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Rules Of Search Engine Positioning

Search engine positioning is a vital term. For a well optimized page, you need to position it in search engines. It’s easy to find numerous guidelines for search engines but very few of them are fruitful. Hence, before you plan to position your website in search engines make sure you understand the following key terms.

Keyword Research

Before start your search engine optimization journeys make sure you put enough research for the keywords. These keywords are like the bones of the SEO structure, more strong keywords mean stronger search results. Make a rough chart of all the possible keywords of your business. Whether you provide services or products, collect all the relevant words related to your business. Then, visit other related sites which provide the same service or product and observe what al keywords they are using. Once you have your list of keywords then judge which keywords are most searched and explain your business, then include those words in your website content. If your content is keywords rich then it increases your chance to fetch the top position in search engines.

Relevant Content

Content makes your website communicative, because it’s only text which explains information about your product or services. You can’t compromise with your content. It should be lucid and very brief. Netizens won’t spend too much time reading your website but they will at least try to read few paragraphs. These are the text which can hold or deter your visitors. Content involves every single alphabet featured in your website. It depends on how well you have mentioned the points, how you have synchronized the gist of the information to aptly suit your visitors need. You can constantly update your content. Regular updating makes your site look fresh and attractive. Unlike earlier when content was just to fill the website, now content can decide the rank of your website on major search engines. You can easily update your content, if you know about HTML otherwise you can leave this to your webmaster. You can give your content to the webmaster and they can place it in your site.

Link Popularity

Link popularity is basically the link exchange and the number of related links a website has. Link exchange works as a catalyst in search engine optimization. When a website has numerous links, then it shows the popularity of your site hence gives you more visibility in search pages. Link popularity is not the page rank but it’s the basic link exchange program. Link exchange plays a vital role in getting a good PR in major search engines. Link exchange is the cheapest marketing tool which attracts both, the search engines and the visitors. Hence one should be very specific while exchanging links because it creates a good or bad neighborhood. And to survive in this web fraternity one need to build good neighborhood so that search engines and other websites can easily rely on that website.


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  1. I think onpage and off-page link building is very effective in today's world. I am the Marketing Head for Gupta and Sen – one of the top real estate agencies in Andheri West, Mumbai. Wanted to know whether your agency would be able to devise an effective off-page SEO strategy for us as of the year 2018. This would also include co-ordinating with our content and blog-writing team to create a consolidated SEO approach for our website. Please study our website in detail and let me know. Cheers!

    1. Dear Tania,

      We would sure be able to come up with a customized plan for the same. Would you be kind enough to share your contact details with us. Would have our sales team connect back.


      Team PostBox Communications

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