give your content to the webmaster and they can place it in your site. But content is just the inside of the website, you should have that zing in your site which can attract visitors. And this is where presentation is required.

Design your Presence

Presentation adorns your content. It is the garnishing for your website. Remember those Italian salads with glossy garnishing which many a times compelled you to have those veggies. Same with websites also, if you prepare a good presentable website, visitors are bound to come back to you. Eye catchy websites can easily fetch traffic, though it may be temporary but if your site has good content then the visitor will definitely visit your site regularly.
A good presentation involves use of applets and graphics. But the use should be moderate and as per the use of the visitors. Graphics should not be added just to adorn the website it should compliment the website. Heavy graphics can work as a deterrent for your website. Your visitor will not hang around long if your site takes long time to load. Graphics should use good sober colors with ease of navigation. These are the major considerations while designing a presentable website. Try to use small files or images, which take less time to download. Small graphics load up faster than large graphics. Your website should be easily accessible and should open without taking much time. This can only enhance your presentation idea and visitors may admiringly return to you because of this user friendliness.
Concluding this content and presentation war, one thing is certain, only good content or good presentation alone can’t give you fruitful results, you need have a well balance between both. A quality presentation with well written content can help you to gain good traffic.


Ashish Gandhi

2 years ago

Content is the soul of the website. If you want to establish an e-commerce then you need to have visitors in your website. Users will read your website when they find it informative and important. There are many strategies which you should follow before writing your content. Following are few tips which can make your website readable and more desirable.

Be informative and fresh

Today is the age of information. If you have more information then you are more desirable. Even success is now directly proportional to information. If your content is informative then you are likely to get more hits. Visitors look for informative content and search engines follow the visitors. Hence your content should provide information to your users. But, no one likes stale information. Even if your website is informative but if it’s not updated then it’s of no use. Keep updating fresh content in your website. Both users and search engines love fresh content. This makes your website more readable and desirable by the users.

Have relevant content

If your website is of gadgets and you talk about groceries then it makes your website irrelevant. Only information is not essential but pertinent information is more sought-after by the users. Write all the relevant content in your website. Include articles, news stories, services, products and every testimonial in your website. It should look authentic and relevant to the users and search engines.

Be concise

Don’t write a whole thesis in your website, unless you are a research based educational website. Be concise while writing the content. Web users won’t hang up to read your content. You need to cut them short for your users. Remember your user might be working and can’t spend much time reading your saga.

Place conclusions first

There is an inverted pyramid rule for writing. Where you place your main points first and later on elaborate those points. It’s same with website content also. Place your conclusions first in your content then gradually expand it.

Show urgency in your words

Your content should speak action words. If you have a shopping site then your content should compel your visitors to buy your product. Hence make your writing action oriented. It is better if you can allure your visitors and entice them to buy your product or services.

Have a flow in writing

Don’t write because you need to fill the space. Let your writing be expressive and spontaneous. Write the content in a flow, so that your readers won’t find it difficult to decipher.

Use Tabs

Tabs are easy to understand. When you make a point wise list of the products or services, your visitors fell easy to grasp the points. Tabs are better than lengthy content. Your users can recall your service easily with tabbed text.

Avoid gorging

Don’t gorge your content with keywords. It’s important to accommodate few important keywords in your content but don’t make it look like a over stuffed sentences

KISS – Keep It Short and Simple

Make it a thumb rule or better a kiss rule (if you feel it easy to remember) to make your content short and simple. Be natural while writing your content. Your content should be like a conversation between you and your user.

Include Sub-headings

Have sub headings in your content. Sub- headings make your content easy to scan and understand. Even if your users can’t spend time to read your content, they can at least scan your sub headings and read the desired page.

Include Links

Add links in your website. You can have hyper links which will link your users to other related terms or articles. Links play a vital role in search engine optimization. And if your website content has links then it makes users and search engines easy to follow your website.

Proofread your content

Always check your content as many times as you can. There shouldn’t be a single typographic error in your website. Errors make your website less readable and depreciate the credibility of your website.


Ashish Gandhi

2 years ago

Why Content?

