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3 years ago

Many of us browse the World Wide Web regularly and wonder how we can stake a claim on the internet, like many of others have done already, then web hosting is one term which can satiate your need. In this vast array of information, Internet is one word which can cater to all kind of genre as per their taste. And, by web hosting one can own a portion of the web. But, web hosting is not just getting a portion of the web, but also involves different other services. This article will give you an insight of the terms web hosting and web development.


World Wide Web or the www written before every web address is the web of computers connected through a HTTP protocol. This network connects millions of computers all over the world through this single protocol. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a language through which the documents are transferred. HTTP is not a synonym to Internet, because it is a network of networks, where computers communicate with protocols other than HTTP. Web page is what you see on your Internet browser. These web pages have to come from a certain host and this is the area which talks about web hosting.

Web Hosting

Web pages are your source of information, whatever you see in your web pages has come from a web browser. All these web pages are stored in computers called web servers. A web hosting service is a kind of Internet hosting service that allows the individual or company to hold a stake of the internet and provide own websites accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosting gives the freedom of having own website services but it’s restricted because of the space. One needs to have appropriate hardware and software to host web pages. Specific companies provide web hosting capabilities on their web servers. Moreover, one needs to register a domain name that exclusively identifies the website. Web hosts can also provide data centre space and connectivity to the internet.

Which Web Hosting is for you?

Web hosting is provided as per the need of the holder. It is basically divided into following categories :

  • Free Web Hosting: it is done by large website companies, which provide limited space for free. This kind of hosting is limited when compared to paid hosting.
  • Shared Web Hosting: This is the most economical hosting service where many people share the total cost of maintenance services.
  • Reseller Web Hosting: This service allows the client to host websites. This needs an affiliation with the provider.
  • Virtual Dedicated Server: This is dividing a server into virtual servers. Every user thinks he got a dedicated server but in real they all share a particular server.
  • Dedicated Hosting: In this the user gets own web server and has full control over the server.
  • Collocation Web Hosting: This is similar to dedicated hosting but in Collocation, the hosting company provides physical space. This is the most powerful and costly web hosting service.
  • Clustered Hosting: In this service multiple servers host the same content for resource utilization.


Ashish Gandhi

3 years ago

It is famous chant in web that ‘content is the king’. But, how far is it true to believe that a single tool can make your website popular and desirable. What if you have a content rich website written on white sheets without any design? Will content be the king in that situation also? This and many more questions must have bugged you before designing your website. In this article you can find a brief discussion of the point that content is not the king in SEO.

Unique Content

Content is certainly not the king, at least always. You need to have unique content to make it royal. If you have simple content written for long then this can’t help you in getting traffic. Here your king fails to give you a royal welcome. When your visitors come to your website they look for information which should be fresh not stale. This makes you different from your competitors. You just don’t need to write content but to update it so that your visitors can have unique, informative content in your website.

SEO Writing

Many website companies hire professional writers for content writing, which is certainly the easiest way to get fresh and appealing content. But the problem comes when you don’t update your content and rely on your technical experts to write the content. Be concise in your approach. Make sure your copy should be search engine friendly. Edit your copy intermittently keeping your target audience in mind. If your destiny favors you and you get a professional copywriter then half of your content responsibilities will be covered.

Black Hat SEO

If content is every single alphabet featured in your website then it’s also the keywords which many SEO forcibly gorge in the website. Since content is the king so many website companies hire writers who can write the content which is a simple replica of the available content. This comes when thee companies hire a third party content provider. This can lead you to copy right infringement. So avoid stolen content. Unique original content is the king so being original is giving your content the right treatment.


Many SEO companies claim to give original content and end up giving stolen, copied content. This is what search engines avoid the most. If you repeatedly do the same then it may list you as a spammers, which is certainly worse than having a 30+ ranking in search engine pages. If you ignore the search engines then also this kind of content is less desired by the visitors. Hence have a clear idea of your content and use it to get traffic not unsavory reputation.


Ashish Gandhi

3 years ago

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), provides useful services to websites. SEO optimizes the content and build link popularity so that the website can achieve visibility in several high ranking search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista etc. SEO services help to find relevant directories where the site can be submitted for better linking.
Seo can be called a marketing service where the search engines help you to popularize your site among your potential visitors. Seo involves a wide range of strategies and techniques. Following are few seo techniques which are widely used to utilize seo the most:


Website Designing is the first step in optimizing your website. If your website is well designed using required applets then it will be easily noticeable. But here also lies few difficulties which might hinder your site from getting into a search engine. If you use framed websites then search engines will not index your site and if you have your content in flash then also search engines won’t be able to read flash text. Hence while designing you need to consider several points, then only your designing can help you get better visibility.


