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client brief

MMI India is an exclusive organizer of the electronica India and productronica India, the two largest and most successful electronic exhibitions in the world. Emphasizing on the value, quality and opportunity through this exhibition, PBC was briefed with a need to design marketing collaterals for the purpose of building interest among tech enthusiasts and encouraging the participation in the exhibition.

our approach


PBC was approached for the design of the brochure for the event, where we had to highlight the brilliance of technology, with minimal content and emphasis on visuals. PBC created an impressive communication expressing the brand’s mission through visual context in a way that will attract the customers and clients.


Promoting and showcasing the programs to the event, MMI designed a series of emailers with PBC. The mailers mentioned the highlights to the event, very prominently along with the ability for a user to scan and purchase tickets.


With a niche target audience in passionate tech geeks, PBC designed an attractive, insightful and crisp invitation for the event. With schedules, maps and additional information about the event, these invites could also double as souvenirs or keepsakes of the event itself. Hence, the design was such, that it illustrated and represented the true essence of the event, making ti memorable.

powerpoint presentation:

Presenting the products and services of your brand in an overall document facilitates ease in achieving targets and generating business. PBC designed a corporate presentation for MMI stating the presenting all the aspects of their business, and designing the content into visually appealing pieces of information, neatly presented in boxes, with plenty of colour.

As a with nearly two decades, we are systematically focusing on delivering results and bringing measurable business growth through .

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