Rakesh Shah 21107 Views 15 December, 2017 3 years ago

Predicted SEO trends to rank on top of search engines for 2018

With the ever changing scenario for SEO, it gets difficult for any website to stand firm abiding by all the rules and trends the industry has set.

We've already updated you with the steps for successful SEO for the present year, so now let's take a look into the crystal ball and find out what should your tactics include, in order to stay ahead of the curve for the coming year.

Direct access to your website: Unusual right? Well, yes, but direct traffic will now be a fundamental factor that will define your websites organic rankings. When a user directly opens your site without any intermediary, for example, any external article or through the SERPs, it shows that they recognize you and think about you. This in turn, helps the search engine understand how popular and relevant you are. If a user is close to your brand, there is nothing that can stop them from typing your link directly. So focus on brand building and digital marketing strategies, to let people build a strong connection with your brand.

Ever increasing voice queries: The way SEO is done needs to be changed, because of the way users interact with their voice assistants. Today, it is quite popular to have a casual conversation with it. Now when people communicate with their voice assistants, they do not utilize keywords, but instead ask general questions anyone would. Predictions are that 55% of all searches will be by voice search in 2020. So brace yourself for the future, your brand needs to be voice ready.


















The mobile-first approach: Nowadays, the usage of mobile has become an integral part of people's lives. It's certain that 2018, will make brands consider their mobile first approach as a part of their digital marketing strategies, rather than just putting it as an afterthought, especially after google has announced its mobile-first index.

Load time is also a prominent factor that affects a websites user experience, it also plays a vital role in affecting a page's position on the SERP's. BrightEdge research, lately helped us with some significant statistics. They found that there is a huge difference between the way keywords are ranked on mobile SERPs and desktop SERPs. With a total of 47 percent of keywords in position 1-20 and 79 percent of keywords overall, all deploying major discrepancies. This data certainly, has a significant impact on your SEO conversion goals.
















Keywords play a secondary role: Website optimization now goes beyond the use of keywords. Google is constantly evolving, and is trying its best to focus on certain factors to return the results a user seeks. It says, you've focused enough on keyword strategies for ages, its time you analyze a user’s intention behind each query and create content that would satisfy their wants comprehensively.

Link building gets challenging: Several SEOs claim that link building is old and a non prevalent tactic, but that's not the truth. Link building is alive, but it keeps getting challenging as the days pass by. There is no room for grey-hat or spammy tactics. You got to grow your links naturally, by providing healthy and beneficial content to your target group.

With these tips at hand, you have to mould, as well as adapt to new techniques, in compliance with the demands of search engines. Do so, with the SEO agency, that utilizes the needed digital marketing strategies to make you gain visibility.