Keywords play a vital role in search engine optimization. Right keywords can make you more visible and help you reach your target visitors. To get listed in a search engine you need to have several pertinent keywords. If you will have wrong keywords then search engines might not list you.

Title Tag

It is widely said that for websites ‘content is the king’. If you want to get better search engine results then you need to put more thought on your website content. Your content can have all the pertinent keywords and it makes your reader read your website. As your visitors read your content, search engines too go through your website to find right keywords for enlisting your website.

Meta Tag

Meta tags are created to give search engines the important information about your website. Though Meta tags help a lot in optimization as it help search engines to determine the information. Meta tags should involve important keywords but many people spam the search engines with Meta tags which are gorged with keywords.

Alt Tags

Not only text or content helps you get better search ranking but your images also help you get better listing. Alt tags are the words or keywords which you can include in your images. When your visitors will place there mouse on the image the keywords will be displayed. This also helps search engines to list your website.


Ashish Gandhi

3 years ago

Getting into the listing of any search engine is not a difficult task but what matters is how have you been listed in that particular site. In this article you can find tips which can help you get into good search engines along with increasing traffic.

Be frugal while spending on new domain

Buying new domain means starting everything from scratch. It might take a long time to start everything all over again. Hence don’t spend too much on buying new domain rather work and revamp your existing site for better results.

Be focused on targeting visitors

Don’t craft website for search engines make it for your visitors. All the search engines are there to help your visitors to find you and if your information is not appealing to your visitors then no search engine can help you succeed. First of all recognize your target audience then find what appeals them and design your website accordingly.

Research your keywords

Search engines work as per your keywords hence be careful while selecting right keywords. Your target audience will get your website only through keywords which they type in search engines. Don’t be too simple while choosing keywords; be specific as per your business and expertise.

Design according to your keywords

Search engines play with keywords even a single alphabet can change the whole searching process. You might add several innovative ideas to your site which might not be that useful for your target audience. So design your website according to the keywords and other information which can appeal to your visitor and help them acquire the required information.

Be crawler-friendly

Every search engine reads the website through its crawlers. Crawlers go through the site and later categorize them as per the need of the searchers. But these crawlers can’t read Java Script links and menus and can’t interpret Flash and graphics. Hence make sure you have HTML links in the main navigation of every page.

Be Lucid And Descriptive

Be creative but not ambiguous. Your anchor text and content should be clear and descriptive. Your visitors and search engines look for the clickable links of your website. Hence make your links clear so that the visitor and the crawler can easily understand your links. Try to use your keywords in the link description.

Spend On Content

Content is definitely the king. This is the only factor which helps search engines to understand your website and classify it accordingly. Search engines love content reach rich websites because it gives them enough text to categorize the website. It is crucial to have a website without content. Your content should focus on the keywords and should be relevant and informative. Don’t bury the content in graphics or flash. Have HTML formal format so that crawlers can easily read them. Don’t be a spendthrift for graphics and flash rather invest on good content. Only content can pay you great ROI.

Emphasize on title tag

Title tags are very important for your search engine visibility. Whatever keywords you have you should have those in your title tag. Title tags are what your visitors see in search pages. So remember these lines are what make you desirable or unwanted. So make sure that your title tag reflects the exact content and description of your website.

Be link worthy

Search engine optimization involves good link exchange. This makes your website featured in other similar websites, so if someone comes to their site will might visit your website also. You can add numerous links but if your website won’t be authentic then none will accept your request. And if you’ll have a good related website then many website will automatically link with you. Make sure your website features only related links.

Don’t worry about ranking

Search engine ranking is a very ambiguous term. There is no hard and fast rule to attain rank in search engines. But at the end what matter is what your objective is. Undoubtedly that is to have customers to sell products or services. So, rather than thinking about your search engine ranking focus on your visitors and how can your site help them. Once you attain good customers it will gradually increase because sometimes mouth publicity is more reliable than search ranking.


Ashish Gandhi

3 years ago

There is a myth about link popularity and Page Ranking (PR). Many still feel that link popularity is same as page rank. But both the terms are often misunderstood.

Link Popularity

Link popularity is basically the link exchange and the number of related links a website has. Link exchange works as a catalyst in search engine optimization. When a website has numerous links, then it shows the popularity of your site hence gives you more visibility in search pages.

Page Rank Vs Link Popularity

Link popularity and PR are two different things. These are directly proportional to each other. If your site features numerous relevant links then it shows your popularity which increases your authenticity among search engines. Many search engines consider link popularity while ranking the pages but many people use both the words interchangeably, which is an absurd thought.

