Ashish Gandhi 10906 Views 8 December, 2016 4 years ago

Website Planning .Plan your Venture

A well made website gives your business a corporate identity in web. Hence website should be interactive, communicative and user friendly. You need to keep track of several points before creating and uploading a website, it is important to plan as per the customers demand. It needs a meticulous approach to construct a good website. Following are the few important points which you should keep in mind before constructing a good website.


Websites provide you an internet presence. It is essential to define the exact objective of the website before planning the course of action. Your objective should focus on what the basic requirements of your customers and how can your website assist them. The objective should define what the website can achieve and what benefits users can get. As well beginning is half done; a clear purpose of the website can give you the fuel to construct a website. With your defined objective, you can easily identify your target audience. Setting short term and long term goal for the website will help you to make clear plans for the future when expansion, modification, and improvement will take place. You can also track your progress if you draw a clear goal setting objective.

Target Audience

You make website for the people, your customer, and audience. It is essential to know who’s going to visit your site and how can they benefit you. Defining the right target audience is the foremost step in the website planning process. Your audience or visitors will visit your site for a specific reason and, you need to understand the requirements of your visitors. Whether it’s a business site or informative site, you should always identify the target audience for your site. You need to hold the attention of your visitors so that they will stay longer in your site. From visuals to appropriate content, you should know the specific preferences of your audience.


Content management is an integral part of any website. Your visitor judges you through the glasses of content and technology used. A well written content represents the authenticity of the website. Content evaluation and organization should be well defined while plotting a website. Building necessary content then organizing it according to the visitors need is a major step in website planning. Content has to be crisp, brief and right to the point. Ambiguous content may deter the audience’s attention. Hence content should be well edited and it should accomplish target audience objectives. It is always better to conduct in depth research before putting the content in your site. Content involves every alphabet featured in your website. You need to categorize content with brief and descriptive words which should be lucid and attractive.


To become a familiar name among viewers, you need to create a website which is compatible with majority of web surfers. In today’s situation, market share of browsers, as depending on your target audience, the compatibility of your website with your audience is restricted. There’s only one way to be certain about a particular platform that is to test it on that platform.


Storyboarding is the final process of website planning. In this you take care of the purpose, audience and content to design most suitable format for the website. In storyboarding, you make a site map of your website. Storyboarding creates a visual portrayal of the web pages. There are different ways of making a storyboard for any website. It basically depends on the content and the pages involved in the website. Storyboard can be called a prototype model for the website.


Websites are never finished. It needs constant upgradation and fine tuning to get the best search engine listing. While building a website, your prime concern should be to make it feature rich and informative for the viewer. It should have the pertinent information which is desired by your visitors and search engines. To make an active site, you should plan accordingly and make every page attractive and informative. If your site features empty pages and is disorganized then it is just a failure. So, you should make your site look professional and effective and for which website planning is just the first step.