Rakesh Shah 19557 Views 22 December, 2017 3 years ago

What makes a strong brand? “Brand Positioning”

What is your way to a successful brand? Its the idea behind it.

A brand needs to stand for something fundamental, say a principle or a moral, that completely defines its essence. This foundational character that describes you, is called brand positioning, and without it a brand can have no traction. Distinct brand positioning is the hallmark of every prosperous marketing strategy. It is the act of creating a space for yourself in the market and the minds of your customers.

A positioning strategy can be used as a medium, to tell your customers what your brand wants to achieve for them and what they mean to you. The market is cluttered. So making space for yourself does not come easy!

Here are three things, you must keep in mind before you begin executing your brand building strategies.

Be Unique: Being different is often seen as a beautiful trait. There are several brands out there, that await your failure. On the race to be the best, one chance given to them can knock you down. Ask yourself this question.

How long would it take my competitors to duplicate my offering? Umm maybe long, maybe not, it all depends upon your USP. So in your product composition and in your communication, make sure there are elements that stand out. What is that? Traits that make people recognize you and recall your brand.

Be Relevant: Well your brand maybe interesting enough, but does it attract customers? Do people really need your product? Are they willing to buy your services? Before you jump into the pool, take some while and find out whether your target group would genuinely invest in your product. If they find you relevant enough, Whoopie! Go ahead and narrate your story.

Be Trustworthy: Let your brand preach quality and practice it each day, because that is how you will win hearts of your customers. Providing value at every point will be the reason any one will come to you and choose you over another. The idea is that if you've made a promise you have to fulfill it and not just that, you have to move beyond your customers expectations.

These were the key factors that will uphold your brand. Keep them in mind and create a Brand Positioning Statement for yourself. Everything that you believe you are, should be succinctly conveyed through the positioning statement. Whatever you do, all that you provide and the values that drive you, they need to be clear, crisp and precise. Learn the art of crafting your essence in words and you will soon find out that people do recognize your potential. A disciplined and creative branding agency will help you through this strenuous process. Find the one that suits your needs right.