Rakesh Shah 16693 Views 16 November, 2017 3 years ago

What trends does 2018 call for? A checklist for all brands

In this race of drawing customers closer to your brand it's nothing but “The survival of the fittest”.

Your capability to adapt to digital innovations and watch for what entices your consumer are the key factors that will determine your brand destiny.

Companies will undergo extreme pressure to deliver commendable digital experience because of the rising demands of customers online. 2017 has already been an eventful year for digital transformations with the usage of big data, mobile advertising, social customer care and change itself. The 2018 digital marketers now need to pull up their socks, to do the unordinary. You need to break the rules and step out of your organizations comfort zone.

So which online trends does the future await?

Chatbots and Online Assistance: It is quick and customized response that promises a good digital experience every time. Consumers tend to be more loyal to brands that engage with them via messaging applications. The ones that provide clarity through personal touch, transparency and one-on-one communication. In 2016, popular brands like NBC and Uber have already set up their chatbots on Facebook Messenger and Slack. These chatbots now only need to get more efficient with personalized interactions. After all they are a win-win for both brands and customers. So providing the right assistance today, is an assurance of customer loyalty.

Micro Moments: Customer today looks for answers online. Whenever they require anything they resort to their smartphone to find reliable solutions. Google says that, brands today should identify the touchpoints that are available. It is those micro moments where they can deliver valuable information to the user. From long term goals such as purchasing a home, to short terms needs such as the grocery bought daily, everything is sought for on the smartphones. So brands get millions of micro moments to provide an exquisite digital experience and simultaneously enhance brand building.

Increased Social Ad Spend: Advertising on social media lets brands personalize their ads to a great extent. As a result , off lately, the digital ad spend overtook the TV ad spend. Ads online can be targeted to people who belong to particular demographic segment and those who have specific choices. Facebook today owns 2 billion monthly active users. People here don't only click on ads but they also make purchases. As long the number of people using social media platforms increases, there will certainly be a rise in the investment made by brands in advertising online.

Hands free Technology: The use of voice search has escalated overtime because of the convenience it offers. After all people should not stop what they are doing to make a search online. Digital technology gives them the power to complete their work on the go, while driving, socializing, traveling etc. The near future sees the emergence of two major digital giants, Amazon Echo and Google Home on a large. They are an epitome of innovation. 20% of smartphone interactions are likely to be completed with the help of these virtual assistants.

Personalized Content: The one thing that draws customers closer to a brand is the value it adds to a customers life. Content is the best medium to keep an user hooked onto a page and give them a reason to come back to your site over and over again. Now the only way content can be beneficial to each person is when it personalized. The message you want to communicate can be written in different styles for a new visitor, for an existing visitor or for a recent visitor. Receiving unique content can help consumers feel valued. This is certainly a well thought out strategy to entice any customer.

The dawn of 2018 is certainly going to see a whole new series of digital innovation and you already have a heads up about, what your brand has to be equipped with. So invest in the right trends and make your brand future ready.