Ashish Gandhi 23115 Views 17 December, 2016 4 years ago

Website Designing Mistakes

Website designing is like any other creative art. Your website should compliment your business. Hence your website should appeal to your visitors. But there are few websites which scare visitors away than luring them. Following are few designing errors which you should avoid if you want your site to be more attractive and user friendly.

Back Ground

Internet provides you numerous tools to design background of your website. But the prime concern of any design should be to make the website look sober and appealing, unless you design the website of any casino or bar.

Dark Background with light text

This design technique is often used by professional Website Designers. It is difficult to print pages with black background. It becomes difficult to copy the text when the text is written on a black background, though this you can use to protect your content.

Cluttered background

Many Website Designers are now using tiled backgrounds where they put large images and graphics. These backgrounds are hard to download and sometimes upset your potential visitors


Content is called the King for your website. A good website needs quality content which can give precise information to the visitor. Hence your content should be informative and should have originality. Websites sometime fail because they have mere imitation of content rather than having anything of their own.

Link building

Avoid giving links in every sentence of your content. If your content has only URL then visitors might not follow it and it looks mere jumble of sites than an informative content.


Content should be original. If your content is imitation of any other similar website then it’s possible that your visitor might have read the original content previously, and it creates a bad impression on your visitor.


Multimedia is often the scariest tool used by any website designer. It gives immense pleasure to use all the multimedia tools in your website but this often turns out to be a nightmare for your visitor. So while designing make sure you use your creative approach more than your graphic tools.

Lot of images

Images can make your site look interactive but here applies the adage too much of anything is bad. If you have more then one image in your site it looks cluttered, unless you have photography or images site like gettyimages.com. So make sure you use images which are most essential for your website.

Heavy Files

Large images take a long time to load. If your image isn’t that important then it simply kills your visitors’ time. Heavy files make your visitor wait which is certainly exasperating. Many sites use heavy video and audio files which take ages to load which might turn your visitor off from your site.


Don’t use Flash just because you know about this tool. Flash should be used in a creative manner as many visitors still don’t like moving flash images. Flash is more ubiquitous now. Flash can be used as an image enhancer, where you can make your images more alluring and stylish. But more often it’s been used just to impress.