Rakesh Shah 18841 Views 22 November, 2017 3 years ago

What are the benefits of enterprise marketing services?

Managing corporate life without enterprise solutions is a difficult task. Its an additive to the challenges organizations face daily, while delivering services. The growth in the IT sector today, has helped ensure simpler and convenient work processes. Not only this, they also offer a range of benefits. 

While the use of IT service management has already gained acceptance from the corporate IT organizations in terms of improved efficiency, effectiveness, control, and insight. Many enterprises, yet have to recognize that ITSM is equally relevant to other corporate service providers.

So let's start with, what are enterprise marketing services ?

Enterprise marketing services are solutions that apply a service-oriented business model (ESM) to the way your organization works internally. These services deliver outcomes for business functions and help them enhance their ability to provide improved results for external customers. Thus, the output and profitability of the company will increase by improving the efficiency of the internal operations.

So if you are looking for enterprise solutions, don't worry you are on the right path! Here is a list of benefits of Enterprise service management (ESM):

1. Improved User Experience: ESM focuses on the facts learned from the consumerization of IT. It provides a better all-round experience to the employees of the organization. The application of the ESM model leads to quicker and easier access to tools as well as effectively regulates the daily chores of the organization. 

2. Increased Efficiency: Optimized procedures, workflows and automation processes, eliminate, unnecessary manual effort. This happens when the self-service and self-help facilities are utilized by the employees.

3. Reduced Operational Costs and Successful ROI: Since ESM has its origin from the initial ITSM, the more functionality ITSM provides through its IT assistance, the more value it adds to the business. Employees experience, better services and in return deploy improved work efficiency which ultimately leads to a higher ROI.

4. Control and transparency in the functioning: ESM allows the management to monitor the daily metrics and organizational workflows. They can hence make use of, change controls to regulate any scheduled or unplanned changes. This maintains stability in the work processes and guarantees transparency.

5. Better access to communication channels: Employees and management have open access to communicate with each other through e-mail, telephone, chat etc. Also the usage of the self-service alerts, ensures timely management of projects.

6. An opportunity to improve: Increased visibility in the daily operations gives a clear picture about any problem happening within the organization. This is a chance to improve the day-to-day working and efficiency of the organization, so that employees enjoy convenience and are able to put in maximum effort. 

In simplified terms, enterprise marketing service involves taking the ITSM approach into other service domains i.e the ones, other than that of the IT sector, namely, HR, Finance, Administration etc. with the objective of building a service-oriented business. Organizations should now acknowledge the benefits of enterprise solutions and adapt this expertise, to suit the wider needs of their workplace.