Kotak Life Insurance

client brief

As a company counted among the best claim ratios in the industry, Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance is one of the fastest growing insurance companies in India, trusted by over 4 million policyholders nationwide.

Validating their declaration as a company with the best claim ratios, Kotak Insurance was interested in reaching this communication to the audience.

In addition to this milestone, was a comparative communication of what’s more valuable in life. For this purpose, we were required to design and create a series of mailers capable of delivering the message with minimal copy and illustrative imagery.

our approach

creative development

The series of mailers were quite interesting. How do you appear subtle but yet proud of your achievement? How do you say you’re the best, but yet be humble? How do you warn, but yet market?

With a careful delivery of concepts, and supporting copy and imagery, we made sure every element fit in well and complemented the other.

Insurance mailers follow a fixed template, leaving limited room for creativity, hence you have to be brief, but certain.

We also designed a corresponding set of collaterals for their online communication, with an aim to re-engage their audience.

As a with nearly two decades, we are systematically focusing on delivering results and bringing measurable business growth through .

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