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bajaj allianz (life insurance)

client brief

Bajaj Allianz has been a frontrunner in the insurance segment for several years. However, within this highly competitive space, it is the service, the online interface and communication that differentiates one from another.

Bajaj Allianz was initiating an overhaul of its existing mobile and web presence, into a more interactive and appealing interface with simpler communication.

our approach

online buying process :

As per IRDA norms, it is mandatory for all insurance firms to gather relevant information about the customer prior to a claim or issue. However, these forms are lengthy, boring and is one of the reasons why Bajaj Allianz wanted to execute a ‘fun’ aspect to it.

At the research stage, PBC was allotted the project to cut down on the time a customer requires to fill in a form, and take the whole process online. In a series of interesting and interactive steps, the design was executed into a more intuitive showcase of information with better visuals and minimal text. This user friendly website has enhanced the user experience, is self explanatory, and highly responsive.

The mobile version of the website also consists of this intuitive form

website design and development :

PBC had undertaken the project to design and develop the website for Bajaj Allianz, along with optimize and develop its mobile version. This product showcase website was designed to allow the comfortable browsing through various products, features and their benefits, with focus on visual, simpler communication and enhanced user experience.


website design & development


mobile ui/ux

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