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Stepathlon is an approach to achieving better physical and mental health. Introducing a movement that was simple and easy to implement, the movement is in the form of a 100 day race, or challenge rewarding healthy behaviours with a variety of fitness tracking, social, educational and gamification tools.

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A new and engaging concept, the brand was keen on running a campaign for awareness or a teaser, prior to the launch of the race, followed with a campaign for registration and reinforcement.

An interesting concept, we were excited to be part of this campaign, to deliver a message that was motivational, positive, direct and informative.

our approach

Creative Development

This was a relatively new concept, and fitness was pretty much in vogue.

For the brand, we undertook an in depth research to first understand the requirements and expectations. The market for the brand was international, and the message had to be relevant to all markets. Hence, global personalisation was required, while sticking to the brand guidelines and messaging.

Using motivational and challenging visuals with supported copies, we ensured every concept was designed into an impactful creative which spoke for itself.

Minimalistic, but telling the entire story, we defined and segregated the issues with lifestyle in India, and then went on to define what makes them believe in fitness.

Stepathlon was not only a challenging project, but was equally exciting and interesting for us as a team.

As a with nearly two decades, we are systematically focusing on delivering results and bringing measurable business growth through .


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