Rakesh Shah 20729 Views 2 February, 2018 3 years ago

How To Write Winning Brand Concepts

Pick a blank piece of paper and start writing. Hold on! That is definitely not how you write a brand concept. Before you begin, the necessary homework is vital to build a strong and compelling story.

So lets first understand,

What is a brand concept?
The abstract behind a brand, its meaning, the thought that should occur to peoples mind when they think about your brand, can all be precisely defined as a brand concept.

All the homework that needs to be done and the steps that need to be taken to develop a strong brand concept are laid right here:

Understand your Positioning Statement
What makes a strong brand? “brand positioning” and most of the inputs while writing a good concept, comes from a positioning statement. So you need to understand whom are you talking to and what are you selling. Brand positioning statements act as a great tool for you to firstly know everything about your brand and then pick the exact target group you have to serve and the brand promise you need to vouch for.

Touch the real consumer insight
A concept may not always directly connect with the target group. But it can definitely touch a major part of their life i.e some problem that needs to be addressed. This can be derived from nothing but a consumer insight. See below the surface! Insights are not the data but a truth about a customer. Once you get that right a brand concept can certainly lead off with a customers enemy.

Benefit to the insight
What is the promise you want to make to the customer? Once you've touched the customer insights, you need to lay down the benefits that your brand will successfully provide. The benefit statement needs to be in tangent with each other. Does the benefit answer the insight? Is it the best form of articulation? If no, then you need to change the former or latter. The link between the two needs to be completely logical.

Reasons to believe
Yes you've promised a lot of things but why should a customer believe you? State the Reasons to Believe (RTBs). RTBs are the proof to the customers that they will actually receive what you've assured.

They can be put down in the following way:

  • Features of the product, that could include any new technology.
  • Facts about the product.
  • The manufacturing process.
  • Its history or any credible story about it.
  • The reputation already created in the market.
  • Testimonials from endorsers etc.
  • Just make sure your RTB is strong, in line and impactful.

Make it brief
Too many brand leaders write large concepts that include everything. There’s no value in getting a concept to pass a test and then being unable to execute it because of its size. Narrow down your content, just touch one benefit and 2 RTBs. Cut the words used, ask people around you to read the concept and see if they comprehend the main aspect. Continue editing till the main point is loud and clear.

The perfect brand concept can act as the right brand building strategy and an efficient branding agency can help you get through it. It can help you simplify the toughest parts and take you to greater heights. Do consider visiting PostBox Communications, a leading branding agency in Mumbai!