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Predicted web development trends. brands need to adopt for 2018

Talking about the pace at which the internet is evolving is redundant and repetitive. Brands are already mindful, that trends today change faster than they can be implemented.

A similar scenario is applicable to all the web transformations as well.

The year 2017, is coming to an end, and as we walk into a brand new year, brands need to make note of, what web development trends does 2018 call for? A checklist for all brands. This will help them stay neat, updated and live upto, increasing customer expectations.

So here is the progress web developers need to prepare themselves for :

One Page Websites: Long monotonous texts, complex navigation and too many options on a website are certain aspects that put any customer off. Single page websites help you align your text and images on one page, so your users have to just scroll through it. Though this type of website won't fit the needs of ecommerce sites and blogs, business pages can definitely benefit from it. One page sites have proved to be user-friendly and preferable for mobile usage. They also cut down the cost with affordable design, development and hosting.

One pagers are exceptional within themselves! Hence, one page apps too will gain recognition in 2018. So all the app UI designers and web UI developers, need to pull up their socks and work on some innovative ideas, for the coming year.

Progressive Web Applications: 2015 saw the birth of progressive web applications, and in 2018 these apps will be a major competition to all native mobile apps.

So what are progressive web apps?

“Progressive Web Applications are websites that provide app-like user experience.”

They can be saved offline and are known for delivering remarkable experience. If used frequently the shortcut to the website can also be saved on the homescreen. Their ability to work without internet connection is one of their unique features. Flipkart, the ecommerce giant, has received a 70% hike in their conversions and have found users spending triple the time they usually spent on their site, after the launch of the PWA version of the site. So the results are already visible. PWA's are the next big thing! and all the app UI designers and web UI developers need to work hard to deliver the best.

Flash HTML: It was the time when YouTube defaulted to HTML5, that the death of Flash became quite evident. The world is turning mobile, and Flash is totally incompatible for mobile usage. This is where the problem lies. If you yet utilize Flash on your website, 2017 is the final call for you to change this. The best alternative is the well-known HTML5.

Angular 2 & 4: JavaScript is a leading programming language for applications. Availability of a number of JS based technologies and the development of few, will strengthen its position in the near future. Now there was Angular 2, which released in 2016, and Angular 4, which released in 2017. Angular 2 has totally revamped the face of Angular JS Framework. It is faster, handy and pursues, the mobile first approach. Angular 4 on the other hand is not a complete rewrite of the second version but is quicker and consumes less space. With the coming of these two versions, its time for web developers to update their skills and let their apps and websites offer quality and value.

Motion UI: Crazy GIFs and flashing ads, that’s what several websites are made up of these days. This is why moderate or simplistic designs are now being, highly appreciated by customers. Now amidst this evolution, sophisticated motion UI is gaining popularity. With Motion UI, you can add life to your minimalistic website. Animations enable you to distinguish your website from thousands of others with static UI. Utilizing page header transitions, nice hovers, animated charts, background animations and modular scrolling are some of the ways to do so. So the app, web and mobile UI designers need to equip themselves with some latest motion UI.

Your website is your virtual home, and it is visited, by a large number of people every day. Hence it is vital, that it is presentable, personalized and attracts users.

The updates are already here!

What are waiting for? Get started, let your website be a pretty one!

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