Content is an imperative part of your website. All the search engine players love to experiment with their content as it can attract the search engines faster than any other element of the website. Your website is searched by the keywords and your content can accommodate your keywords. Fresh content attracts search engines and visitors. Content provides the right food for your visitors and search engines.

Where can I get good content?

Almost all of us enjoy writing. Writing is not something which requires some additional skill. If you have knowledge about a particular field then you can start writing your own content. But, if you don’t feel the same then Internet provides you numerous options to get good content. You can try to find content from the following to fill your website.

Fresh Content

If your website is of gadgets and you talk about groceries then it makes your website irrelevant. Only information is not essential but pertinent information is more sought-after by the users. Write all the relevant content in your website. Include articles, news stories, services, products and every testimonial in your website. It should look authentic and relevant to the users and search engines.


You can also opt for freelancers for your content. Contact some professional writers who can do justice to your website. Here the buzz word is ‘professional’. Don’t make your website a research project or an essay page. Make sure your freelancer provides you brief and lucid content.

Generate FAQ

It’s an interesting form of generating content. Prepare some general FAQs (Frequently Asked Question) with there answers and put them in your website asking your visitors to write comment. You can also ask your visitors to write information regarding the FAQs. By this you can get some informative yet free content.

Online Forum

There are umpteen forums, based on different subjects, in Internet. Try to create your own forum so that you can get content from your participants. This is the smartest way to generate traffic also. Forums provide your visitors a virtual platform to interact.


Blogs are the best way to generate content for your website. Generate a business blog for your website and place some content in your business blog. More visitors you record more content you get. Blogs help you generate fresh ideas for your enterprise.

Message Boards

Major search engines also provide message boards. If you have good traffic then message board can be a prolific idea for you. Your visitors can comment, question on your website which can be viewed publicly.

Chat Rooms

Though chat rooms are a rich source of content but it requires a lot of traffic. You need to have numerous visitors to have a chat room that works. But, if you record a good traffic then opt for a chat room as it can definitely get you good content.

How much content do I need?

You certainly don’t need hundreds of pages of content. Have brief content about your products or services. As content is your prime source to lure visitors, so have informative content in your website. Here nothing but quality matters. Your four informative lines can entice more visitors than a dull paragraph. In content writing, everything depends on your visitors and how well you know them. Hence, decide the weight of your content according to the taste of your visitors.


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2 years ago

Website is your single tool to expand your e-commerce. May companies tend to do few common mistakes while building an e-commerce. As you want to grow your business, your website should be well made to take your business one step ahead. It’s very important to be careful while designing and promoting your website. Your website is the foundation of your business, so you should not take chances while crafting it. You might read lot of books before starting your business and may be you do a lot of research for the same, but what matters is the result. If your website records visitors and is paying you well then every strategy you have carried is good, but if you lack business then straight away change your strategy.

Site development

You can develop your site yourself only when you have little programming knowledge. You don’t need to be an expert in programming but should possess an in hand knowledge about your website development.

Professional developers

It’s the best way to develop your website. You can hire a website developer whose soul work is to develop your website. In this way you can make several changes to upgradation to your website.

Site Development Company

It’s another way of developing your website, only if you are willing to invest more money. Hiring a site development company can cost you a little more than a professional but it’s a good option for an infallible site development.

Web Promotion

If your website is well made but still record fewer visitors then it might need a good web promotion. Advertising and promotion are two integral parts of your business. In this web fraternity where there are millions of websites and everyday thousands of websites are added, you need to mark your presence among Netizens. Hence, you need to develop a strong promotional strategy for your e-commerce website.


E-commerce as any other business needs focus and right approach. You need to decide your target audience and your area where you need to expand your business. Don’t deviate from your aim. If you have a certain category of products then focus only those who can be your potential customers. Don’t try to sell everything to everybody; this can hurt the credibility of your business.


Content is an imperative part of any website. Your text can provide enough information to pursue your visitors to become customers. Content should be crisp and attractive. Your customers can get enough information about your products and services from your content. Hence, content should be written carefully.

