Intex I-Wallet

client brief

Intex Technologies (India) Ltd., is an Indian consumer technology company and is one of the major players in mobile handsets, consumer durables and IT accessories. The company's flagship brand is 'INTEX'.

We were responsible for designing an inbuilt mobile wallet, Intex I-Wallet, for the brand, with multiple features, from booking tickets to movies and flights, to an online marketplace within the app.

our approach

creative development

Intex is a popular brand among the mobile phone segment in India. Our project was to design a mobile application, which would be in-built, in the Intex mobile phones.

We wanted every user to be keen on making use of the application, and hence paid utmost attention to the user experience.

Most other platforms are quite complicated, although they get the job done, finding your way through the app is quite a task.

With one profile bar, and one menu bar linked to all screens within the app, the transitions were smooth. We only kept text that was required, and ensured minimal disruptions from sliders, pop ups and CTAs.

We stuck to the brand colours, and focused on offering a great experience to the customers, positioning the app as a one stop shop for all requirements, online.

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