Rakesh Shah 27577 Views 17 June, 2019 1 year ago

Tips To Deliver First Time Right Creative Campaigns

Advertising landscape is evolving at a fast pace. And thus, the major challenge faced by any publisher or brand is to produce a range of quality creatives in a quick and cost-efficient manner. In order to meet this expanded scope, scale and speed they rely to outsource so that the cost and demand perfectly fits into their scaling plan. As per the study made by Gartner, "More than 50% of marketers say they currently rely heavily on agencies and external marketing partners for strategy and/or execution".

The whole idea of offshore outsourcing might sound pleasant but in actual, the whole lifecycle is tremendously challenging. For the past two decades, offshore capabilities have improved and advanced yet challenges faced by any creative production company are no less. The responsibility to place the large volume of work on time despite cultural and language barriers, keeping the costs down can make outsourcing quite turbulent. Therefore, despite knowing the benefits the decision to move ahead with it poses a big question mark for many. To face such challenges strategic collaboration and streamlined processes will help to save both time and money.

  • Clearly Defined Workforce is the key to successful outsourcing. A process is efficient if it is drafted, documented and implemented in a way for work to take place successfully. So, by defining the workflows include reviewing the scope of the jobs being done, accountable resources for the varied job milestones and the time taken by each job.

  • A Good Creative Brief is responsible for successful 'first time right' deliveries. A proper brief drafted on paper provides essential information that contains the project outline, target audience and other additional information. There is no definite structure of a brief, it will differ from one project to another.

  • Service Level Agreement is vital for the operation team of the service provider to help manage various expectations related to the deliverables. With this conflict prevention tool, scope and priorities are neatly outlined for confusion prevention and easy management of the project. The ultimate objective of SLA is to have predefined benchmarks for quality and efficiency.

  • Cultural Barriers can be avoided in creating nuisances that have an effect on interactions, communication, understanding, productivity, comfort, and commitment. The solution to this is to create a work environment where it is fine to ask question in case of any ambiguity. Also, familiarisation to common industry terminology is essential for quality and on time project delivery.

  • Quality Assurance accelerates the chances of 'first time right' project delivery. This will help meet the predefined SLA will less effort. It is a continuous practice to ensure and improve performance, process and procedure to reduce the chances of errors and achieve maximum profitability.

Collaboration is a delicate matter with numerous nuances. These five steps will help in planning your outsourcing production projects and help you get deliveries on time and in best quality with the least amount of resistance. Thus, developing a successful offshore relationships producing profitable outcomes, vital for any successful creative operations.