Don’t annoy your visitor

Always remember this golden rule of business – ‘customer first, in any circumstance’. If you will work for your customers benefit they will help you acquire many more. Try to provide enough info to your visitors. If you do something good your customer will tell that to 6 but if you do anything bad, it will be told to 600. So, never annoy your customers with unnecessary information and data.


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2 years ago

A good business needs expenditure, hard work and lot of patience. This is same with E-commerce, which demands money, time and diligence. For e-commerce you need to have an appealing website which should pay you later. There are various steps involved in establishing a successful e – commerce. In this article you can find few important points for a successful e-commerce. You might find these topics naïve and simple, but these are the spine of the e -commerce you want to establish.

Domain Registration

Domain name registration is the first step in launching an e-commerce venture. Domain name is the name of your business. This is which gives you recognition among your customers. This name should be chosen carefully as it should be attractive and appeal to your target audience. Try to reserve a domain name as soon as possible. You might lose your relevant keyword for your domain name. Include your most important keyword in your domain name. Be relevant while choosing your domain name, it should reflect your business.

Web Host

After domain name registration you need to find a web host for your e -commerce. Always rely on professional web hosting companies. Don’t be lured by free web hosting packages, they often turn to be worse than bad. Make sure your web host provides you enough services to facilitate your business. Find a web host who can provide you secure servers with technical support. It should include full FTP (File Transfer Protocol), so that you can have easy file uploading.

Application Software

Once you decide your web host, now is the important task is to carefully select application software for your e- commerce. Your application software helps your e-commerce flourish impeccably. Choosing application software is a vital job as your project depends on the application software and its capability. Don’t be lured by cheap companies for your software. Those offers might be good for a start up small business but for an establish e-commerce, you need to have something more than just software. Many companies today rely on ASP (Application Service Provider) for balanced and economical solutions. Whatever software you choose, make sure you gather all relevant information about your software.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important tool to build your e – commerce. You need to be search engine friendly to attract maximum visitors to your website. SEO helps you to get higher page ranking in search engines. Seo can be called a marketing service where the search engines help you to popularize your site among your potential visitors. Seo involves a wide range of strategies and techniques. Few of them are dynamic content, link building, Meta tags and Alt tags.


Advertising or promotional activities are essential for any business. Try to advertise your website as much as possible. You can start with local newspapers and hoardings. Your advertising can be of three categories like radio, TV, and print. You can have radio spots abut your business which will be broadcast in your city and then TVCs (television commercials) for television viewers. You can make good television advertisements for your enterprise. Then, for print, you can advertise in newspapers and magazines.


Ashish Gandhi

2 years ago

Domain name registration is the first step in launching an online business. It is the name of your business, your identification mark, as the total web address is your online contact address. Hence domain name choice should involve in depth market research and business knowledge. Ironically, domain name seems to be an easiest task for online business, but it has to be effective and should influence the target audience. A well chosen domain name can foster your business in various ways one of them is by increasing search engine traffic. Domain name registration is a vital work while setting up a new business, so here in this article you can find several guidelines to consider while choosing an appropriate domain name.

Right Extension

Extensions are the .com, .in, .net, .org, .info, etc. All of these extensions can be easily searched by the search engines. But it is always the .com which is most popular and widely used. If you get a domain name with .com extension, you can increase its chances of popularity. This extension looks more legitimate and common.


Choice of domain name should involve right keywords. These keywords can only make your website search engine friendly. Be careful while choosing right keyword for your domain name, it should have relevance and searched by your target audience. Absurd or out of the box domain names sometime work but if you target your genre then it will definitely generate desired results. Consider the recall capability of your visitor, hence choose short domain names, this gives your visitor ease of recalling your domain name. Avoid your company name, unless you have your keywords inserted in it. If your name is not searched then there’s no point making it your domain.


Be pertinent in your approach. Whatever name you want to register make sure it has some relevance with your business. Search engines will recognize your worth only when they find you legitimate and relevant. Your domain name registration depends on your extension and the sign up time, so be cautious while spending your money. Make your site look relevant to your visitor. Avoid using other company’s trademark and copyrights in your domain name. It is illegal to use copyrights and trademarks. Even if you get your keyword featured in other company’s trademark, but you can not use it as your domain name.