How does it work?

Link popularity has come from link exchange. Link exchange is basically swapping the links between two related websites. Link exchange can add great value to your search engine optimization only when you exchange the links with relevant websites. When your website features various links of other related websites then this can be called your link popularity that your site is desirable. And this further helps your search engine visibility.

Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal links come when two sites agree to exchange links. These links increase your traffic and help you boost your search engine ranking. It is advised to have relevant reciprocal links in your website.

Does it really work?

There are two ways of exchanging links. One is when you swap links with the consent of the website, that is by asking them and other is when you swap links by filing the auto submission form. In auto submission form you can submit your link in a particular category suitable to you. These automatic links are often shown immediately after submission and sometimes it is again scrutinized by the webmaster.

Automatic Linking

Link popularity has come from link exchange. Link exchange is basically swapping the links between two related websites. Link exchange can add great value to you search engine optimization only when you exchange the links with relevant websites. When your website features various links of other related websites then this can be called your link popularity that your site is desirable. And this further helps your search engine visibility.


Ashish Gandhi

3 years ago

Search engine optimization doesn’t necessarily involve any special skill. All it need is market knowledge and little common sense. As common sense is the most uncommon thing, many people keep on speculating about search engines without even knowing the actual work of search engines. There isn’t any rule for getting visibility in any search engine. It all depends on how you manage to use all the seo tools for better results. Here are few points which can help you know little more about the search engines.


Many believe that every search engine functions according to their own algorithm which is often true. Search engine algorithm changes and varies. Many SEOs work painstakingly to decipher the tactics of the search engines. You might find numerous books and programs which emphasize on cracking the algorithm of each engine. But this isn’t an easy task at all as these methods will change intermittently and as soon as it changes your site might fall. It’s a never ending process. It is quite time consuming and expensive also.

Keyword with good copy

Clients often believe that the content for search engines is different from that for visitors, which is a myth. A good copy should be useful for the visitors as well as search engines. Good content should not only look good but also utilize keywords. You need to have skill while writing a web copy. It’s better to get professional writers than just SEOs for a good copy.

Flash and Animation

People believe in making catchy and appealing websites for which they put heavy graphics and Flash animation. These adornments don’t help them in getting good search results because search engines can’t read Flash pages. There search engines find it difficult to decipher the information about the website. Content is the only thing which helps search engines to know about the website. Hence it is essential to have a balance between the content and the graphics. The ultimate aim of any website is to sell the products or services. But when you have many graphic without valuable content then it might only attract the visitor without making them your potential customers.

Actual site optimization

It is common that people create several sites to optimize there one site. This is seen in websites with either no content or bogus content. These website owners rely more on link popularity than content. If you want to popularize your site then relevant content can help you a lot, you even don’t need to create several sites. For better optimization you can should put pertinent information in your website along with the keywords.


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3 years ago

Design involves creativity, visualization and inherent skills. A well designed website can turn into an important marketing tool for your business. An appealing website creates your specific business identity which differ you from your competitors. You are known to people whom you are in touch with, through a website people get in touch with you.

Website designing is creating your specific web presence. Web pages are designed using HTML, CSS, image and other media. Website is a collection of information. Designing a website can be said to be designing several webpages which together make a website. Website Designing services include several designing services. Website Designing is broadly divided into two categories.

Static Website Designing

Static websites are a great starting point for your business if you want to post basic information about your company on the web. A static website is the simplest way to showcase your product or business online. A good static website creates a corporate image for your business online. It is the easiest kind of website to set up, but making changes to static websites require web programming knowledge. A static website is the most cost effective website available.

Static website designing needs proficiency in web programming and visualization. It is a web format where your content and image has to be so strong that it can appeal to your customers. This is a website in which content can only be changed by the web developer. A static website can be seen as an online brochure or catalogue. It is usually used to provide some company information, a description of the products or services that you offer along with some contact information.

Dynamic Website

With the advent of technology, the mode of communication has gone under several changes in recent years. Now consumers have come to expect more from their Internet experience, causing a shift in the company website from static site to a dynamic website. A dynamic website, as the name suggest, has various alluring features which are constantly updated. A dynamic website creates a fresh online experience with every visit. Now companies prefer to create dynamic websites which are interactive and are instant eye catchers. These are the websites which can hold the curiosity and interest of the customers towards the website. Unlike static website designing, dynamic websites can have just one page where you can fetch all the information from the database.

