Rakesh Shah 25773 Views 6 March, 2018 3 years ago

Technologically Advanced Applications To Empower The 21st Century Women

Most of us are mindful about the idea already. If you educate a girl or a woman, you educate a family, a community, a region or even a country. Just a single girl who takes the world ahead with her knowledge, can be an epitome of encouragement to several others.

With digital innovations, mobile application developments and digital transformations out there. There are a ton of applications which make life simpler for women. So on this international women’s day we have brought to you few advanced mobile apps and web apps that provide promising solutions for the betterment of every woman out there!

Women’s Inspire Network App (WIN):
Welcomed by Twitter and Social Media Business Consultant, this application provides accessible support and interacts with women who start their own business or who work from home or in their own comfortable zone. A real time application for those thrive to be a part of an online community. At home or on the go, this application can be used anywhere. It is helpful as you can tap into expertise, work with no sense of isolation, learn, share knowledge and also collaborate. 

When it comes to applications developed for safety, you cannot compromise on anything. Companion lets you reach your destination with as the name suggests “Companions” around you on a live map. The companions here are the contacts you select. If you happen to run or your phone falls down or you do not reach on time, a message is sent to you asking if you are ok? Now if you do not reply within 15 secs, all of your companions are notified. You can also call the police when needed. All in all, it is a helpful app to avoid uneasy or tragic circumstances. 

The struggle to track your birth control pill intake or menstrual cycle, ends when you download this application. This application ensures you are as protected as needed, by notifying about the pill intake or the need to replace other forms of contraceptives or the time you need to schedule a checkup with your doctor or when your period is around. Certainly helping women through crucial situations. 

Are you the one who avoids unhealthy or unclean areas, especially when it comes to visiting a restroom? SitOrSquat is an application that tells you about the bathrooms nearby. With the help of it, you can find restrooms in unfamiliar areas. This application is not only meant for sanitation purposes, but it also helps you totally avoid the unpleasant areas, anywhere around you. 

This one is completely dedicated to all the independent women out there. It totally helps you manage your finances by putting together, investments, credit card bills, bank accounts and outlays on one single interface. The constant tracking ensures that you never bear debts, procrastinate any payment or exceed your credit limit. 

This is for anyone out there who wishes to stay informed and updated about the news or any social media happening. Flipboard provides you handy, easy-to-digest, customized news in the most easy and comprehensible manner. It is a magazine-format platform that provides you succinct information on topics that interest you.

This international women’s day, we all can contribute! By doing our bit in every little way, that enhances the livelihood of women. Also with mobile apps and web apps, we certainly have a major support system by our side that helps women and encourages growth in the long run. So, let’s pledge to make a difference!