Search engines have a lost and found service for websites, if you have relevant domain then you are found and if you don’t then you are lost. Your domain name registration requires consideration and appropriate research. Domain registration is easy but important to be done well.


Ashish Gandhi

2 years ago

Many of us browse the World Wide Web regularly and wonder how we can stake a claim on the internet, like many of others have done already, then web hosting is one term which can satiate your need. In this vast array of information, Internet is one word which can cater to all kind of genre as per their taste. And, by web hosting one can own a portion of the web. But, web hosting is not just getting a portion of the web, but also involves different other services. This article will give you an insight of the terms web hosting and web development.


World Wide Web or the www written before every web address is the web of computers connected through a HTTP protocol. This network connects millions of computers all over the world through this single protocol. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a language through which the documents are transferred. HTTP is not a synonym to Internet, because it is a network of networks, where computers communicate with protocols other than HTTP. Web page is what you see on your Internet browser. These web pages have to come from a certain host and this is the area which talks about web hosting.

Web Hosting

Web pages are your source of information, whatever you see in your web pages has come from a web browser. All these web pages are stored in computers called web servers. A web hosting service is a kind of Internet hosting service that allows the individual or company to hold a stake of the internet and provide own websites accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosting gives the freedom of having own website services but it’s restricted because of the space. One needs to have appropriate hardware and software to host web pages. Specific companies provide web hosting capabilities on their web servers. Moreover, one needs to register a domain name that exclusively identifies the website. Web hosts can also provide data centre space and connectivity to the internet.

Which Web Hosting is for you?

Web hosting is provided as per the need of the holder. It is basically divided into following categories :

  • Free Web Hosting: it is done by large website companies, which provide limited space for free. This kind of hosting is limited when compared to paid hosting.
  • Shared Web Hosting: This is the most economical hosting service where many people share the total cost of maintenance services.
  • Reseller Web Hosting: This service allows the client to host websites. This needs an affiliation with the provider.
  • Virtual Dedicated Server: This is dividing a server into virtual servers. Every user thinks he got a dedicated server but in real they all share a particular server.
  • Dedicated Hosting: In this the user gets own web server and has full control over the server.
  • Collocation Web Hosting: This is similar to dedicated hosting but in Collocation, the hosting company provides physical space. This is the most powerful and costly web hosting service.
  • Clustered Hosting: In this service multiple servers host the same content for resource utilization.


Ashish Gandhi

2 years ago

It is famous chant in web that ‘content is the king’. But, how far is it true to believe that a single tool can make your website popular and desirable. What if you have a content rich website written on white sheets without any design? Will content be the king in that situation also? This and many more questions must have bugged you before designing your website. In this article you can find a brief discussion of the point that content is not the king in SEO.

Unique Content

Content is certainly not the king, at least always. You need to have unique content to make it royal. If you have simple content written for long then this can’t help you in getting traffic. Here your king fails to give you a royal welcome. When your visitors come to your website they look for information which should be fresh not stale. This makes you different from your competitors. You just don’t need to write content but to update it so that your visitors can have unique, informative content in your website.

SEO Writing

Many website companies hire professional writers for content writing, which is certainly the easiest way to get fresh and appealing content. But the problem comes when you don’t update your content and rely on your technical experts to write the content. Be concise in your approach. Make sure your copy should be search engine friendly. Edit your copy intermittently keeping your target audience in mind. If your destiny favors you and you get a professional copywriter then half of your content responsibilities will be covered.

Black Hat SEO

If content is every single alphabet featured in your website then it’s also the keywords which many SEO forcibly gorge in the website. Since content is the king so many website companies hire writers who can write the content which is a simple replica of the available content. This comes when thee companies hire a third party content provider. This can lead you to copy right infringement. So avoid stolen content. Unique original content is the king so being original is giving your content the right treatment.


Many SEO companies claim to give original content and end up giving stolen, copied content. This is what search engines avoid the most. If you repeatedly do the same then it may list you as a spammers, which is certainly worse than having a 30+ ranking in search engine pages. If you ignore the search engines then also this kind of content is less desired by the visitors. Hence have a clear idea of your content and use it to get traffic not unsavory reputation.