Dynamic websites are now more preferable than the static websites because of its cost effective features. These sites are extremely lucid and expressive which can easily market the business in a broader area. Some advantages of dynamic websites are detailed below:

  • Adding and managing content, information, video etc can be done without the help of webmaster.
  • Adding web pages and sections is easy.
  • Ease of site management
  • Site administrator can manage visitors in a better way to retain them for long term business.
  • User friendly and visually appealing


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3 years ago

Fonts play a vital role in your content. These are the style used in your content. A good choice of font can make your site more desirable and reader’s friendly. If you are designing a logo, brochure or the whole content of your site, you should pay enough attention before selecting a certain font. Now you can easily find hundreds of fonts that you can use and which are easy to read in your website.


Printed materials use specific fonts, which are easily understood by the reader. But this is not the case with internet or website. For print, you get enough time to recall the material and even recall it later. But, for website, font should be simple and easy to read. Your visitors may not devote plenty of time to read your content; if the font won’t be readable they might move on to any other site. For print, the most used fonts are, Serif, Georgia and Verdana. Because of their style and readability, these fonts are the most popular screen fonts. The problem with website font is that the text on your website needs to be displayed by your browser. The browser can display only those fonts which are in the computer system. Hence it’s a thumb rule to use fonts which are most likely to be found in maximum computers.

Website Font

Websites don’t need any specific font, but the font should be found in majority of computers. Few of the most widely used website fonts are, Arial, Arial Black, Comic Sans, Courier New, Georgia, Impact, Lucida Console, Times New Roman and Verdana. These are the fonts which are found in almost all machines, so these can easily show up on maximum machines in the world.

Text or Image

What if you find the above fonts inappropriate for your webpage? You are most likely to generate your specific font in Adobe Photoshop and display the text as image? Is this what you have in your mind? Then think again, this would turn out to be a blunder for you, because search engines read only text displayed in your webpage. Search engines do not read text displayed in image format, like in JPEG or GIF. It is better to put your text in HTML instead of making it in Adobe Photoshop to make it search engine friendly. All the headings should also be written in HTML, because search engines produce results according to the headings and if your heading is in image format then it won’t be read by the search engine.

Undoubtedly, you can generate numerous font styles using flash. Flash can give a dynamic look to your font. But here again you should pay attention to search engines, as search engines will not read your flash generated text also. Search engines pay special attention to heading and if it doesn’t find text in your heading, that is if h1 tag will be empty, then it can affect your page ranking.

Dynamic Flash

Undoubtedly, you can generate numerous font styles using Flash. Flash can give a dynamic look to your font. But here again you should pay attention to search engines, as search engines will not read your flash generated text also. Search engines pay special attention to heading and if it doesn’t find text in your heading, that is if tag will be empty, then it can affect your page ranking.


Fonts should be readable and lucid. Its purpose is to communicate the idea and information about the website. It should not be used as a decorative tool. So you should opt for xhtml headings than a Flash or java script heading.


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3 years ago

Website Designing doesn’t follow any particular rule book. It’s like any designing format which should be expressive, appealing and informative. But it’s not that easy to understand your visitor’s choice. Something which is appealing to you might not appeal your visitor. Hence, there are certain guidelines which you should always try to follow while plotting a website. These guidelines basically talk about the content and graphics.

Before designing your web page, you visit numerous Websites; some with good content, some bad and some with a balanced content and graphics. But you must have liked those sites which successfully hold your attention and curiosity. Following are the two Website Designing myths which are widely followed by the Website Designers.

Content Supremacy

A well known adage says ‘Content is the King’, and it is true to some extent. But can content alone hold attention? What if visitor is in a hurry, or don’t want to give time to read the content? Then all your content supremacy will be unwanted. Visitor might look for animations or other interfaces to explore the site.
However, it’s better to put enough information in the site, but it should not look dull to the visitor. Applets and interfaces can be used to make your site more attractive. Only content lacks the needed appeal in your site, which can deter your visitor. Your website should have a perfect balance of animation and content to become popular among your target audience.

When are these applets required? Sometimes these interfaces are required to establish the relation between the brand and the target audience – for example, the Yahoo Mail’s latest beta version that shows a dummy slender lad interacting with the audience. This becomes more interesting when the page shows loading, the constant boxing practice with the shadow of the lad holds interest. This is easily downloaded and it gives an extra zing to the normal mailing WebPages. Similarly, interfaces, applets can be used in comic, gaming and other interactive websites, where you want your audience to adhere to your site.

Website Designing, like any other designing, has no hard and fast rule. It follows a simple philosophy that is the taste of the target audience. You may have a static or a dynamic website, but it should aptly cater to the target audience.

