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Prabhat Dairy Limited is an integrated milk and dairy products company in India catering to institutional as well as retail customers. As a novice in the online space, Prabhat Dairy wanted to build a significant brand awareness, and educate consumers of their channels and co-manufacturing business, with big players in the Indian markets.

our approach

Stressing on their need to build on their brand image, and develop an emotional connect with the Indian consumer, PBC had received the project and was keen on fulfilling the client’s goal.

Devising a series of compelling campaigns to run on social media, PBC had engaged the audience with contests and even run a Bloggers Outreach Program to create an awareness among enthusiastic food bloggers, about the brand propositions.

‘Ghar Lao Goodluck’ was a campaign run effectively throughout the quarterly period of the brand’s online activity, developing a great recall and branding the product ‘Dahi’ of Prabhat which was positioned as a differentiated offering from other competitors. Among the engaging contests, was ‘DahiQueen’, for which bloggers were connected with and a significant amount of entries received.

Drawing an interest among the target, PBC was able to deliver and impact a positive response and engagement among housewives, the youth and those passionate about their food.

As a with nearly two decades, we are systematically focusing on delivering results and bringing measurable business growth through .


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