Graphic Dominance

There is another school of thought, who believes that a website looks attractive only when you put lots of graphics in it. They believe all the applets and interfaces make your site look spectacular and attractive. You might often come across these kind of sites, for example, if a newcomer or Website Designing student makes any website, who is almost unaware of the real market, will put all his book knowledge and technology to make a website, result, a heavy and adorned site. This makes the site heavy to load, and you might loose your visitor because of this. Hence there should be a balance between the graphics and the content.

You certainly can’t afford to have hundred kilobyte animated graphics in your website, which is certainly a useless adornment. Large graphics take longer to load because the download speed depends on your modem. If you have a hundred kilobyte graphic and your visitor has a low modem, then your graphic can take ages to load, which is certainly a strict no for your website’s popularity. These graphics are purely decorative and you should restrict yourself while using them. Graphics should be place at the appropriate place; they can enhance the text but, without content graphics is like body without a soul. Undoubtedly, graphics make a page interesting and more desirable, but heavy decoration can destroy the gist of your site. Hence your site should have a blend of graphics and content. Decorative and small pages are always desirable but if your page has too much graphics and takes long to be loaded then it can be unbearable.


Ashish Gandhi

3 years ago

Website decides your market presence. If you get numerous visitors a day then your site is said to be a well placed website, but what if your site witnesses very few visitors a day? What could be the reason for this low amount of visitor, when you have made a good informative website? Here the question is about accessibility. In today’s scenario, where there is an abundance of websites, visitors look for sites which are more accessible and easy to use. But you must be thinking, why emphasize on accessibility when your website is already there? Hmm. if you are here to make big bucks and your competitors are at your every clumsy step, then you should not take even a small chance. Now your visitor might get you but what if you will find millions of e- commerce pages on the web and where your page is just one of millions? If at that time your site will be accessible then only you will get maximum visitors. Websites are a communication mode between you and your customer. Hence, all you need is to be clear in your approach so that the visitor will be able to understand your offerings. Following are few guidelines to make your website more accessible and user friendly.

Easy Alternatives to audio and visual content

Your site’s accessibility depends on the system where it is being viewed. It is possible that some systems cannot interpret your audio or visual, hence your website should provide similar alternatives to your image or audio. It should make the system interpret the auditory and visual content. You should put enough text explanation and links to help your visitors interpret your website.

Adorn it but don’t put over make up

Getting a beautiful website is easy but what makes you unique is the professional approach you put in your website. Use expressive visual clues rather than just hues to convey your information. Colors are good to make two dimensional images but when the medium is a web then visual interaction is must.

Apply proper style sheet

Following a proper style sheet in your HTML page can make your site more accessible. You should maintain the proper specifications to make a faultless HTML page. Every HTML tag should be placed properly. Internet Explorer won’t display your page if you fail to notice even a single table tag.

Use proper language

Identify proper HTML language tags, to specify the language used in your website. Be lucid while using abbreviations. Make sure you specify acronyms within your content when they occur first.

Make transforming tables

Don’t make every representation diagram purely for design. Put enough information inside the diagram which can easily lure the attention of the visitor. If you use tables, then place information inside the table. Don’t insert tables which make no sense. If you wish to emphasize your text then present it in a tabular format. Provide a proper table to text convert in your website. These small details make your website more users friendly.

Ease of use

If you write HTML then you should always take care of the version you are using. If you use a specific version then it might not work in all the systems. So to make your page more accessible make sure all the versions should work when viewing your page.

User friendly visuals

Visuals can not always be pleasant to your visitors. If your website has animations, moving visuals then it might annoy your visitor. To avoid this, you need to give your visitors ways to stop these animations or insert options where your visitor can get animation free page.

Provide guidelines for interfaces

You might insert many embedded interfaces like applets, plug ins in your website, which may not be familiar to your visitor. Hence, your web content should provide user guidelines for these embedded interfaces.

Have clear navigation system

Be consistent in your navigation system. Use proper words to explain your links. Do not make ambiguous statements while comprehending something important. For example, if you are an online store, you should give links showing buy or add to cart in your product catalogue for visitors to navigate directly to order page.

Ensure faultless documentation

This is applicable for all kinds of writing. Whether you want to be accessible or not, if your information is understandable then you will be easily accessible. Don’t put jargons, spelling or grammatical errors in your content this distracts your visitor’s attention. Make your site impeccable and comprehensible for your visitors.
Accessibility comes easily if you take care of few things while making your site. Above written things are just introductions to make your site more interactive. But, it’s always you who can understand the need of your visitors in a better way.